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Brands: Royal Hearts Clothing

In Early 2014, “Royal Heart’s Clothing” or RHC was created to embrace love and happiness through fashion while displaying unique art work.

post_group_032214_01The objective of RHC is to spread a positive message throughout the world of consumers and customers in a artsy way. RHC offers different variations of clothing styles, from urban wear, GQ, and beach wear.

post_group_032214_03RHC provides unique ideas displayed on t-shirts, sweat pants, and other clothing apparel.

post_group_032214_15RHC will be a more personal brand by given hand-written messages such as a fortune cookie message style.

post_group_032214_09RHC long term goal is to make a change in this world in a positive way.  They are more than a clothing line, but a group of motivated individuals trying to make a difference.

post_group_032214_05Within the next five years, this brand will be displayed throughout the 50 states and potentially overseas.

post_group_032214_08For more information, head over to In addtion, check out their Instragram page @royalheartsclo.


Brands: Exhibit Superior Thoughts

Whether you are first time reader, or our number one supporter, you should understand with how we do things at UnregisteredStyle. We discuss fashion through a variety of posts that are related to the featured model’s attire. Each post offers our readers with a variety of looks and styles from each volunteer model.

Beyond our clothing features, there is a grey area of the site that we rarely acknowledge. If you forgot, this section is entitled, “The Brands.” Here, we feature aspiring entrepreneurs that allow us to discuss their brands. This section is not limited to clothing lines. For isntance,we offer features in jewelery, accessories, and other unique products as well.

For this post, we are featuring a clothing line entitled, “Exhibit Superior Thoughts.” Lets check out what this brand has to offer below.



When it comes to customized apparel, we know exactly who to call, CANILIVE (Recently changed to LETMELIVE)! From hats to sweatshirts, LETMELIVE/CANILIVE offers a variety of apparel to both men and women. Most of this apparel can be customized to accommodate every customer. 

Last month, we had the opportunity to meet up with the CEO and founder of LETMELIVE/CANILIVE, Farath Raphael. This graduating senior attending California University of Pennsylvania decided to create LETMELIVE/CANILIVE in 2012 as a way to extend and offer her personal style to the general public.

“The purpose of the brand name LETMELIVE/CANILIVE was more of a personal style for myself, such as a build board standing for freedom of ones originality  and diversity through fashion. LETMELIVE/CANILIVE is not a question it is a statement that is rhetorical. I thought it would be cool to have a statement saying LETMELIVE/CANILIVE through clothing and with style. It’s simple and straight foreword logically speaking, “Can I live my life in peace.” -Farath

Take a look below at more pictures and information from our LETMELIVE/CANILIVE team.


Brands: SAYC Clothing

Today, we had the opportunity to meet up with the founder of SAYC Clothing, Steve Smothers. The “Steve Allen Yacht Club” or SAYC provides a nautical lifestyle and a series of high quality products for customers through an online retail website. They offer a variety of tees and other apparel for men, women, and children.

“The main thing that sets us apart from other brands is our originality. One thing that we preach to our team members and creative team is to be original with everything you do, and that reflects in our apparel.” -Steve

If you examine the items offered on their website,, SAYC Clothing provides original graphics for  any consumer wanting comfortable clothing for the spring and summer seasons.

Below, we have some pictures of Steve wearing his SAYC merchandise at his neighborhood lake.

Before SAYC Clothing began selling merchandise online, it began as a small vision from two aspiring entrepreneurs three years ago. During a personal conversation about style and creativity, Steve and his now co-founder of SAYC Clothing, Ryan Lee, brainstormed an ideal clothing line. The two men dreamed of a clothing brand that provided youthful consumers with different style in comparison to clothes that were currently on the market.

According to Steve, the name behind SAYC Clothing tells a story. As mentioned above, SAYC Clothing stands for Steve Allen Yacht Club. The “Steve Allen” is derived from his first and middle name, while the “Yacht Club” tells a fictional story creator by the founders. Steve explains, “From there we created an elaborate story of a yacht captain lost at sea, through our clothing we illustrate the story we put together.”