Lifestyle: Friendsgiving

post_friendsgiving1_112615_03post_friendsgiving1_112615_10post_friendsgiving1_112615_04post_friendsgiving1_112615_07post_friendsgiving1_112615_05post_friendsgiving1_112615_08post_friendsgiving1_112615_01post_friendsgiving1_112615_11post_friendsgiving1_112615_06post_friendsgiving1_112615_12I moved back to Philadelphia almost a year and a half ago and it will always be a special city to me. Even though I started my post-grad life in one of the greatest places in America, Washington D.C., Philadelphia has truly captivated my spirit and taught me so much since moving back to the area. I’ve reconnected with old friends and made a decent amount of new ones and it’s been moving non-stop. With the season change and holidays coming up, I wanted to plan something that could bring people together. I decided on a Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a gathering where friends come together with seasonal dishes, food, and drinks and PARTY! I pictured great vibes and a positive atmosphere filled with great people, libations and most importantly, food.

Planning for the Friendsgiving took time, however with the help of some friends, the event was a great success. Each attendee bought a different dish or some type of alcohol (I reached out to people before to make sure dishes weren’t duplicated). Friends donated tables and chairs too since over twenty-five people attended. Over forty dishes were brought that varied from main courses, to sides, and to desserts. The food was an assortment of cuisines (Jamaican, Soul Food, Italian and more). Great drinks accompanied the food, and a house-made gin punch was sipped the entire night. Artists like Drake and Future, Kendrick, The Weeknd, and other soulful sounds were heard throughout the party. Friendsgiving was truly a great experience with great vibes. Friendsgiving was LIT! I definitely can say that it should be something to look forward to next year.