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Ones to Watch: Men of 2016

Russell Westbrooks, Michael B Jordan, David Beckham, Steve Harvey, and Oliver Rousteing are five men not only dominating in their respective industries, but they are also dominating in the fashion arena. While a lot of men have stepped up their dress game, these five have managed to master the art of turning heads on and off the red carpet with their sense of style.

Michael B. Jordan

post_onestowatch1_021116_01Vibe Cover Story November 2015
Retrieved: 12/20/2015
From Vibe

Women like a man who is not afraid of anything, and from the looks of it Michael B Jordan is fearless when it comes the patterns and prints that he makes a part of his wardrobe.

post_onestowatch1_021116_02MBJ Red Carpet Look
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From AceShowBiz

Michael proves why a man should get almost every piece of clothing that they own tailored.  Fit, fit, fit, you cannot stress this enough when you put a man in a suit. Couple that with the pin stripes and the black button down underneath to even out the pattern and Michael hits the nail right on the head.

Russell Westbrook
GQ Look
Retrieved 12/021/2015
From More than Stats

Everything about this outfit exudes confidence! Russell shows us that no matter how tall you are furs and prints can be a part of your wardrobe and not overpower you. This look on the cover of GQ is top fashion and we appreciate that this baller’s style is so versatile.

Westbrooks casual look
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From Instagram: @RussWest44

Westbrook creates a coloring block effect when he pairs black distressed jeans with white and Kentucky blue layers. This look is casual and effortless! We love it because the added layer elevates the look from the basic “t-shirt and jeans” combination.

David Beckham
post_onestowatch1_021116_05David Beckham Style Collage GQ
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From DewDropStudios

David Beckham embodies “cool” his ability to pair the perfect motorcycle jacket and fitted t-shirt proves the age-old saying that less is more. His everyday look involves a uniform of all black with the exception of the footwear. Mr. Posh prefers a brown boot to finish off his look.

post_onestowatch1_021116_06David Beckham for GQ
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From Celebitchy

Not one to overdo it, Beckham also manages to make a formal look memorable by pairing a classic suit with a statement tie giving us a signature look for every red carpet.

Steve Harvey
post_onestowatch1_021116_07Steve Harvey in Paris
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From http://www.iamsteveharvey.com/myworld/2015/10/4/my-wife-i-in-paris-for-fashion-week

This look is perfect for the Fashion Week activities that Steve participated in this year with his lovely wife Marjorie. The red pants are a fashion risk that worked when teamed up with this bold plaid blazer.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey in Paris
post_onestowatch1_021116_08Retrieved 12/21/2015
From http://www.iamsteveharvey.com/myworld/2015/10/4/my-wife-i-in-paris-for-fashion-week

This burgundy pinstriped suit shows the everyday man that he can experiment with the classic suit and explore different color options. The look is tied together with a black button down and classic dress shoe. The love that Steve has for Marjorie is undoubtedly his greatest accessory!

Oliver Rousteing
post_onestowatch1_021116_09Oliver Rousteing Fashion show finale
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From NYTimes

They do not call him the prince of fashion for no reason. Oliver Rousteing’s affinity for designing blazers with brass buttons keeps him on trend. Whether buttoned or unbuttoned this chocolate colored jacket makes a statement on its own!

post_onestowatch1_021116_10Oliver Rousteing Fashion show finale
Retrieved 12/21/2015
From Complex

In the above picture his signature blazer adds another layer to his look. With a v-neck tee and leather joggers Rousteing mixes unconventional pieces together to create a rocker chic look.

You can have celeb style too!

post_onestowatch1_021116_11From Polyvore

Have your bae try out a variation of Beckham’s casual style by throwing on a pair of coated denims, a V-neck t-shirt of his choosing, and worn brown boots. Finish the look by layering a leather motorcycle jacket on top and accessorize is with a bold statement watch or sunglasses. H&M can supply you with any basic V-neck you need, and you can pick up a pair of black denims from Express along with some shades and a leather jacket!

post_onestowatch1_021116_12From Polyvore

If going for a more formal look take a hint from Steve Harvey and Michael B Jordan. Do not be afraid of a little color and print. Here we went for a blue pant with a grey and blue plaid jacket. Tie the pieces together with a black dress shirt and black perforated dress shoe. A classic watch and black pocket square (not shown) are the only subtle touches needed to add to this look. Check out Zara to score a similar look, and Macys to get a quality watch and pair of dress shoes without breaking the bank.

Happy shopping!

Casual: Thrifted Coat Part I

post_morgan1_121315_01post_morgan1_121315_02post_morgan1_121315_03post_morgan1_121315_05post_morgan1_121315_06Coat: Thrifted | Top: H&M |
Jeans: GAP | Heels: Kate Spade

As part one of our thrifted coat series, we’re discussing how to incorporate camel into your winter wardrobe.

To complete this task, we reached out to a friend of ours, Morgan. Known for her slightly edgy, yet creative looks, Morgan has a natural niche for finding everything at a low price.

For this post, she shows us how to work a camel coat.

Purchased for under $20, this coat is the perfect winter accessory. It’s very chic, comfortable, and warm as well. Plus, the coat’s extended length serve to protect Morgan from the harsh elements of Mother Nature.

She further styled her coat with a fitted black halter top, high waisted denim jeans, and a pair of leather heels.

From the looks of it, we guess you can say this is a modern take on the 90s fashion era. The heavy coat and fitted top combo are definitely giving us nostalgic vibes, especially with the contrasting colors.

Let’s not forget to discuss the high waisted jeans! Anything worn above the belly button is very reminiscent of the 90s era.

Be on the look out for Part II in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading!

Men’s Style Mondays

post_bryce2_012416_01post_bryce2_012416_04post_bryce2_012416_03post_bryce2_012416_02post_bryce2_012416_07Jacket: H&M | Sweater: H&M |
Button-Up: Ralph Lauren |
Pants: H&M | Saddle Shoes: G.H. Bass

Excluding the saddle shoes and gingham button-up, this entire look was put together for less than $50.

$50? That is amazing! Bryce, do you have some type of connection. Not at all, I just happen to find good sale, even without looking. Now, here is a little insight on my sale secret. My best shopping days are on weekdays. More specifically, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are major sale days.

Why? I’m not really sure, but most retail stores are receive new shipments on those p days. I guess you can say, “Out with the old, and in with the new. When new merchandise arrives, Most of the in-season clothes are marked down.

All in all, the light weight jersey jacket, sweater, and corduroy pants were purchased were dirt cheap. Beyond the reduced price, these items look great in the snow!

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

Street Style: Layering

post_alex1_111815_01post_alex1_111815_02post_alex1_111815_03post_alex1_111815_04post_alex1_111815_05Denim Jacket: GAP | Vest: J. Crew |
Henley: Ralph Lauren | Joggers: J. Crew
Boots: Zara | Fur Trapper: American Eagle |
Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger |
Assorted pins and buttons

Mastering the art of layering can be a simple task, especially if you know how to coordinate colors well.

For this week’s individual style feature, we had a chance to meet up with our homeboy, Alex. Recently, we caught up with this debonair man wearing one of his favorite layered looks.

With a solid color combination and thick layers, Alex’s laid back appearance is perfect for an evening stroll. “Layers and earth tones are the core of this look. Simple beige and forest green lay the foundation for the contrast with the blue denim jacket and the winter accessories. The juxtaposition of contrasting materials, denim jacket and chino joggers, also add to the look,” Alex states.

Breaking down the outfit even further, Alex makes the following statement, “The layering here is very strategic and works well in the unpredictable weather we see so much in the northeast where mornings routinely begin in the 30s with evenings in the 50s. The vest-denim jacket combination allows me to bundle up as much as it allows me to be and shed layers and maintain my look I also love my denim jacket because the chest pockets are like mini-personal canvases for my pin collection. There I can share my allegiances and interests, and they serve as a great conversation pieces.”

As you can see, Alex is very passionate about his appearance. To be honest, we need more fashion conscience men out there.

So, how do you feel about his look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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