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The Lifestyle: The Hype TV Show

On the weekends, Bryce Lennon (Founder of UnregisteredStyle) aka @Karmike, volunteers his fashion and personal style services for a local talk show in Philadelphia, PA called “The Hype TV Show.”

“The Hype is a talk show for, by and about young women. We provide monthly forums for young women, their peers, guardians and family to discuss the issues that concern them. We currently air on Philly CAM on Comcast channel 66 and FIOS channels 29/30 in Philadelphia, Pa.” -The Hype TV Show

Prior to airtime, Bryce helps create outfits and offer styling suggestions for the four female talk show hosts. In addition, Bryce offered to take photos of the girls in their filming outfits, shown below.






For more information, head over to www.thehypetvshow.com. Also, follow The Hype on Instagram @thehypetvshow . Tell us what you think! Leave us some comments below!


After 5: The Essential Wardrobe

“The wardrobe is always the last piece of the puzzle. When you step into the clothing, that’s the final step to figuring out that character.” -Mia Wasikowska

When we think of the perfect wardrobe, there are a number of garments required to build a strong foundation. According to the bloggers over at FashionBeans, a man’s perfect wardrobe includes the following items: 1) White oxford shirt; 2) Navy blazer; 3) Dark denim jeans; 4) Dark neck ties; 4) Sneakers; 5) Crew neck t-shirt 6) V-neck sweater 7) Chinos 8) Leather loafers 9) Gray suit.

Not only will these items teach the basics of how to put together a stylish outfit, your wardrobe will include essential items that can be combined with other garments for a stylish upgrade.

Here is an example of how Bryce pulled clothes from his essential wardrobe to create an After 5 look. Check out his outfit below!

post_male_030814_03“Most of the essential wardrobe items can be worn year round. It just depends on the temperature outside. You may want to wear more or less layers depending on how you feel about the weather.” -Bryce

We are not into the summer season yet. So, in regards to your essential wardrobe items, think about layers. Blazers, button-downs, sweaters, shirts, are all must have items.

More specifically, think about thin layers. You do not want thick layers! Even on the coldest days, certain garments were created specifically for winter and not for spring. We shouldn’t see you walking around a thick, cotton, turtle neck sweater in the middle of April. That is not weather appropriate.


“You can never go wrong with a navy blazer. I have at least five in my closet right now. Each one is for a different occasion. I have a navy blazer I bring to work, one for a drink with the guys, and a couple for the club scene. The possibilities are endless!” -Bryce

Why is the navy blazer so “essential?” For starters, it can be worn with almost anything. You can transform one of the most casual outfits, into an After 5 masterpiece. Try pairing your navy blazer with a nice button-down, sweater, or t-shirt.

Since Bryce was going for a after work look, a tie was not required for this ensemble. However, he decided to combine his navy blazer with a white pocket square, chinos, and leather loafers. Bryce states, “Yes, I like to look sharp nine times out of ten, but comfort is more important to me.”


We love Bryce’s overall look. Its simple, yet stylish. We are thinking more on the “Urban Prep” side of things. In addition, he purchased his garments for dirt cheap. The blazer was purchased on sale from Gap a couple of years ago, the button-down is Ralph Lauren, the chinos are from ASOS, and the leather loafers were thrifted.

If you want more looks from Bryce, head over to his Instagram page @Karmike.


Brands: Royal Hearts Clothing

In Early 2014, “Royal Heart’s Clothing” or RHC was created to embrace love and happiness through fashion while displaying unique art work.

post_group_032214_01The objective of RHC is to spread a positive message throughout the world of consumers and customers in a artsy way. RHC offers different variations of clothing styles, from urban wear, GQ, and beach wear.

post_group_032214_03RHC provides unique ideas displayed on t-shirts, sweat pants, and other clothing apparel.

post_group_032214_15RHC will be a more personal brand by given hand-written messages such as a fortune cookie message style.

post_group_032214_09RHC long term goal is to make a change in this world in a positive way.  They are more than a clothing line, but a group of motivated individuals trying to make a difference.

post_group_032214_05Within the next five years, this brand will be displayed throughout the 50 states and potentially overseas.

post_group_032214_08For more information, head over to www.royalheartsclothing.com. In addtion, check out their Instragram page @royalheartsclo.


Casual: Space Boots

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” -Coco Chanel

We stopped by West Philadelphia to catch up with our homegirl, Kennesha, and her take on style. Kennesha, a recent Temple grad, finds time to shop for trendy pieced in between the job hunt.

“This outfit would be casually worn, maybe out for drinks with friends, to a local event like a concert, comedy show etc., or even just on a regular day to class. It could be worn in any season in my opinion.” -Kennisha
post_female5_122113_01Kennisha labels her personal style as “Uniquely Inconsistent,” as her outfit changes with her mood, and most likely, this crazy spring weather we are having!

She had a few things to say about her favorite piece, her space boots. Kennisha states, “These ‘space boots’, very reminiscent of the TLC/ Aaliyah era, bring almost any outfit together, whether you’re heading to a concert, happy hour, or if you’re on the way to class.”

post_female5_122113_02Dress them up, dress them down, just make sure to pair them with something cute like a graphic tank, shown here, or even a summer dress for a punk rock look. In addition, she kills the game with the flannel shirt tied around her waist, giving us 90s R&B flavor.

We applaud Kennesha for turning an old school look, fresh and new.


You can purchase the bottoms and tank at your local Forever 21, and the flannel shirt is a great find from a thrift store. For more looks from Kennisha, follow her on Instagram @iamwhite_karamel.