Strictly Business: The Khaki Suit

post_dangelo1_032616_01post_dangelo1_032616_02post_dangelo1_032616_03post_dangelo1_032616_04post_dangelo1_032616_05Suit: H&M | Shirt: Tasso Elba |
Shoes: Bar III

If you are a regular reader of UnregisteredStyle, you know how much we appreciate a tailored suit.

Following up on a previous “Business Casual” post with Alex, D’Angelo is back to show off his latest iteration of the khaki suit.

Today, D’Angelo has no problem contrasting his khaki colored suit with a splash of navy, green, and white. With the addition of the pinstrip button-up shirt and wingtip oxford shoes, this outfit is ideal for a day at the office or an exciting evening out. Take your pick fellas!

In reference to accessories, a classic look can always be enhanced with a few minor details. For this particular look, D’Angelo further styled his suit with a paisley print necktie and gingham print pocket square.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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