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How Did I Wear…

post_bryce3_121915_01post_bryce3_121915_02post_bryce3_121915_03post_bryce3_121915_04post_bryce3_121915_05Jacket: Thrifted | Sweatsuit: ASOS |
Sneakers: Converse

How did I wear…a thrifted leather jacket?

When in doubt, wear all black. For this look, I decided to wear a matching sweatsuit under my vintage leather jacket.

Tip: Shopping for a leather jacket can be a little tricky. Since I like the worn leather look, the thrift store was the perfect place to go. If you also like this particular style, head over to your local salvation army.

The jacket itself has a contrasting color scheme between black and brown. Thus, I decided to play it safe by sticking with one of the two colors.

Tip: In regards to thrifted merchandise, don’t worry if your jacket is a size too big. You can’t wear everything too fitted, especially when you are going for a retro look. Just make sure your sleeves fit properly.

Continuing with this vintage theme, I threw on my old Chuck Taylors. You can’t go wrong when a sweatsuit and sneakers are in the mix! Just in case these sneakers are a little too thin for your liking, I suggest wearing a pair of leather boots instead.

Tip: If black is not your thing, try to mix match your solid color garments with denim. Just play around with your wardrobe, I’m sure you will find something.

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Outfits: January 2016

Outfits: January 2016Yoins Yoins Waterfall Camel Coat
Zara Cropped Sweater
W Wide Leg Camel Trouser
Qupid Suede Buckle Bootie
Sans Souci Braided floppy hat
SheIn(sheinside) Apricot Zipper PU Shoulder Bag

Men’s Style Mondays

Shirt: ASOS | Coat: ASOS |
Jeans: Madewell | Shoes: ASOS

Bryce Lennon
Shirt: Uniqlo | Coat: Thrifted
Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: DSW

Being that my homegirl, Tannis, and I are like kindred spirits when it comes to personal style, we thought it would a great idea to put this little impromptu outfit together. I guess you an call it his and her double denim.

When wearing double denim, it’s very important to mix and match your washes. Yes, we mentioned this tip in a previous post, but we can’t stress it enough! You should always aim for a dark, medium, or light contrast.

For this particular look, I went with a light wash button-up, and medium wash pair of skinny jeans.

Tannis actually kept her washes in the same color scheme. Her un-matching denim pieces were broken up with an over-sized, medium wash shirt, and a pair of dark wash jeans from Madewell.

Similar to the denim, we both agreed to wear camel colored coats.

Why? Well, camel and denim look great together, especially during the winter. So, invest in a camel coat today!

To finish up, we both decided to throw on our favorite black boots. Of course, Tannis tried to out do me in her suede, heeled boots. It’s all love though.

How do you feel about our matching outfits? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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