Casual: Spring Layering

“I like to see my money right where I can see it… Hanging in my closet”

This “Sex and the City” quote is the motto Janaia lives by everyday. This New Jersey born stylist and model with an eye for fashion. Just under 5’6, this recent college graduate plans to pursue a career in the modeling industry. 

Last week, we were fortunate enough catch up on Janaia’s modeling updates and take a few shots. In this post, we take a closer look at what Janaia has to offer for UnregisteredStyle. 



Street Style: The Denim Vest

We would like to introduce Mora or “Always_MLove.” This Pennsylvania native is the writer and manager for  “The Advice.” As one of our staff members, Mora is able to connect with each reader and discuss personal experiences that reflect real life situations. Aside from UnregisteredStyle, this twenty five year old, Pennsylavania State University alumna works in New York City as a social worker. During her days off, Mora dresses more casual for street walking.

For this post, we plan to focus on Mora’s denim vest. The denim vest is an article of clothing that is very versatile and can be be incorporated into various styles. For example, denim vests can be layered over shirts and tops, worn with dresses and pants, and worn with different styles of shoes.



The Advice: Everyone’s Dating, & You’re Still Single….F!ck.

“we spend so much money in gifts for people who get married and have kids because it’s socially accceptable…but no one celebrates being successful, happy, and single. Our society believes that a childless, single woman is an unsuccessful woman.”


When I first moved to the city, I had a college friend who also moved around the same time. It was great, because we both picked up our lives and were starting fresh. We were young, single, and ready to paint the town red. We were pretty close in college, and had the same mutual group of friends. Over the past couple of months, everyone had started pairing off, and suddenly we were the two single musketeers in our all female rat pack. We complained about how some of the girls had changed, and had a few girls’ nights, exploring the city. We wondered why we were still single, and joked often about how we could be roomies if we were still single thirty years from now (so dramatic).


Street Style: In the Rain

Beyond commercial retail stores and popular magazines, individuals are able to express themselves through their daily personal styles. The level of creativity and effort that is put towards your everyday style  will determine your ability to capture a visual audience from the street, neighborhood,  or working environment. This type of style is known as “Street Fashion” or “Street Style.”

At the UnregisteredStyle, we would like to utilize the word “Street Style” to showcase individualism. For our Street Style posts, we showcase individuals with various looks in urban settings. For this post, we have the creator of UnregisteredStyle, Bryce aka “Karmike.”

Born and raised in Lumberton, NJ, this suburban Jersey boy is accustomed to heavy showers during the spring season. Today, he is dressed waster appropriate.