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After 5: Dinner Date

As the founder and creative genius behind “Product of the 90s” and “Themicole,” our neirborhood friend Tannis, knows a thing or two about editorials, pop culture, music, and personal style.

 This twenty three year old, freelance writer from Montclair, NJ is able to demonstrate her personal style through her daily escapades:

I enjoy the luxury of not being able to define my style. It changes as I do. A big part of my style depends on the environment that I am in. I always manage to add my own flair to traditional looks so that if a friend sees me they’re like, “Oh, that’s so Tannis.” – Tannis

For today’s post, Tannis shows the ladies how to dress appropriately for a dinner date after work.



After 5: Casual

“Style to me is someone’s outer self-expression. It’s what you see and encounter first before really getting to know someone. It’s your hair, your clothes, your makeup, your tattoos/piercing, it’s the way you carry and present yourself to the world.”

With that said, we reached out to one of our trendy friends, Kourtney. This twenty five year old Penn State alumni is currently employed as a research analyst in the city of brotherly love. Living in Philadelphia has granted Kourtney the opportunity to explore style and history around every corner, especially after her long work days. Between happy hours, shopping, and preparing for her graduate school exams, Kourtney is able to maintain her look in and outside of the office. For this post, we wanted to focus on Kourtney’s casual attire after 5 o’ clock.