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Street Style: Thin Layers

post_raheem2_102115_01post_raheem2_102115_02post_raheem2_102115_03post_raheem2_102115_04post_raheem2_102115_05Jacket: American Rag |
Sweatshirt: H&M | Jeans: H&M |
Loafers: Alfani

Typically, the weather is usually cooler around this time of the year, adding more stress to our holiday shopping experience. Luckily, the temperature has been fairly mild here in the tri-state area. As a result, many people have been taking advantage of this warm weather by dressing a little out of season.

For this post, our boy Raheem stops by UnregisteredStyle to show off his not-so winter, street style look. This look starts off with a brightly colored, yellow sweatshirt from H&M. With the text, “Sustain” screen printed across the chest, this sweatshirt looks great layered or worn with a jacket. More specifically, a faux leather bomber jacket, similar to the one Raheem is wearing.

Continuing with this theme, Raheem threw on his fitted, denim jeans and suede loafers. We like how the light colored jeans complimented his entire look. Raheem accessorized the rest of his outfit with a pair of printed, red socks.

So, how do you feel about this look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below!

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Men’s Style Mondays

post_bryce2_121915_01post_bryce2_121915_02post_bryce2_121915_03post_bryce2_121915_04post_bryce2_121915_06Denim Jacket: Levis | Oxford: GAP |
Sweater: H&M | Joggers: H&M |
Shoes: G.H. Bass

As mentioned in last week’s individual style feature, the art of layering is an important skill-set to help advance your wardrobe. For myself, layering comes very naturally. I can easily combine different colors, prints, and patterns to create different looks.

Take for instance the outfit shown above. This week, I layered an old burgundy sweater over my favorite oxford button-up. Then, I threw on a denim jacket to make the outfit more casual.
To add a little bit of contrast, I slipped into a pair of camo joggers and two toned saddle shoes. Although this pairing seems odd at first, but works surprisingly well. The camo joggers add a modern feel the outfit, while the saddle shoes take as back to those “Happy Days.”

So, what do you think about this outfit? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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After 5: Suede Dress

post_keisha2_101015_01post_keisha2_101015_02post_keisha2_101015_03post_keisha2_101015_04post_keisha2_101015_05Dress: Calvin Klein |
Heels: Steve Madden |
Cape: Nordstrom Rack

“The suede dress has autumn written all over it, I Iove to introduce suede and leather as the seasons change.” -Keisha

During this time of the year, a little suede can go a long way. Today, Keisha drops by UnregisteredStyle to show her newly purchased suede dress.

Without a doubt, there is more to this cowboy texture than meets the eye. Suede in general, suits almost any style. Dress it up or down, you can wear suede with almost anything!

For this featured look, Keisha decided to elevate her look with a cape and a pair of strappy heels. The cape is very colorful, and looks great with the dress.

Keisha agreed with us, and had this to say about her cape, “The color blocked cape is multi purpose, I’ve dressed it up and also worn it causally. It’s been a great substitution instead of wearing a heavy jacket.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little substitution here and there. It beats lugging around a winter coat for the entire evening.

So, how do you feel about this outfit? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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How Did I Wear…

post_bryce2_121315_01post_bryce2_121315_02post_bryce2_121315_03post_bryce2_121315_04post_bryce2_121315_05Poncho: ASOS | Button-Up: H&M |
Jeans: H&M | Loafers: ASOS

How did I wear…a plaid poncho

I have a soft spot for any affordable poncho that can keep me warm, especially a plaid one. Not only is this accessory the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe, it can easily be styled as well.

Tip: Ponchos are very common to come by these days. Your best option is Forever21 or ASOS, if you are looking for an affordable one. Mine was about $30. Not bad, right?

With a very bold print of green, burgundy, gold, white, and navy, the rest of my outfit was very dressed down. I paired my poncho with a white button-up, my favorite distressed jeans, and a pair of suede tassel loafers. The simplicity from the button-up and jeans made the poncho stand out even more.

Tip: I typically style my poncho with primary colors like black, white, or navy. It’s the safest option, especially if your poncho has a loud print.

I normally like wearing ponchos to local events like fashion shows, happy hours, and even wine tastings. Of course, people love staring whenever I walk in wearing this over-sized “rug.” However, I do receive many compliments as well.

Tip: For footwear, you should consider wearing boots or loafers. Depending on how casual you want to go, you could even pull off a nice pair of sneakers with your poncho.

So, how do you feel about this look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!