Brands: WTF is CSB

Lets take a walk down memory lane. Remember that group friends that had every party on lock, every event packed, and were notoriously known around for being “Cool Kids?” If you attended any major college or university, we bet you encountered them at one party or another. We have finally graduated and these friends are still together.

The scenario mentioned above is very reminiscent of how CSB came together. Today, we had the opportunity to link up with a representative from CSB to discuss their brand.

So, “WHAT THE FUXK IS CSB?!”   post_csb_061014_01

A friendship that was sparked in Pittsburgh, PA, CSB has since evolved into a social movement that promotes music, artists, and events throughout the country. Rather than taking over college campuses, CSB is utilizing their resource to make a name for themselves in the world.

“We started CSB in the original Hustle House, aka 3228 Dawson St, in Pittsburgh. We marketed Nick Pratt’s music through The College Boy Movement, then we realized we had to grow as our fan base did. We tossed around ideas and came up with the CSB name. It was very intriguing to people and that is how the whole “WTF is CSB” thing came about. People wanted to know and be a part of this thing of yours. From there we operated as a family with our base.” -CSB post_csb_061014_03

“We started as a way to promote and push music and that is still our primary function. Now it is more building a team of artists to simultaneously push. We have Nick Pratt who raps and has worked with major artists and performed through out the country. There is Cassius G, who produces and raps. Also James Hill who is a singer from Texas. On top of that, we have done events such as happy hours, parties, and shows. Being in LA now we are working on doing comedy shows and things of the sort. Just trying to provide places for people like u to gather.” -CSB

With just a six person roster, CSB aims to help the “Edu-Ratchets.” Now, what the “fuxk” are the “Edu-Ratchets?” CSB uses the following definition to describe their target audience, “We are all educated individuals who have that side and then the “ratchet side.” We are trying to represent the yin and yang of the young professional.”


CSB has a big plans in the near future. For starters, they plan on building a multi faceted entertainment company. According to Barry B, a member of the group, “I grew up seeing that you can do anything you want as long as the people are behind you. I just want to have a team of artists who the world recognizes for their art and then use that to branch into other aspects of the game. First thing is I just want people to hear the great music we work on.”

We at the UnregisteredStyle look forward to everything CSB related!

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