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Outfits: April 2014

Outfits: April 2014
 Ganesh Flow Floral Shirt: $145
UNIQLO Men Slim Fit Chino Flat Front Pants: $40
Florsheim Imperial Longwing Gunboat Shoe Scotch Grain: $75
J.Crew Braided leather belt: $50
Goorin Hammond Straw Fedora Hat: $49

Casual: Boyfriend Shirt

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” -Coco Chanel

In the early months of spring, we are featuring another new model named Shanelle.

Through a mutual friend of ours, we had the opportunity to link up with this Brooklyn native. Within minutes the first five minutes of discussion, we love her! She had a great knowledge of modern fashion trends, personal style, and even photography!

For this post, we will discuss how women can push the boundaries of their fashion comfort zones through masculine, inspired clothing.

post_female4_122113_01Within the American Dicitionary, we use the following definition to as be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.There are so many things to be fearful from in life. Some people fear breaking down on the highway, encountering rodents or reptiles, clowns, and even death. However, fashion should not be feared but embraced.

Everyone should break out of their fashion comfort zones and try something new. Try changing up your appearance in new, innovative ways. For example, some women have decided to wear articles of clothing intended for the opposite sex.


“I purchased my shirt in the men’s section, my first time doing so, and will definitely do it again. I like the roomy fit.”  -Shanelle

If you have looked in your favorite stores, the “boyfriend” phenomena has taken over most clothing racks since late 2009. Boyfriend inspired clothing literally consists of a woman wearing man’s article of clothing. Typically, these articles of clothing a much loser on a female than a man.

According to a modern trend post from FASHIONISING.com, “A ‘boyfriend’ shirt should be long enough to be worn as a dress, with bare legs or tights (that’s what makes it so sexy after all). Try to find a shirt that’s big enough to be long, but that still fits reasonably well around the shoulders. If your shirt is long but fitted, like Alessandra’s, it can be crisper, while a more oversized shirt will sit better if in a lighter fabric.”


For Shanlle, she paired her boyfriend shirt with a pair of leggings, boots and an infinity scarf. She states, “The button-down and boots are both from my all-time favorite store, Urban Outfitters (best sale rack ever!). The infinity scarf is from H&M. The basic v-neck is from Forever 21, and the wool-leggings are from Joyce Leslie.”

Outfits: April 2014

HYPETV: Outfit: Jessica Charles
Mossimo Women’s Doubleweave Boyfriend Blazer: $17
UNIQLO Women Rayon Bow Tie Long Sleeve Blouse: $30
OASIS Renissance Rose Print Short: $33
Monsoon Tazia Patent Court Shoe: $79
ALDO Madice earrings: $10
Warehouse Aztec Ring Stacking Set: $10

Casual: Layering

Here at UnregisteredStyle, we have celebrated the first few weeks of spring in pure excitement! We appreciate seasonal elements including flower blossoms, rain showers, and warmer temperatures.

On a perfect spring this season, we would love to wear bright colors, thinner fabrics, and statement pieces. However, in the Northeast, we haven’t experienced the full effects on Spring yet. The average daily temperature ranges between 35 to 50 degrees, with a high chance of rain showers. Thus, an early April wardrobe consists of a combination of bright and thick layers.

Below is an alternate way to strategically wear layers this season.

post_male_122113_01 The guys over at “The Art of Maniless” have a great article about layering. We have very similar ideas about this trend. According to their post, “If you’re wearing multiple layers — all of them stylish — and you get hot, you can take one off and still look sharp.”

We at UnregisteredStyle agree! The great thing about layering is that we are able to stay warm and look fashionable at the same time. In addition, the number of layers is never a problem. You can always take two or three off depending on your current situation.


As a general rule, consider mixing and matching some winter and spring clothing. For Rodney, he is wearing a combination of spring and winter garments.

For starters, check out his thick, over-sized cardigan.We adore cardigan! It has the appearance of a blazer, but has the thickness of a sweater. Its perfect if you are headed out on a windy day. Also, the texture of the cardigan looks amazing against Rodney’s plaid shirt. You can’t go wrong with a plaid shirt that consists of the primary color family.

Rodney dressed down his entire look with a pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters and his favorite paid of New Balances.

“I would wear this outfit to a social gathering that was not upscale. Just hanging with friends or going out to the mall or movies.” -Rodney


Thanks Rodney for another helping hand with this feature! For more looks from Rodney, head over to his Instagram page @rah2smoove .