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Brands: IDRIS

There’s nothing like pursuing your dreams, especially within the world of fashion. For the millions of starting entrepreneurs out there, the fashion industry has potential to take your brand in many ways. For example, you could start from selling shirts from the trunk of a car, to owning a number of stores that sell your merchandise.For one college student from the New Jersey area, the word “success” is not far from his future. Today, we would like to introduce Khalil Idris, the creative mind behind IDRIS. Created in 2013, IDRIS offers customized neck wear and accessories to any consumer.

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. Idris to discuss the inspiration behind his brand. Check out the feature below!


Most successful businesses have a strong team behind them. This is no different for the IDRIS Collection. Other than Khalil, IDRIS consists of Justin Sueing, Russell Laguerre, and Byron Johnson. Their goal is to provide clothing and accessories that make you feel good. They state, “Our objective is to make a person feel good when they get dressed. We want people to look forward to putting on our clothes and to getting dressed in the morning or whenever. Also, we want to break barriers in the fashion industry; in other words, we need more Black designers and models of all shapes and sizes.”


 “My brand offers men’s accessories. For starters, we started with men’s bow ties and after we’re the most prominent bow tie makers, we will offer women’s dresses, jackets, sweaters, shirts, shoes etc. they’ll all be handcrafted with limited pieces.” -Khalil Idris

The IDRISCollection offers both accessories and clothing. More specifically, they offer men’s bow ties. Their high street wear brand offers shirts and sweatshirts, which are all hand designed.


 “We’re able to distinguish our brand from others just because we focus on exclusivity, because we don’t want everyone looking the same. We aim for our consumers to remain individuals but still be a part of the movement.” -Khalil Idris


The IDRIS Collection has a big plans in the near future. Khalil states, “In a few years, we shall open up our flagship store in New Jersey. Then, after the success of one store we will open stores across the US and in select countries. We will gain partnerships with Children foundations as well as start our own foundation. Our goal is to benefit under privileged children and children with disabilities.”

We respect and appreciate individuals that give back to the community!


We at the UnregisteredStyle endorse IDRIS!

For any inquiries or orders, please email Also, follow them on Instagram @theidriscollection.

Outfits: July 2014

Outfit: Client
Navy Contrast Elbow Patch Blazer: $39
UNIQLO Men Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Check Long Sleeve Shirt: $30
Scotch & Soda Basic slim fit chino: $58
Massimo Matteo Double Monk Cap Toe: $168
Leather Duffle Travel Bag by Lotuff Leather: $1050

Brands: The ‘GuysWeFucked’ Podcast

This post was written by Always_MLove from AnOpenSecret!Every once in awhile I’ll come across something that completely surprises and intrigues me. Not all the time, but when this happens, it’s only right that I share it with you, my loyal readers.A few weeks ago, I had a chance to catch up with an old high school chum, Krystyna Hutchinson. Now, we hadn’t seen each other in over 8 years, and it was funny how we got together. I noticed a few months ago, these posts from a podcast called ‘GuysWeFucked.’ I said to myself, ‘ self, that sounds interesting.’ Come to find out that the voice behind this popular podcast, is none other than my old high school buddy. GuysWeFucked is now #40 on the Itunes Podcast list, and continues to gain in popularity.

Krystyna 1Photo: Dee Guerreros

Now you’re probably wondering why I chose to do an interview on this. Well AnOpenSecret is not just about me and my opinions about dating, love, & the bullshit in between. It’s about all of us, male and female, trying to grow with each other, and maneuver through the trials and tribulations of dating. I’m always looking for inspiration, keeps me on my shit, ya dig? But here are the top 5 reasons you should listen to GuysWeFucked:

  1. It is an anti-slut shaming podcast, aimed at giving women a voice to talk about their experiences in the bedroom without being judged or mocked. It’s a space to get down and dirty about a subject society has deemed ‘inappropriate’ to talk about in public. In short, it’s awesome.
  2. I think it’s really dope that our generation is taking control over how we want to conduct ourselves when trying to date and mate. We don’t have to follow society’s rules, we can do and say whatever we want, and we NEED to.
  3. Part of the reason why dating sucks in this day and age is because no one wants to fucking talk about real shit. This podcast GOES THERE (just like Degrassi).
  4. I think that this podcast brings women together. Most likely, all of us have wondered things, or thought things, but have never had a space to share. It is comforting to know that you’re not alone, and that other women have the same questions too. Similar to AnOpenSecret. I endorse it!
  5. It’s different. I like different. In short, GO LISTEN!

After catching up and reminiscing on high school days, we got down to business. Read a few snippets about Krystyna and the controversial podcast, GuysWeFucked:

When did the podcast start?

December 2013. We definitely did not expect it to grow this quickly!

Who is your co-host?

Corinne is my co-host, who is also a stand-up comedian and a talent manager. Together, we make up the comedy duo, ’Sorry About Last Night.’

Where do you get ideas for your podcast?

Usually based off the guys we’ve dated and have been intimate with. We usually try to keep the podcast to around 45 minutes. But sometimes if we have no one to interview, we use questions that we get in our email to help with topics. I try to read up on news stories and other blogs for inspiration as well.

 What is the purpose of the podcast GuysWeFucked? What’s the message?

Basically, we’re talking about sex, but using humor. The point is shame-lifting. We get questions from around the world, and our audience ranges from 13-60. It’s important to have honest conversations about mistakes that we make. We’re saying, sex or no sex, own your decisions and enjoy yourself.

How do you deal with the critics?

Honestly, at first it was really hard, and I cried a lot. But now, I’ve realized it’s necessary for conversation. The critics are just as important as the people who loved the podcast. Either way, it’s a conversation we’re going to have.

What advice do you have for others who want to pursue their dreams, or make a career change?

Go with what you find joy in. I’m fortunate that I have a boss that allows me to pursue what I want, and understands that I’m trying to make my dreams happen. I do stand- up 5 days a week, and the podcast 1 day a week. Everything is happening so fast, but it’s the best kind of stress. It’s the stress we want, when everything is happening that you want.

Shout out to Krystyna!

I would recommend the episode, ‘You Had Sex Without Seeing His Dick First?!’ I found it to be amazingly honest. Krystyna and Corrine talked about how we first learn about sex and our body parts, and the uncertainty and fear of losing your virginity. Also, fun fact: Japan has the best vibrators. Duly noted.

Link below:

Brands: WTF is CSB

Lets take a walk down memory lane. Remember that group friends that had every party on lock, every event packed, and were notoriously known around for being “Cool Kids?” If you attended any major college or university, we bet you encountered them at one party or another. We have finally graduated and these friends are still together.

The scenario mentioned above is very reminiscent of how CSB came together. Today, we had the opportunity to link up with a representative from CSB to discuss their brand.

So, “WHAT THE FUXK IS CSB?!”   post_csb_061014_01

A friendship that was sparked in Pittsburgh, PA, CSB has since evolved into a social movement that promotes music, artists, and events throughout the country. Rather than taking over college campuses, CSB is utilizing their resource to make a name for themselves in the world.

“We started CSB in the original Hustle House, aka 3228 Dawson St, in Pittsburgh. We marketed Nick Pratt’s music through The College Boy Movement, then we realized we had to grow as our fan base did. We tossed around ideas and came up with the CSB name. It was very intriguing to people and that is how the whole “WTF is CSB” thing came about. People wanted to know and be a part of this thing of yours. From there we operated as a family with our base.” -CSB post_csb_061014_03

“We started as a way to promote and push music and that is still our primary function. Now it is more building a team of artists to simultaneously push. We have Nick Pratt who raps and has worked with major artists and performed through out the country. There is Cassius G, who produces and raps. Also James Hill who is a singer from Texas. On top of that, we have done events such as happy hours, parties, and shows. Being in LA now we are working on doing comedy shows and things of the sort. Just trying to provide places for people like u to gather.” -CSB

With just a six person roster, CSB aims to help the “Edu-Ratchets.” Now, what the “fuxk” are the “Edu-Ratchets?” CSB uses the following definition to describe their target audience, “We are all educated individuals who have that side and then the “ratchet side.” We are trying to represent the yin and yang of the young professional.”


CSB has a big plans in the near future. For starters, they plan on building a multi faceted entertainment company. According to Barry B, a member of the group, “I grew up seeing that you can do anything you want as long as the people are behind you. I just want to have a team of artists who the world recognizes for their art and then use that to branch into other aspects of the game. First thing is I just want people to hear the great music we work on.”

We at the UnregisteredStyle look forward to everything CSB related!

Please support CSB by following their journey on Instagram @WtfisCSB.