Strictly Business: Navy Suit

post_kris2_093015_01post_kris2_093015_02post_kris2_093015_03post_kris2_093015_04post_kris2_093015_05Suit: H&M |
Shirt: Uniqlo |
Shoes: Aldo |
Pocket square: bell67

“Navy is the new black!” -Kris

For this week’s individual style feature, Kris is back with another suit from his collection. This time, we are talking about the navy suit! Described as one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe, the navy suit can be tailored to fit your body. According to Kris, “The navy suit is self explanatory. The trick here is to buy a suit that fits just right or visit your local tailor to customize your suit to fit you perfectly. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.”

For a slight contrast, Kris chose to pair his slim, fitted suit with a dark brown, double monk strap shoe. “As mentioned in a previous look, I would consider these shoes a two-in-one man necessity. The dapper man should ALWAYS own a dark brown dress shoe and a double monk strap.”

To finish off this look, Kris accessorized his suit with a paisley colored pocket square. Not only is the pocket square unique in color, it was handmade by Kris himself. “The pocket square that I created was hand sewn out of vintage fabrics.  I only made one of these squares as a sample which was a huge mistake! Everywhere that I wear this pink, paisley, silk pocket square, people offer to buy it right out of my blazer chest pocket! This gives the “wow” effect that any accessory should have, especially when it matches perfectly with your shirt.”

Remember, when adding accessories, don’t be afraid to add something with a little flare!

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