Outfits: December 2013

Outfits: December 2013

Boohoo Beth Chunky Crop Knit Jumper: $30
TOPSHOP MOTO Vintage Boyfriend Jeans: $84
H&M Biker style coat: $98
Zara Leather High Heel Court Shoe: $90
Studded Bucket Bag: $50
ALDO Westall Jewelled Knuckle Box Clutch: $54

Street Style: Colored Pants

A quality pair of colored pants is essential for creating a striking look for both men and women. Remember the post we did with Derek a few months ago? Well, he wore a nice pair of orange chinos in our spring Street Style feature.

When we think of colored pants, we think of bright shades only. It is a custom belief that these bright colored pants were specifically created for warmer months. However, a nice pair of neutral colored pants can be worn during the fall as well. Furthermore, a pair of colored jeans, corduroys, or dress pants can be combined with a variety of shirts, sweaters, jackets, and sports coats to look more appealing during the colder months.

We decided to link up with a creative genius that goes by the name Luis. This twenty-four year old has a number of talents under his belt. He is the creator of Voices in Power, a spoken word artist, Emcee, an event coordinator, and bartender. With all of those career goals and aspirations, he still finds time to present his personality through his personal style. Let’s take a look at what Luis has to offer in his colored pants below.


The Advice: Be Better, Not Bitter.

Girls are a little crazy. Now before you get offended, remember two things. 1) I am a girl. 2) At some point in time, you as a female have had irrational, unreasonable thoughts and expectations of the opposite sex, myself included. Lately, I’ve been taking time to reflect, and I’ve come up with a few gems.

Stop trying to claim something that never belonged to you in the first place. You are hurting yourself, you are better than that. What do I mean by that? Let’s think. Once a girl decides she actually likes a boy, in some small, tiny irrational part of you that has laid claim over them. The more time you spend with him, the bigger that piece grows. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t actually yours. You have dedicated countless hours of consistent texting. You have already planned future dates with your boo, imagined spending the next few holidays together. You have invested months of months of ‘talking’ so he now belongs to you. In your mind….because that makes sense.

Stop it crazy! Stop it right now.

Casual: Tribal Prints

In the past four years, there has been a rise in ethnically inspired garments, specifically in women’s fashion. Most of these garments are often combinations of tribal patterns and prints that were replicated from indigenous societal and native cultures. In addition, these modern garments were influenced by the creations of Aztec, Mexican, Navajo, and other South American civilizations.

This fall season, there has been a large request for shirts and pants in tribal prints. However, these tribal prints are uneasy to wear. For this post, we are showing how to pull off a tribal patterned shirt with Janaia.