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After 5: Black Winter

Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

One of the best things about cold weather is the opportunity to wear darker colors. “What is so important about darker colors?” If you are dying to know, darker colors help hide certain parts of our body better.

For instance, a very popular color worn in the cold is black. We often wear black during the winter to attract heat. Thus, when we attract heat, we are able to stay warm. In terms of fashion, black helps us appear slimmer, gives the illusion that certain parts of our body are in shape, and looks good when worn with most patterns or prints.

Below, Alexis illustrates how to incorporate black with different patterns and colors for an affordable price.



The Advice: Dating ….Just to Date (and why that sh!t is whack).

“Just because he’s good company doesn’t mean I fancy him, but then maybe fancying someone isn’t what it’s all about? Maybe I’ve been wrong in waiting for that sweep you off your feet feeling, the feeling I had with [him]. And, let’s face it, it didn’t exactly work with [him], so maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong thing.” – Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

Sometimes, I wonder if we’re dating just to ….date. By me, I mean women in particular. Think about it. There are a lot of females that I know, who are just dating, or in relationships…just because. I have one homegirl who has been dating a guy for more than year. But she seems….indifferent. Her friends hate him. He hates her friends. The sex isn’t very…..good. So what exactly is the point? To have someone just to have someone? To partner with someone, and spend all of this time and money…into someone you don’t even feel 100% into? Sounds weak to me.

But I’m starting to get why though. Recent events in the lives of women I care about the most, have prompted me to write this post. The hardest and most rewarding part about being single is deciding that you’ve had enough of it, and not settling for bullshit. That’s the rewarding part. The hardest part, is moving past the frustration.



Casual: Layering

If you are interested in updating your closet or wardrobe with a more versatile and stylish look, try layering your clothing. During the coldest months of the year, layering allows us to monitor and control our body temperatures throughout the day.Who wants to go outside with just t-shirt and jeans in the middle of February? That sounds like a chest cold, pneumonia, or frostbite.

Outside of the context of human health, we also layer our clothes for style purposes. The layered look offers a range of colors and textures to diversify your look with different pieces. For instance, you may layer a plaid shirt over a turtle neck. 

 For this post, we had the opportunity to meet up with Matthias. If you forgot from our previous post, Matthias is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA as a personal trainer, model, and actor.

Today, he is showing us a layered look.



The Advice: Men Love Harder Than Us.

I’m about to ruin this movie for you, so if you haven’t seen ‘The Great Gatsby,’ sorry. I just went to see it tonight, and had the best convo with my guy friend about it. First of all, the basic storyline is that Gatsby goes above and beyond for the girl of his dreams, and she basically shits all over him. Really. Like, he literally did everything to prove his love for her, and it wasn’t enough. I mean telling the girl of your dreams, you can’t be with her right now, because you’re poor and need to get your shit together. Building a house across from hers, and throwing ridiculous parties, hoping you’ll show up. Essentially building and planning your future around the two of you together. What the hell else could he really do to say, ‘I wanna be with you girl!’ This got me thinking.

 It got me thinking about the good guys. Because no matter what I write on this, I still believe that good guys do exist. Daisy, Gatsby’s love interest, would rather be with a man who is financially secure, but cheats on her, than be with the one that loves her unconditionally. Daisy has definitely been all of us females at least once. We have disregarded the lame who has been persistent time and time again, for the asshole who seemingly has it together. We forget that just because a guy looks good on paper, doesn’t mean emotionally he is all there. From my experience, the ones who appeared ‘a mess’ treated me far better than the guy with nine degrees and a job.