Street Style: Wide Brim Fedora

As an accessory originally created for women, the fedora has been a popular item since the late 1880s. The name “fedora” was adapted from the play Fédora by  Victorien Sardou in 1882. In the American adaptation of the play, Princess  Fédora wore a low fitting hat with a creased brim. Over the next decade, fedoras became a more popular and stylish head accessory for women. Similar to women, men began wearing the fedora hat as well. The hat was most recognized during the American gangster era from the 1920s to the 1950s.

This old school hat is no stranger to our new generation of trend setters and fashionistas. Unlike other head accessories, the fedora is trendy, yet offers us protection from the suns harmful rays.

We at the UnregisteredStyle like to take our street style and transition to the country. Below, I demonstrate how to wear a wide brim fedora in summer street attire.



Casual: Daisy Dukes

Let’s take it back to the 1970’s, a time when the Dukes of Hazards was televised across the nation. The main characters of the show consisted of Bo and Luke Duke. However, one of the most remembered and idolized characters of the show was Daisy Duke, played by Catherine Bach. Daisy is most recognized for her cut-off denim shorts, which were nicknamed “Daisy Dukes.” So, we can all commend the Dukes of Hazards for breaking out Daisy Dukes into mainstream fashion. 

 Today, we had the opportunity to shoot with our friend Nicia. The Long Island native was wearing her daisy dukes over the 4th of July weekend, as shown below.



The Advice: My Body Is Your Party….Actually It’s Not.

You can’t keep your hands off me, touch me right there, rock my body
I can’t keep my hands off you, your body is my party
I’m doing this little dance for you
You got me so excited
Now it’s just me on you
Your body’s my party, let’s get it started…

Let’s talk about sex. Lately it’s been a topic of discussion, in various social settings. It seems that everyone’s a little preoccupied. Those that are not having it, want it, those that are having it, are doing with the wrong people. In the end everyone is getting screwed, pun intended, and I’ll tell you why.


Outfits: June 2013

Untitled #2
As shown above, we have an after five outfit. After a long day in the office, sometimes we just want to get out and have a little fun. The after five outfit for women is the dress code for an evening out on the town. An evening out of town which includes the following locations: dinner; movies; shopping; or clubbing. The working woman could dress up for a party or event as she is coming home.