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Street Style: Urban Retro

post_briana2_122114_05post_briana2_122114_02post_briana2_122114_03post_briana2_122114_04post_briana2_122114_01Jacket: Thrifted | Shirt: Urban Outfitters |
Jeans: UNIQLO | Sneakers: Urban Outfitters |
Broach: Thrifted

Within the context of fashion and personal style, the terms “urban” and “retro” have been used interchangeably within the last the decade. Sure, these words have two separate meanings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t define it in our own terms. Thanks to the writers over at Vogue Magazine, the term “Urban Retro” has been simplified as a splash of Swinging Sixties and a slug of Nineties street wear. Think authentic vintage clothing, with a street style twist.

So, without another minute’s delay, allow us to reintroduce everyone to our girl Briana. Known for slaying the fashion game on a regular basis, Briana loves embracing her urban retro style. Today, Briana is showing off one of her exclusive street style looks.

Perfect for a simple day in the city, this look can be worn to and from everywhere! According to Briana, “I would wear this look on a laid back day, running errands, or hanging with friends.”

We have to agree with Briana, comfort is the key here people, especially with a great pair of jeans and sneakers. Rather than looking completely casual, Briana took it a step further by dressing up her denim jeans with a shear, ruffled top from Urban Outfitters.

Shear in the winter? Okay, that actually sounds like a chest old, but you can get away with it. How? Remember, winter is all about layers. So, Briana threw on her thrifted, 90s inspired coat for a little warmth.

Of course, we can’t forget to accessorize! For Briana, she decided to accessorize her top with another thrifted item, the golden broach.

So, do you like Briana’s urban retro look? Leave us some comments below!

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Street Style: Jersey

post_voltaires1_122614_01post_voltaires1_122614_02post_voltaires1_122614_07post_voltaires1_122614_04post_voltaires1_122614_05Stussy Jersey: Urban Outfitters |
Flannel Shirt: Thrift Store
| Denim Jeans: Levis |
Pumas: Urban Outfitters | 
Fedora: Thrift Store

In regards to personal style, the relationship between urban, street style, and mainstream fashion is becoming more popular than ever before. People that live in major cities like LA, NYC, and Washington D.C. have been incorporating urban and street fashion for many years.

Now, urban fashion has become the new “go-to” look for the average street walker. Think about all the blonde hair, blue eyed girls wearing flannel shirts, distressed jeans, and Timberland boots. You know this girls are not from around the way, but they love urban and street fashion.

As a result, people are becoming less interested in wearing what’s “in,” and more focused on distinguishing their personal style from others. Needless to say, we know one individual that loves distinguishing his style from others. He goes by the name Voltaires, and he decided to  stop by UnregisteredStyle to show off one of his dope street style looks.

A man known for his unique style, you can always catch Voltaires in the most stylish outfits. Even on Instagram, he knows how to please the fans, especially in terms of fashion. Just take a look when you get a chance @voltairesmax.

Just consider today’s featured attire, as shown above. Voltaires put this outfit together in no time, with each item purchased straight off the sale rack. While the flannel shirt and hat were found at local thrift stores, the denim jeans, stussy jersey and Puma sneakers were purchased from Levi’s and Urban Outfitters respectively. Thrifting is the best way to go for men. Think about it! The clothes are dirt cheap and can’t be found anywehre else. So, you don’t have to worry about someone jocking your style.

We actually love the jersey. Combined with the distressed jeans and sneakers, the jersey adds an overall urban feel to the look. We bet   you don’t see many people rocking jerseys anymore, until now. Adding to the retro look , Voltaires tied a flannel shirt around his waist. You can’t go wrong with that!

Overall, we love this look. We can definitely imagine Voltaires rocking this look in foreign cities like London, Paris, and even Tokyo. That last one was a stretch, but he might as well try it out there too.

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Street Style: Retro Windbreaker

 There are so many things that can be said about a woman that wears white after labor day, mix matches patterns, and wears double denim of the same wash. While some may look and stare, others may stop point. Whatever the case may be, this woman still manages to capture an audience.

“I hate her but I can’t stop staring.” Sounds to us like you admire her presence and style!

In a world of constant change, a “Rule Bender” of 2014 is less concerned with following a crowd, and more focused on establishing herself as a trend setter.

With that being said, the defining statement above leads us to this week’s individual style post with our new friend Briana! For this feature, Briana defies the rules of fashion with her white, retro 90s windbreaker. Check out her full outfit below!


For Briana, it’s very clear that she knows how break the rules of fashion in an un-traditional way. She states, “I have an open palate for fashion and enjoy blending different looks. I shop wherever, from anthropology to neighborhood yard sales. I wear white after Labor Day and shorts in the winter. One day I could be wearing a bodycon dress with heels and the next a sweatshirt and hat. Fashion has no limits and should be an expression and extension of your feelings, lifestyle, and personality.”

We agree with Brianna 100%. Without a doubt, we should all focus on what we think is fashionable, as opposed to how others define fashion for us.

post_woman3_082014_02“Fall is the season of layering and having fly outerwear. I often like to wear a basic top and bottom with a statement jacket and I love this 90s  windbreaker. Your entire outfit doesn’t always have to be elaborate; let one item be the star.” -Briana

We define Brianna’s look as very retro 90s with a modern twist! Couldn’t you imagine recording artists like MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa, and Queen Latifah wearing this outfit back in the day?

Although this 90s inspired outfit is very reminiscent of the past, we doubt our old school rappers would be caught dead wearing a pair of skinny, high waisted jeans with their windbreaker. Remember, this was the decade where everything was worn baggy in comparison to the form fitted attire we wear in 2014.

Not only did Briana break out her favorite pair of high waisted skinny jeans, she also threw on her favorite, fitted crop top from Urban Outfitters. Purchased for a reasonable price, Brianna’s solid color crop top looks great under her white windbreaker.

post_woman3_082014_03Crop Top: Urban Outfitters |  Easy Jeans: American Apparel |
Jacket: Thrifted | Sneakers: Converse

Overall, we love Briana’s look. She definitely pulls off her white accents after Labor Day! Feel free to show Brianna some love on Instagram @Brenikki.

How would you define your personal style? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below!

Street Style: Floral Print Blazer

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” -Henry James

As we imagine the warmest season of the year, the thought of bright colors, sunshine, and flowers usually come to mind. For this reason, the true essence of Summer has been the key to many fashion trends for us to explore.

One specific trend that has remained consistent throughout time are floral prints. A fashion trend that originally bloomed from the Spring and Summer seasons, floral prints have caught the attention of many women that wish to enhance their wardrobe. With over a thousand plant species to select from, floral prints have maintained its position in the fashion industry for a long time.

From tulips to roses, floral prints can be easily combined with any outfit. Here, Jamillia Kamara shows us how to dress down a rose print blazer in this week’s “Street Style” feature.


A trend that was originally created many years ago, floral prints have been revamped into the new fashion statement for our generation. As an example, floral prints have taken over retail stores with skirts, shirts, swimsuits, purses, scarves, and pumps.  Even better, let’s not forget about those floral print blazers! These jackets are fun and can be easily incorporated with any look.

In this particular case, Jamillia has worn her floral print blazer with a black t-shirt, red pants, and snake skin boots.

We have never seen snake skin boots look so good, especially a pair worn with a fire engine red pants. Jamillia states, “I love my snake skin boots! I mean, look at them! They are outrageously shaped and far too exquisite to miss. I took a chance pairing them with my rose covered blazer, but the black and nude color palate makes them work.” -Jamillia


As mentioned above, Jamillia paired her floral print blazer with a t-shirt. Now, this is not just any shirt, but a “Smart is Cool” t-shirt that represents empowerment within the urban community.

What exactly does Smart is Cool mean? Smart is Cool or Smart=Cool Smart = Cool is a social organization that was founded by Jamillia for her native city, Philadelphia. According to their website, “Our mission is to redefine the culture of achievement in under served communities by providing high value educational experiences to a city near you. Our vision is for an entire generation to grow up embracing their strengths and cultivating them into proactive, purpose driven lives. Hence, our slogan: Smart Is Cool. Embrace It. Cultivate It.”


“That rose covered blazer is a personal favorite. I spotted it at a local Salvation Army and actually creepily stalked the lady who initially grabbed it. When she changed her mind and placed it back on the rack, I tip toed over there and nonchalantly placed it in my cart before smoothly rolling away. I was cracking up in my head!” -Jamillia

We love how Jamillia was able to look stylish and chic for an inexpensive price! The blazer and boots were great finds at the Salvation army, while the pants were purchased from H&M.

Show Jamillia some love and follow her on Instagram @_SmartisCool. If you are interested in a shirt, head over to