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Men’s Style Mondays

post_bryce1_022016_01post_bryce1_022016_02post_bryce1_022016_03post_bryce1_022016_08post_bryce1_022016_05Cardgian: ASOS | Shirt: ASOS |
Jeans: RiverIsland | Loafers: ASOS

For the last couple of months, I’ve had my heart set out on finding a longline cardigan. Fortunately, ASOS had one in stock for $16.50. Yes, $16.50!

Beyond it’s dirt cheap price, this cardigan is a standout for sure! Worn casually around the house, or in the streets, you have so many styling options.

Per usual, my outfit is never complete without a few important pieces. This includes a muscle crew neck shirt, a pair of distressed skinny jeans, and suede loafers. I guess you can call this the “Bryce Lennon” staple.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section

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How Did I Wear…

post_bryce3_013016_06post_bryce3_013016_02post_bryce3_013016_03post_bryce3_013016_04post_bryce3_013016_05Jacket: H&M | Tee: ASOS |
Jeans: ASOS | Flannel: H&M |
Boots: DSW

How did I wear…a moto jacket?

As mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was the black, leather moto jacket from H&M.

Tip: Although these coats were apparently sold everywhere, finding a decent Moto jacket was a very difficult task. Stores like H&M, Forever21, Zara, and ASOS were selling out like crazy! So, make sure to preorder or purchase one immediately upon discovery.

Why? To be honest, I’ve been in search of the perfect moto jacket for two years. This one had to stand out in the crowd. When opening this particular gift, I was more than satisfied.

Tip: Don’t settle for a simple moto jacket. There are many other options available. Consider my letterman/moto jacket if you can find it.

Not only was this jacket perfect for my street style wardrobe, it’s contrasting leather sleeves put a twist on the classic, letterman style.

Tip: Don’t confine your jacket to just casual looks. You can wear it with very casual, to formel looks. The possibilities are endless!

Styling wise, I paired together a simple muscle, crew neck tee from Asos with those infamous DIY distressed denim jeans. For a little black and brown contrast, I slid in to my favorite pair of suede, chelsea boots.

Most of my outfits are never complete without the inclusion of an old checkered flannel shirt. As shown above, I just tied it around my waist. Simple, right?

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Street Style: Urban School Girl

post_amanda1_022116_01post_amanda1_022116_02post_amanda1_022116_03post_amanda1_022116_04post_amanda1_022116_05Blazer: Thrifted | Shirt: The People Project |
Skirt: American Apparel | Boots: Clarks
Stockings: American Apparel |

Here at UnregisteredStyle.com, we give props to anyone that can express themselves freely through fashion and personal style. It’s not an easy task to accomplish.

So, for this week’s individual style feature, we would like to introduce everyone to Amanda Moore-Karim, or simply Amanda Luxe. Straight out of Brooklyn, Amanda stops by to show off her latest street style look.

A self proclaimed urban enthusiast, Amanda has captured the true essence of street style in her tiny black skirt, booties, and thrifted green blazer. Lets not forget to mention her politically correct, “Brown as F*ck” t-shirt.” Such an appropriate way to end Black History Month, right? If you are looking for one, head over to thepplproject.com.

Overall, we love this look! It reminds us of a catholic school girl uniform, with an urban twist.

Oh, and how could we forget to mention her amazing website? Amandaluxe.com is one of the go-to spot for everything dope. From fashion blogging to attacking racial issues, her wide range of interest are both captivating and inspiring.

So, how do you feel about this particular look, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Men’s Style Mondays

Blazer: Hamid Holloman | Shirt: American Eagle |
Pants: Levis | Boots: Steve Madden |
Tie: Seonne

Bryce Lennon
Pants: H&M | Turtleneck: Kohls |
Jacket: Old Navy | Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Whenever my buddy Seonne and I get together, we have the best time.  Not only do we have great conversations, but we also coordinate our outfits quite well.

So, for this week’s #mensstylemondays post, we thought it would be a opportunity to bring out our favorite wool and tweed pieces.

For Seonne, she went with a wool, multi-patched blazer from @hamid_holloman. Since the blazer is very vibrant with a variety of prints and colors, Seonne took a simple approach with the rest of her outfit. She went with a solid white button-down, with a necktie, jeans, and a pair of suede chelsea boots.

In a similar fashion, I styled my tweed slacks with a few casual pieces.  As shown above, I kept it simple with my letterman jacket, black turtle neck, and wide brim fedora. This is definitely one of those let’s go to happy hour type of looks.

So, how do you feel about our outfits? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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