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post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_05post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_01post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_04post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_03post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_02Photo Credit: SingPrayShop

Last month, I had an opportunity to attend a blogging networking event organized by TheMovePhilly.com. These events are a great opportunity for other bloggers in the Philadelphia area to come together, have a drink, and establish relationships.

During the event, I had an opportunity to meet and chat with a new blogger, Kira Keys.
Straight out of Philadelphia, Kira is the creator of “Sing Pray Shop,” a blog dedicated to her favorite leisure activities.

On a weekly basis, Kira updates her blog with new fashion finds, some in which are from her personal wardrobe. I personally love when Kira shows off some of her favorite statement pieces. For example, her big flappy hats, turban, or flashy jewelry.

So, when you get a chance, stop by Sing Pray Shop for some fashion inspiration!

Congrats Kira! Keep up the great work!


post_submission1_022715_hisfashionhighness_03post_submission1_022715_hisfashionhighness_04post_submission1_022715_hisfashionhighness_01post_submission1_022715_hisfashionhighness_02post_submission1_022715_hisfashionhighness_05Photo Credit: High Fashion Highness

Happy Friday folks!So, I guess you know what today’s post is all about, right? It’s #FeatureFriday here on UnregisteredStyle.com, and we found another blogger to claim this week’s spot.
After spending an hour searching for other bloggers on Instagram, I happened to stumble across a style guru that goes by the name, Nnamdi. As the creator of “His Fashion Highness,” Nnamdi is laying the foundation to become one of the most stylish, fashion bloggers in the game.

“What make His Fashion Highness different from the rest?” Great question! On a weekly basis, Nnamdi posts a variety of looks from his personal closet! You can catch him wearing anything from two piece suits, fur coats, waistcoats, and suede loafers. Honestly, if this man does not make GQ magaizine in the next couple of years, something is wrong.

We have to admit, His Fashion Highness should be one of the best kept secrets on the web. It’s definitely bookmarked in my web browser. If you don’t believe us, you can check out his blog here: www.hisfashionhighness.com. Be sure to drop a few comments too!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.


post_submission1_021315_mattandchanel_01post_submission1_021315_mattandchanel_02post_submission1_021315_mattandchanel_03post_submission1_021315_mattandchanel_04post_submission1_021315_mattandchanel_05Photo Credit: Matt&Chanel

Within the fashion community, there are many bloggers that produce similar content. For instance, the standard fashion blog offers a variety of weekly style, beauty, and shopping tips. Sounds very unique, right? Well, depending on your content, some of our content can be a little redundant. As fashion bloggers, we aspire to create new and innovative content for our readers.

Speaking of new and innovative content, I recently stumbled across a very interesting fashion blog with an amazing concept. Just picture everyday fashion, from the perspective of two love birds. Luckily for us, we found this blog just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend!

So, without further ado, we would like to introduce everyone to Matt & Chanel!

Known for their creative tagline,  “A Couples Personal Style Blog,” Matt & Chanel have put together a great website. The layout is great and the content is 100% original. You can’t go wrong when you get updated content from both a male and female’s perspective.

Take for example Matt & Chanel’s separate style posts. You can consider Matt the boy next door. He’s definitely giving us urban and modern at the same time. So far, his looks are very casual with a little edge. Most guys will appreciate his style. For Chanel, her look is very sophisticated and chic. We just love her personal style! You rarely catch this girl without a pair of heels. A true lady if you ask us.

So, if you’re still not convinced,  head over to MattandChanel.com for more information. We are certain you will love their blog.

We want to thanks Matt & Chanel for contributing to the fashion community. We can’t wait for more updates!


post_submission1_020515_islestyle_01post_submission1_020515_islestyle_02post_submission1_020515_islestyle_03post_submission1_020515_islestyle_04post_submission1_020515_islestyle_05Photo Credit: IsleStyle

As we continue to embark upon our world of digital communication and on-line marketing, the blogging industry has become more gender balanced than ever before. At one point, fashion blogging was a “Girls Only” type of scenario, where women would offer fashion and beauty tips to their eager fans. Recently, all that has changed. With the rise of social networks  and on-line fashion diaries like Lookbook, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, men have also jumped on the fashion blogging bandwagon.

With all that being said, I recently stumbled across a newly created website entitled, “IsleStyle.”

A blog dedicated to capturing the true essence of men’s fashion,  IsleStyle aims to focus on the perspectives of two college students, Nick and Kasey. On the blog itself, Nick and Kasey have clearly defined their idea of style, and how they plan to help those that need a little inspiration as well.

From my personal perspective, I see the direction these two are headed in. For one, there’s not too many male bloggers that put their friendship in the limelight. Most blogs usually focus on one person, with a strong team backing them. Thus, these two have already branded themselves differently than many other bloggers.

If they keep it up the hard work, Nick and Kasey will have a very large fan base in no time. Plus, their fans will appreciate all their help.

When you get a chance, check out their blog! Feel free to follow there personal Instagram accounts @zeenickster and @kaseykreid.

Congrats Nick and Kasey for landing this week’s #FEATUREFRIDAY post! We expect great things from the both of you in the near future.