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Brands: Alicia Kim Binder Bags

Remember back in the day when we covered our text books with brown paper bags? Well, we certainly remember! Designed as an inexpensive solution to covering your most valued text books, brown paper bags were used to showcase your creative side.

On the other hand, some girls took their paper bag covers to the next level. Do you recall all the little girls that purposely left the handles on the bags? Yes, these future fashionistas carried their books around like mini purses or bags with handles.

Over time, these paper bag covers have influenced another commonly used school item, the binder. Can you imagine another school item with straps that can carry your assignments to and from class? Well, this specific item has a name. It is known today as the “binder bag.”

Like most popular items, the “binder bag” has inspired other entrepreneurs to design their own products. In this particular case, an entrepreneur by the name, Alicia Kim, has created her own binder bags entitled, “Alicia Kim Binder Bags.” Created from scratch, Alicia Kim Binder bags serve as an alternative host for school supplies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Alicia Kim for this week’s “Brands” feature. Check out the full post below!


With the objective to provide cool unique products for the customer looking for something different and less traditional, Alicia Kim Binder Bags were conceptualized during Alicia’s high school days. She states, “I came up with the idea for the Binder Bags during my third year in High School. The original idea came about when my cousin had told me about the girls covering their books in her school with paper shopping bags and leaving the handles on so they could carry it like a bag. I thought it was cool idea and wanted to do the same for my binder. Instead of using a paper shopping bag, I used fabric and fabric glue and that is how the first Binder Bag was born. After the first one was made I experimented with sewing which is how the Binder Bags soon evolved into a removable cover for the binder. I sewed pockets and straps onto it and was able to make them for friends and family.


“Alicia Kim Binder Bags offer customers with a unique, fashionable way for one to carry their binder. Everything from packaging to product detail is designed to deliver a lasting impression on our customers.” -Alicia Kim

Currently,Alicia Kim Binder Bags are designed to fit most 1inch binders. They are perfect addition for any that young middle or high school student that wants to accessorize in the hallway.

With a staff of three, there are only a handful of binder bags available online. However, Alicia Kim expects to expand her staff, clientele, and merchandise in the near future. She states, “I see my brand growing and expanding through collaborations and product growth.”


We at the UnregisteredStyle admire any individual that can turn their hobbies into a fun product! Great job Alicia!

Just a reminder, Alicia Kim Binder Bags offer a variety of full customized products on Etsy. If you are interested in a binder bag, click here! Also,  check out her website www.aliciakim.com and follow her on Instagram @aliciakimnyc!

Casual: Hawaiian Shirt

“I would define the word style as unique and distinct, because every individual has a different elegance to them. No one is the same down to genetics. Your DNA is unique in itself then so should your style and self being” -Seonne

Due to her obsession with men’s style, we were excited to link up with the bow tie designer, Seonne Michael, for another dope feature.

Last time we checked in with our friend Seonne, she provided a few details about her custom bow tie accessory line, SeonMichel!If you forgot, check out the full post here.

Today, we had the opportunity to catch up with @Msbowtieqing before she hit the streets.

Scroll down below for the full feature!


Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean you still can’t wear some of your favorite summer clothes. If you live in the Northeast, we get a few hot weekends every once in a while.

So, you should keep some transitional pieces in your wardrobe just in case you decide to dabble back in last season’s apparel.


Now, let’s discuss some of Seonne’s outfit. She decided to wear a Hawaiian printed shirt, navy shorts, and suede tassel loafers is very appealing during the early stages of October.

Furthermore, the Hawaiian shirt was an obvious target for both summer and fall fashion. During the summer, Hawaiian shirts were a staple in every fashion guru’s closet. For the fall, this shirt can still be , but worn with caution. Typically, Hawaiian shirts include of a variety of bright colors. Now, this is not a traditional Hawaiian shirt, since it only consists of two primary colors. Seonne states, “The shirt is a rendition of a Hawaiian shirt without the obnoxious flowers all over it. I think it compliments my body very well.”

So, if you are look for a Hawaiian shirt, now is the time to make a few purchases. Technically out of season, these shirts still look great layered under a coat, jacket, or blazer!


Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Marshalls | Loafers: Marshalls | Belt: GAP | Bow tie: SeonMichel

We at the UnregisteredStyle endorse Seonne’s look! Follow her on Instagram at @msbowtieqing.


Men’s Style Mondays

When we first started #MensStyleMondays, I was personally nervous about showing off my best looks on a weekly basis.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy taking pictures. However,  it’s hard to come up with a different look every week, especially an outfit that I could share and discuss with everyone.

Now, here is the trick. In order for me to come up with a different look each week, I had to focus on the various elements that define my personal style.

“Bryce, how do I define your personal style?”

That’s an easy question with a very complex answer. In short, I define my personal style as, “Retro Refined.” Retro in a sense that my style is influenced by the iconic, cinematic legends of our past. Refined meaning that my personal style has been influenced by the positive male role models in my life. Each encounter provided nuggets of wisdom that exposed me to the presentation of a distinguished gentlemen.

With all that being said, check out my 1960’s inspired today’s outfit below!




Waistcoat: Forever 21 | Button-Down: Ralph Lauren | Necktie: Ralph Lauren | Pocket Square: Nordstrom Rack | Denim Jeans: River Island | Socks: H&M | Shoes: ASOS

Perfect for an afternoon brunch date with friends or colleagues, I completed this look with a khaki waistcoat, denim jeans, oxford button-down, and leather loafers Traditionally, khaki garments are perfect for the spring and summer. However, this particular waistcoat was thick enough for the fall. Also, it looked amazing over my purple and white striped oxford button-down from Ralph Lauren.

Rather than chinos, I decided to modernize my outfit with a pair of  denim jeans. Now, a  solid pair of denim jeans are hard to come by these days, especially skinny jeans. These River Island jeans were purchased from ASOS for only $24. They were marked down from $50, which was another steal!

let’s not forget the accessories! I added a green necktie, chambray pocket square, and yellow socks for some final touches. Honestly, I love little pops of color!

Give us your opinion of this outfit in the comment section below. Also, how do you define personal style?


We are back again this week with a new FEATURE FRIDAY post on UnregisteredStyle.com. This time, we have the pleasure of introducing our homegirl, Lauren!

Now, we have know Lauren for at least five years and we have always been impressed with her personal style. Known for boyfriend jeans, form fitted dresses, and pumps, Lauren’s style is very versatile and continues to change over time. She has transitioned from a Southern Belle, to a sexy vixen in the course of a few years.

Without further ado, check out Lauren’s full feature below!


Halter Top: Express | Wrap Skirt: Boutique | Heels: Vince Camuto

Honestly, you can never go wrong with all black, especially for a girl with big evening plans. If you are like Lauren, you have at least five moves to make that night. So, an all black outfit is the best option.

Suppose you running out of time and have nothing to wear, an all black outfit is the best alternative for any “After 5” event. Think about it, black is one of those colors that everyone can get away with wearing. It’s slimming, appealing, and looks good on almost any person.

Based on the information provided above, Lauren should have no problem turning a few heads when she walks up on the scene. Her black halter top, wrap skirt, and heels are the perfect option for a weekend of fun.

So, we would like to congratulate Lauren for contributing to this week’s FEATURE FRIDAY post. You can follow her on Instagram at @GVBRXELLV!