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Street Style: Little Black Dress

post_tomarra2_112716_07post_tomarra2_112716_08post_tomarra2_112716_04post_tomarra2_112716_01post_tomarra2_112716_02post_tomarra2_112716_06post_tomarra2_112716_10Jacket: Good Samaritans |
Poncho/Hoodie: Modell’s Sporting Goods |
Dress: Unknown |
Shoes: Aldo

If there is one thing we can appreciate in the world of fashion, it’s individual style. When you can pinpoint your signature look, everything else falls into place. That’s exactly what Tomarra did with her featured look, as shown above.

Rather than going with the stereotypical, “little black dress” look, Tomarra added a touch of flavor to the mix. She styled her little dress with a custom biker jacket and fitted hoodie. The little subtle splashes of paint on the jacket add a pop of color, which is perfect since Tomarra is wearing all black. She further styled her skirt with a pair of black booties.

Overall, we love this look. Great job Tomarra! We never expect anything less. We like!

Don’t forget to check out Tomarra on Flyy Theory.

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Flex Friday

post_alex7_121116_01post_alex7_121116_02post_alex7_121116_03post_alex7_121116_04post_alex7_121116_05post_alex7_121116_06post_alex7_121116_07Coat: Merona |
Sweater: Gap |
Pants: American Eagle |
Sneakers: Air Jordan |
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Street Style: Camo Jumper

post_tannis1_012117_01post_tannis1_012117_02post_tannis1_012117_03post_tannis1_012117_04post_tannis1_012117_05post_tannis1_012117_06post_tannis1_012117_07Jumper: Zara |
Moto Jacket: Members Only |
Denim Jacket: Forever21 |
Sneakers: Converse |
Scarf: ASOS |
Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot

For this post, we had a chance to catch up with one of our favorite creatives, Tannis Spencer, during our visit to Harlem last weekend. Check out her site, here.

Today, Tannis decided to kick off her layered look with her camo jumper. Camo in general, is a fun print, especially since it looks good with everything. For this look, Tannis decided to rock her jumper with a denim and moto jacket.

Since the denim jacket looks great when worn with leather, there is no need for anything extra. Well, maybe some accessories. For a pop color, Tannis threw on her favorite, camel scarf. At a quick glance, camel and camo go together quite well too.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Flex Friday

post_alex6_121116_01post_alex6_121116_02post_alex6_121116_03post_alex6_121116_04post_alex6_121116_05post_alex6_121116_06post_alex6_121116_07Sweater: Ralph Lauren |
Pants: Gap |
Coat: J. Crew |
Pants: J. Crew |
Gloves: J. Crew