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Flex Friday

post_alex3_121116_01post_alex3_121116_02post_alex3_121116_03post_alex3_121116_04post_alex3_121116_05post_alex3_121116_06post_alex3_121116_07Topcoat: J. Crew |
Turtleneck: UNIQLO |
Jeans: Gap |
Loafers: J. Crew |
Scarf: UNIQLO |
Watch: Daniel Wellington |
Lapel Pin: Harrison Blake Apparel

Street Style: Denim Jacket

post_tomarra3_112716_01post_tomarra3_112716_02post_tomarra3_112716_03post_tomarra3_112716_04post_tomarra3_112716_05Jacket: Good Samaritans |
Poncho: Vintage |
Pants: Vintage |
Shoes: Nike

When she’s not consulting her make-up clients or focusing on her school work, Tomarra from Flyy Theory is adding to her ever-growing collection of trifted clothes.

For this post, Tomarra decided to show off her eclectic sense of style in  her fully custom denim embroidered jacket from Good Samaritans. While the jacket itself is second-hand, the stitching is completely hand crafted. You can’t beat that, right?

To add some flavor to the mix, Tomarra decided to style her denim jacket with a traditional baja hoodie, camo capris, and her brightly colored Nike sneakers. The denim and camo prints are complimented by the orange sneakers quite well. Simple, but stlyish to say the least.

Overall, great job Tomarra! We appreciate a woman that knows how to keep it casual with little to no effort.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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After 5: Purple Rain

110916_dyandra2_01110916_dyandra2_02110916_dyandra2_03110916_dyandra2_04110916_dyandra2_05Trench: Boohoo |
Body Suit: BeBe |
Skirt: BCBG |
Heels: Dolce Vita Porsha

“One color that I promise looks good on anyone is purple. Whether you are pleasantly pale or chic and chocolate brown, purple works due to the mixture of cool and warm undertones.” -Dyandra Raye

Purple is easily one of the most underrated colors in the fashion world. With just a hint of purple, you can make your entire outfit pop!

Take, for instance, Dyandra Raye’s “Passionately Purple” look. From head to toe, the color purple was utilized to it’s full potential through her lavender trench coat, floral printed body suit, and bandage skirt.

Dyandra Raye had this to say about her look, “The main purple tones are this BCBG bandage skirt from years ago and a recently purchased silk lavender trench. I never originally thought of pairing these two pieces together, but when I snagged this bodysuit fork BeBe for Howard’s homecoming, these pieces became a cohesive ensemble.”

Way to go Dyandra Raye! You’ve out down yourself yet again.

Be sure to follow Dyandra on her journey here.

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Flex Friday

post_alex2_121116_01post_alex2_121116_02post_alex2_121116_03post_alex2_121116_04post_alex2_121116_05post_alex2_121116_06post_alex2_121116_07Coat: J. Crew |
Sweater: Rugby by Ralph Lauren |
Pants: Gap |
Shoes: J. Crew |
Gloves: J. Crew