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Flex Friday

post_alex3_100416_01post_alex3_100416_02post_alex3_100416_03post_alex3_100416_04post_alex3_100416_05post_alex3_100416_06post_alex3_100416_07Suit: Suit Supply |
Denim Shirt: GAP |
Tie: J. Crew |
Tie Clip: Harrison Blake Apparel |
Pocket Square: Muji |
Socks: GAP |
Sneakers: Nike Waffle Racers for J. Crew |
Glasses: Warby Parker

Flex Friday

post_alex2_100416_01post_alex2_100416_02post_alex2_100416_03post_alex2_100416_04post_alex2_100416_05post_alex2_100416_06post_alex2_100416_07Denim Jacket: GAP |
Sweatshirt: League Collegiate Outfitters |
Gingham Shirt: Dockers |
Trousers: Suit Supply |
Socks: Rugby by Ralph Lauren |
Tassel Loafers: J. Crew |
Watch: Daniel Wellington |
Glasses: Warby Parker

Casual: Camo Shorts

post_peso1_07216_01post_peso1_07216_02post_peso1_07216_03post_peso1_07216_04post_peso1_07216_05Shorts: Urban Outfitters |
Shirt: Local Vendor |
Sneakers: Nike |
Shades: H&M |

Today, Jordan aka Peso is back on the blog today to show off his latest look.

For this look, Peso decided to style his camouflage, cargo shorts with a black graphic tee, sneakers, and printed bandanna.

Cargo shorts? Cargo, in general, is back in style this season. Don’t forget to take a trip to your local retail stores and grab you a pair.

For the graphic tee, Peso embraced his ethnic roots with this pro black and HBCU supportive shirt. This paraphernalia is a reflection of all the racial tension in the United States.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to leave some comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Flex Friday

post_alex1_100416_01post_alex1_100416_02post_alex1_100416_03post_alex1_100416_04post_alex1_100416_05post_alex1_100416_06post_alex1_100416_07Vest: J. Crew |
Sweater: GAP |
Jeans: GAP |
Sneakers: Vans |
Watch: Daniel Wellington