After 5: Knee-High Boots

What is personal style? How does your personal style reflect your daily wardrobe pieces?

If you are an avid reader of our blog, those questions have been discussed quite often.

Not to sound redundant, but we like to reinforce the purpose of UnregisteredStyle. NO this is not a fashion line! We do not create, distribute, or manufacture clothing. Yes, we are a brand, but we do not sell clothing, but we do feature individuals that have their own clothing lines and accessories. NO this is not a modeling agency! Every individual featured on UnregisteredStyle are identified as “Models” by our team. However, every “Model” volunteers their services and our blog focuses more on what each individual is wearing.

Remember, UnregisteredStyle is a “Personal Style Blog” that features individuals with unique looks and different interpretations of modern fashion. We currently have most of our models back for the 2014 season. However, we are introducing a variety of new models from different walks of life (socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, etc).

With all that being said, we would like to introduce everyone to one of our college friends, Alexis. Our Jersey girl has a passion for fashion and can turn any item into a sophisticated garment. Although her inner level of confidence allows her to look like a million bucks, Alexis enjoys comfort more than anything else. She states, “My style consists of clothing I feel the most comfortable and confident in. Well, more confident than comfortable, since I’m a high heel lover.” 

 Below, Alexis shows us how to style a pair of patent, knee-high boots.


Outfits: January 2014

Outfits: January 2014

Jack Wills Belgrave Tweed Blazer: $139
1901 Trim Fit Dress Shirt: $50
John W. Nordstrom® Knit Silk Tie: $40
TOPMAN Mustard Stretch Skinny Chinos: $46
Cole Haan Pinch Tassel: $158
JACK & JONES Tim Scarf: $34


Casual: Corduroy Shorts

 As mentioned in previous posts this year, we live in a world where the weather is so unpredictable. Some days it may feel like fall and spring temperature wise, but yet we are in the winter season. What do I wear?!

In order to maintain your outdoor appearance to the general, one must enhance the level of versatility within his or her wardrobe. What that means is that you should invest in clothing that can be worn under any circumstance.

This leads us to today’s featured post. Recently, we had the opportunity to meet up with one of our new personal style models this season, Kennisha. Our recent Temple graduate shows us how to combine winter garments with not so cold temperatures.


Update: Team Page

The UnregisteredStyle team page has finally been updated! Take a look at the page here!

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