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Brands: G. Leon 1938 Menswear

Within the fashion industry, most designers share many of the same goals from a creative and business standpoint. Although most of these goals are geared towards success, some may never achieve this stature in life. For example, there are a number of menswear designers that specialize in custom and tailored garments for their consumers. Although most of these designers aim to create the best products for their consumers, many have difficulty branding and marketing their own creations. As a result, their creations are often unnoticed and unappreciated.

We may have rambled a bit but this discussion has a purpose: In order to be successful, you have to distinguish your brand from others. Now, how do you distinguish your brand from others? forutnately for us, we recently had the opportunity to meet up with a young fashion designer, Alicia Pinckney.

In 2013, Alicia created “G. Leon 1938 Menswear,” a custom clothing line that produces authentic garments. Ever since, Alicia has been able to brand her menswear collection within the city of Philadelphia.

Below, we have summarized some exclusive details from a recent interview with Alicia. also, check out some the latest items from her collection.


Although G. Leon 1938 Menswear aims to redefine modern men’s clothing, what does the collection even stand for?

When we met with Alicia, she had the following statement to say, “I’ve been studying menswear since 2012, however, with the death of my grandfather in 2013, I decided to dedicate my brand to him. His name was Grover Leon and he was born in 1938, which is highlighted in the name of the brand.


G. Leon 1938 has an aesthetic separate from others. The collection is made up of denims, prints, and earth tones like olive green, grays, blues and maroons. It is also styled with a vintage influence.


G. Leon 1938 offers custom, cut and sewn one of a kind garments. In addition to custom clothing, G. Leon will also be offering styling and consulting tips through a new blog platform on Tumblr here. This blog will highlight European fashion while I am in Italy for a year.

post_brands_122114_10“My long term goals for G. Leon, is to be recognized as an international designer. I would love for G. Leon to become a household name among the greats.” -Alicia Pinckney

Alicia has many goals for her collection in the future. She states, “In five years, I hope for G. Leon to be thriving in bout America and Europe. I hope to gain connections that will expand the audience of my brand. I would love to have a team by then as well, I am currently a one-woman show, with the help of family and friends for modeling and photography needs.”


We are excited for Alicia and G. Leon 1938. We expect many great things in the future!

If you are interested in any items from the collection, head over to!

Also, check out the remaining photos in our gallery below!

Brands: Alicia Kim Binder Bags

Remember back in the day when we covered our text books with brown paper bags? Well, we certainly remember! Designed as an inexpensive solution to covering your most valued text books, brown paper bags were used to showcase your creative side.

On the other hand, some girls took their paper bag covers to the next level. Do you recall all the little girls that purposely left the handles on the bags? Yes, these future fashionistas carried their books around like mini purses or bags with handles.

Over time, these paper bag covers have influenced another commonly used school item, the binder. Can you imagine another school item with straps that can carry your assignments to and from class? Well, this specific item has a name. It is known today as the “binder bag.”

Like most popular items, the “binder bag” has inspired other entrepreneurs to design their own products. In this particular case, an entrepreneur by the name, Alicia Kim, has created her own binder bags entitled, “Alicia Kim Binder Bags.” Created from scratch, Alicia Kim Binder bags serve as an alternative host for school supplies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Alicia Kim for this week’s “Brands” feature. Check out the full post below!


With the objective to provide cool unique products for the customer looking for something different and less traditional, Alicia Kim Binder Bags were conceptualized during Alicia’s high school days. She states, “I came up with the idea for the Binder Bags during my third year in High School. The original idea came about when my cousin had told me about the girls covering their books in her school with paper shopping bags and leaving the handles on so they could carry it like a bag. I thought it was cool idea and wanted to do the same for my binder. Instead of using a paper shopping bag, I used fabric and fabric glue and that is how the first Binder Bag was born. After the first one was made I experimented with sewing which is how the Binder Bags soon evolved into a removable cover for the binder. I sewed pockets and straps onto it and was able to make them for friends and family.


“Alicia Kim Binder Bags offer customers with a unique, fashionable way for one to carry their binder. Everything from packaging to product detail is designed to deliver a lasting impression on our customers.” -Alicia Kim

Currently,Alicia Kim Binder Bags are designed to fit most 1inch binders. They are perfect addition for any that young middle or high school student that wants to accessorize in the hallway.

With a staff of three, there are only a handful of binder bags available online. However, Alicia Kim expects to expand her staff, clientele, and merchandise in the near future. She states, “I see my brand growing and expanding through collaborations and product growth.”


We at the UnregisteredStyle admire any individual that can turn their hobbies into a fun product! Great job Alicia!

Just a reminder, Alicia Kim Binder Bags offer a variety of full customized products on Etsy. If you are interested in a binder bag, click here! Also,  check out her website and follow her on Instagram @aliciakimnyc!

Brands: EXA Clothing

“Started from the bottom now we here. Started from the bottom now my whole team f*cking here.” -Drake

Way back in 2013, Mr. Aubrey Graham, aka Drake, dropped his highly anticipated third album, “Nothing was the Same.” This album was well received from the music industry and fans across the United Staes. Although the album dropped in fall 2013, it was highly anticipated from its first single, “Started from the Bottom.” Known for it’s moody and aggressive hook, “Started from the Bottom” quickly became a winter hit overnight.  Drake was able to capture a broader audience since everyone could relate to his lyrics. Anyone that has ever wanted success, has started from scratch at some point.

Now, how does all this relate to UnregisteredStyle? Like ourselves, we like to feature other brands that share similar success stories. For this post, we had the opportunity to catch up with the creator of EXA Clothing, Mike J, to discuss the history behind his brand. Check out the full post below!


Photo Cred: Anthony Harlin 

“The vision for EXA is to be more than a brand but a community which engages with our customers through social network, live events, tradeshows, and more. ” -EXA Clothing

EXA Clothing or “Expensive Accessories” is an online boutique that offers tops and accessories for women. Originally conceptualized for the opposite sex, Mike J transitioned his focus towards women apparel.  He states, “EXA is a new company that was founded early in 2014. I have previous experience in retail and in running a brand dating as far back as 2007. With all of my experience, bumps, bruises and new technology available, I decided to switch gears from men to women’s clothing.”


EXA Clothing attempts to distinguish themselves from other brands through their merchandise. They produce a variety of merchandise including tees, crop tops, tanks, V-necks, long sleeves and hoodies. Furthermore, Mike J states, “On the surface the distinguishing factor is that we are what the corporate brands are trying to be. We have mainstream appeal with an urban twist which comes naturally for us whereas they have to catch on to a trend. We are a part of the culture and we are trendsetters. Deeper than that we are new and fresh but with over 7 years of experience under the hood. We have a positive mission built into the structure of the company and we walk it how we talk it.”


Since its conception earlier this year, EXA Clothing has received a significant amount of buzz within the online community. In a matter of months, this brand has launched their official website, released a collection, gained boutique accounts, served as a vendor for a community event, and developed a new application software.

In addition, the staff behind EXA Clothing have big plans in the near future. According to Mike J, “Long term we’d like to be a household name and to touch as many lives as possible. When someone wears EXA and gets a compliment or we make someone apart of the team and give them the ability to be creative that’s what we’re about. When we can mix fashion, art and fun to raise money or awareness to a cause and help the community, that’s what we’re about and long term we hope to accomplish this on a large scale and to inspire others to do the same.”


If you are interested in EXA Clothing, head over to for more information! Make sure you follow them on Instagram @exaclothing!


Brands: Update Apparel

Hey ladies! Are you tired of shopping at stores where all the clothes are unreasonably priced? What about those stores that only focus on current trends, rather than creating something new and innovative? If you happen to be that exhausted shopper, then you need something fresh that will keep your bank account happy and your admirers pleased. Perhaps you should take time to consider a clothing line that fulfills your shopping addiction. Well, we have one for you to check out, Update Apparel!A clothing line dedicated to pushing the fashion envelope, Update Apparel offers a variety of  dresses and swimsuits to their customers. Sorry if we sound like an infomercial, but we wanted to provide a proper introduction to today’s featured clothing line.Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with the creator of Update Apparel, Mr. Lestor Dixon, to get a better understanding of his clothing line.

post_brands_091614_03Photo Cred: Tim Steepe

For a father of two teenage daughters, Lestor Dixon had dreams of creating a clothing line that balanced both sophistication and fashion for a reasonable price. He states, “The vision for Update Apparel came in steps. I have two teenage girls, 13 and 14, that I see growing and maturing every day. I see all of the influences they have in media- some motivating and some…disappointing. It seems like my girls were the most impressionable when it comes to fashion. Whatever they see their favorite music or tv personalities wear that’s what they want to wear; it’s what they have to wear. Shopping with a teenage girl and being a single dad was considerably challenging. Shopping with a teenage girl, on a budget,  and making sure my young girls dress elegantly and fashionable while being a single dad was a nightmare. I knew there were other parents, and young women wrestling the same concern. So, I became educated on women’s apparel, fabrics, do’s and don’ts, and put together a stellar team of designers. In the summer of 2014 Update Apparel became “alive” and the brand that you see today.”


“We are a clothing line that offers young girls and women the ability to express themselves and do so gracefully.” -Lestor Dixon

With the motto, “Welcome to Your Updated Closet” Update Apparel aims to distinguish itself from clothing lines by offering custom fit clothing for any size. On the website, the clothing line offers at least six different dresses and three bathing suits for the edgy fashionista. Some of these dresses include skater and body contour dresses.

Only six dresses?! Yes, we said it, only six dresses. Although Update Apparel does currently have a wide selection for this season, their merchandise still one of a kind. According to Lester, “Update Apparel  is a noticeably  different clothing line than others. I believe our biggest asset is that our clothes are custom fit for  women. Clients have the opportunity to see a dress that they love on our website, enter their exact measurements, and have our team sew a tailored dress for them. From the fabric choices to shipping our pieces to our clients, an Update Apparel team member is always involved. I don’t know of any other clothing companies of our size doing that.”


“I look forward to seeing my clothing line making their way onto celebrated  celebrities and runways across the globe.” -Lestor Dixon

Like most clothing lines, Update Apparel looks forward to becoming an international fashion brand. We definitely can see this happening. Granite, we all have to start from somewhere and Update Apparel  has taken big step in the right direction. Think about it, their website is very clear, the quality of their clothing is great, and they have a clear vision. Sounds like a major win for this brand!


Ladies, give Update Apparel a try at We are for certain that you will be pleased!