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After 5: Skater Dress

post_jasmine2_032417_01post_jasmine2_032417_02post_jasmine2_032417_03post_jasmine2_032417_04post_jasmine2_032417_05post_jasmine2_032417_06post_jasmine2_032417_07What She Wore
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Anne Michelle

Ladies, it’s officially dress season! We all know what that means, right? You should be tucking away all your darker, clunky clothes, and bringing out your favorite dresses spring.

Today, Jasmine stops by UnregisteredStyle to show off a little skin in her pink skater dress. Skater dress? According to Fashion 101, “A skater dress is basically an A-line dress with a little more flare. It’s well-fitted on the upper portion of the body, and falls beautifully around the lower part of the body.” Since the dress has a very slimming effect, it really accentuates Jasmine’s summer curves.

The dress even has a fun, tied ribbon in the back! Even if the dress is for the 20 and up the club, the ribbon takes a few years off Jasmine’s youthful appearance.

For footwear, a heel is your best option. Jasmine went Continuing with this theme, Jasmine went with a pair of caged, dress sandals.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Casual: Off the Shoulder

post_jaliysah1_040817_01post_jaliysah1_040817_02post_jaliysah1_040817_03post_jaliysah1_040817_04post_jaliysah1_040817_05post_jaliysah1_040817_06post_jaliysah1_040817_07What She Wore
Sweater: Thrifted
Jeans: Fashion Nova
Shoes: Steve Madden
Choker: Aldo
Rings: Aldo
Bracelets: Alex and Ani

So, how cute is an off the shoulder sweater? Not only is it comfy, but it’s also really chic when worn with the right pair of jeans.

For this post, newbie to the blog, Jaliysah, shows off her favorite off the shoulder sweater. Here, Jaliysah decided to keep things simple with her fitted denim jeans and peep toe suede ankle boots. This is the perfect look if you plan to do some late afternoon shopping.

So, what do you think about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Casual: Poncho

post_brandi1_032517_07post_brandi1_032517_02post_brandi1_032517_03post_brandi1_032517_04post_brandi1_032517_05post_brandi1_032517_06post_brandi1_032517_01What She Wore
Kimono: Unknown
Shirt: Unknown
Leggings: Unknown
Sneakers: Unknown

Who said that casual wear has to be boring? Here, Brandi shows us how to spice up her every day look with a fun statement piece.

As shown above, Brandi donned a printed, contemporary poncho with a loose-fitting blue buttoned up shirt,  and black stretch pants. The denim mixed with the tribal prints add for a nice touch. It’s like a desert look in the city! Brandi also accessorized with the trendy readers, as eye-wear.

Looking for a poncho, head over to Forever21. Since it’s getting a little warm outside, you should be able to find one on the clearance rack.

So, how do you feel about this look? Feel free to comment in the section below.

Stylin’ Sunday

post_seonne3_032917_01post_seonne3_032917_02post_seonne3_032917_03post_seonne3_032917_04post_seonne3_032917_05post_seonne3_032917_08post_seonne3_032917_07What She Wore
Denim Jacket: GAP
Bowtie: @Seonnemichel
Pants: Levis