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Street Style: Printed Vest

post_peso3_030716_01post_peso3_030716_02post_peso3_030716_03post_peso3_030716_04post_peso3_030716_05Vest: Urban Outfitters |
Shirt: Thrifted |
Shorts: Primary |
Sneakers: Nike Air Jordans

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with fashion! Not only do you get to pull out every short sleeved item in your wardrobe, but every color looks great as well. For myself, summer is all about street style and urban fashion.

A discussion of street style brings us to our featured post. Today, our friend Jordan shows us how to dress up on a humid day.

Jordan’s look is classic street style.  With a pair of shades in tow, he rocked  a cut- off leopard printed denim vest, with cut-off sleeves and a black, graphic tank top. Cut-off denim is a perfect choice because it gives you more edge. He paired his cut off look with trendy grey sweat shorts. We can’t forget to highlight his Air Jordan VII Bordeaux, which makes this look complete.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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It’s Our Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I created Who would have thought this fun little hobby would turn into a potential career path? I had no clue!In honor of this special occasion, I decided to shoot with my friend James, aka “Heff.” Check out the photos below!


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Thanks for another great year, as we embark upon a new chapter! See you tomorrow!

Flex Friday

post_alex2_042416_01post_alex2_042416_02post_alex2_042416_05post_alex2_042416_04post_alex2_042416_03post_alex2_042416_06post_alex2_042416_07Shirt: J. Crew | Pants: GAP |
Loafers: J. Crew | Knit Tie: Thrifted
Accesories: Harrison Blake Apparel

Bold printed shirts are all the rave this season. Paired with a matching pair of chinos, a printed shirt can brighten up  room. For this particular look, Alex styled his nautical top with his favorite, yellow chinos and leather loafers.

After 5: White Denim

post_acira1_032616_01post_acira1_032616_02post_acira1_032616_03post_acira1_032616_04post_acira1_032616_07Jeans: H&M | Blouse: Forever21 |
Blazer: Forever21 | Heels: Charlotte Russe

Adding a splash of color to your wardrobe is always a plus, especially if you add white denim to the mix.

Today, our favorite dread head Acira, stops by the blog to show off her latest spring outfit. She teams her white denim pants with a lovely multi-colored plaid blouse and matching blazer.

Honestly, we love this color combination! The white mixed with the other pastel colors look great together.

For example, Acira’s soft colored blouse compliments the simplicity of the blazer perfectly, adding an chic touch the denim jeans. Through the blouse, she further picks up the color in her navy, chunky heel platforms.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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