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Flex Friday

post_alex2_032616_01post_alex2_032616_02post_alex2_032616_03post_alex2_032616_04post_alex2_032616_05post_alex2_032616_06post_alex2_032616_07Chinos: GAP | Cardigan: ZARA |
Shirt: ZARA | Loafers: J. Crew 

Since spring colors can never demasculinize your appearance, many men should invest in a pair of bright or pastel chinos for the season. If you don’t believe us, just ask our boy Alex. For this #flexfriday post, Alex decides to show off his brightly colored pants.  He styled the chinos with a light weight cardigan, printed button-up, and a pair of suede loafers. Looking good, right?

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Flex Friday

post_alex2_042416_01post_alex2_042416_02post_alex2_042416_05post_alex2_042416_04post_alex2_042416_03post_alex2_042416_06post_alex2_042416_07Shirt: J. Crew | Pants: GAP |
Loafers: J. Crew | Knit Tie: Thrifted
Accesories: Harrison Blake Apparel

Bold printed shirts are all the rave this season. Paired with a matching pair of chinos, a printed shirt can brighten up  room. For this particular look, Alex styled his nautical top with his favorite, yellow chinos and leather loafers.

Flex Friday

post_alex1_042416_01post_alex1_042416_02post_alex1_042416_03post_alex1_042416_04post_alex1_042416_05post_alex1_042416_06post_alex1_042416_07Blazer: Suit Supply |
Pants: J. Crew |
Shirt: J. Crew |
Belt: J. Crew
Watch and Band: Daniel Wellington |
Accesories: Harrison Blake Apparel |
Shades: Ray Ban club Masters |

UnregisteredStyle has teamed up with Alex for a new featured section, #FlexFriday. Here, Alex will share his wardrobe essentials for looking dapper from week to week. We call this flexing or “flex” styling. Be sure to come back every Friday for a new update! Make sure you wear your white this weekend. Enjoy!