Regular contributor to the blog, Peso, comes all the way from Philadelphia to show off another refined look. Check out the full feature below!

unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-01unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-02unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-03unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-04unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-05unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-06unregisteredstyle-peso-012718-mix-and-match-07DETAILS: BLAZERTURTLE NECK | JEANSBOOTS

For this particular look, Peso incorporated a mixture of classic and modern pieces. He donned the ever so popularized turtleneck with a tweed striped blazer and red fedora. For the bottom half, he kept it casual with these denim dreams. He dressed it up with a pair of suede chelsea boots. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different styles into your look! Lastly, notice the dark color scheme chosen. Remember for winter months, darker colors are more appropriate. So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free and share with us in the comments section below. Thanks for reading

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