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Casual: Baja Hoodie

post_kris1_093015_01post_kris1_093015_02post_kris1_093015_03post_kris1_093015_04post_kris1_093015_05Sweater: Vintage Mexican inspired | Jeans: TopMan |
Boots: Mr. B’s by Aldo | Glasses: Rayban

As the first day of winter rapidly approaches, now is the time to start dusting off your favorite outwear pieces. Items like hoodies, jackets, and sweaters are perfect options if you’re looking to stay warm on a chilly day.

Today, Kris decided to show off Mexican inspired sweater, the baja hoodie for this week’s individual style feature. He also plans to school us on the wonders of thrift shopping.

While describing this look as one of his most “coziest throw on outfits”, Kris explained how he discovered the infamous baja hoodie through vintage shopping. He states, “I stumbled across the poncho-like hooded sweater and had to buy it since there’s nothing like it in stores. . . yet. Vintage clothing is a new passion of mine since you’re a walking piece of history; every article of clothing has its own story.”

We have to admit, the baja hoodie has become very popular this season. Wear with a hoodie and boots, and you have another great winter-esque look. Continuing with this idea, Kris paired his hoodie with distressed denim and his go-to Aldo boots.

So what do think about this look?

Feel free to comment, and let us know!

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Men’s Style Mondays

post_bryce2_112715_01post_bryce2_112715_02post_bryce2_112715_03post_bryce2_112715_04post_bryce2_112715_05Blazer: H&M | Turtle-Neck: KOHLS |
Jeans: H&M | Shoes: DSW

If you’re a guy that owns approximately nine winter blazers like myself, putting together the ultimate holiday outfit should never be a problem.

In this week’s #mensstylemondays post, I decided to put together another simple, yet debonair look. The velvet blazer, which was purchased from H&M last year, is back in style again. I have three hanging in my closet.

Continuing with this theme, I wore my white turtle neck with a recently purchased pair of grey skinny jeans and leather tassel loafers. For a finishing touch, I accessorized my look with a red floral lapel and matching socks.

So, how do you plan to dress for a holiday party this month? Feel free to share with us below.

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Strictly Business: Thrifted

post_brandi2_091715_01post_brandi2_091715_02post_brandi2_091715_03post_brandi2_091715_04post_brandi2_091715_05Jacket: Thrifted | Blouse: Thrifted |
Pants: Zara | Heels: Forever21

With the holiday season right around the corner, your bank account, which has been steadily decreasing from all those bills, loan payments, and holiday gifts, is barely holding it together. As a result, you’re left with zero funds for shopping expenses until Janauary.

So, what’s a girl to do during this time of the year? Well, if you are a shopaholic like us, you have to spend your last bit of money on something. So, you might as well go thrifting.

For this post, we reached out to our local thrifting expert, Brandi. A master of consignment shops and bargain shopping, she knows how to find any hidden treasure.

Take for instance, her featured outfit, as shown above. Brandi found her jacket, blouse, and belt from the same thrift store. It’s rare that you can assemble a fully thrifted outfit, especially one that’s work appropriate as well. To break up her thrifted items, Brandi threw on a pair of slacks and heels. Her pants were purchased from Zara, and the suede heels from Forever21.

This outfit is simple business casual, with a colorful twist! You could wear this look in the office, or after work to a Happy Hour event with your girlfriends. It’s simply chic and versatile at the same time.

So, how do you feel about Brandi’s outfit? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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How Did I Wear…

post_bryce1_111515_01post_bryce1_111515_02post_bryce1_111515_03post_bryce1_111515_04post_bryce1_111515_05Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Hoodie: H&M |
Flannel Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: ASOS | 
Chelsea Boots: Steve Madden

How did I wear…black with a pop of color?

As mentioned in a previous post, black has become a returning, fan favorite color this season.

The reason? To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps, the other primary colors have run their course, or maybe everyone has been affected by this dreary weather. Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that black is here to stay.

Today, I put together another “All Black Everything” look with a pop of color. This outfit consists of a leather jacket, hoodie, flannel shirt, distressed jeans, and chelsea boots.

Tip: The easiest way to add a pop of color is through minor details.  Articles of clothing like jackets, shirts, and even accessories are great ways to make your outfit stand out in the crowd.

The old school leather jacket and distressed jeans were paired together for a grunge look. Additionally, I used the hoodie to embrace the fall season with the layered trend.

Tip: When in doubt, mix shades of red. Not only does this color denote passion, it also serves to draw attention.

Channeling my inner 90’s persona, I tied a flannel shirt around my waist for a retro look. It also served to add a little pop of color to my outfit. In general, red looks great with black. So, a button-up with large geometric prints helped elevate this look even more.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to add other colors to the mix. Your blues, greens, and yellows are perfect substitutions for red.

So, how do you feel about this look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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