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Men’s Style Mondays

post_bryce1_112715_01post_bryce1_112715_04post_bryce1_112715_03post_bryce1_112715_09post_bryce1_112715_05Overalls: Forever 21 | Sweater: Forever21 |
Saddle Shoes: G.H. Bass

When it comes to fashion, I’m all about modern nostalgia! I love incorporating old school pieces into my wardrobe, especially from previous eras.

Today, I decided to mix it up in this week’s 1950s inspired look. This outfit consists of my favorite denim overalls, a khaki jacket, and an old sweater.

While the overalls are very mechanic friendly, the polka dot sweater adds another retro component to the entire look. Polka dots were very popular for women during the early 1900s, through the 1960s. Today, they are worn by both men and women alike. So, it’s safe to say that they are back in style.

Continuing with this theme, I slid into a pair of two toned saddle shoes from G.H. Bass. These shoes are definitely paying homage to the “Happy Days” generation.

So, how do you feel about this look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Lifestyle: Friendsgiving

post_friendsgiving1_112615_03post_friendsgiving1_112615_10post_friendsgiving1_112615_04post_friendsgiving1_112615_07post_friendsgiving1_112615_05post_friendsgiving1_112615_08post_friendsgiving1_112615_01post_friendsgiving1_112615_11post_friendsgiving1_112615_06post_friendsgiving1_112615_12I moved back to Philadelphia almost a year and a half ago and it will always be a special city to me. Even though I started my post-grad life in one of the greatest places in America, Washington D.C., Philadelphia has truly captivated my spirit and taught me so much since moving back to the area. I’ve reconnected with old friends and made a decent amount of new ones and it’s been moving non-stop. With the season change and holidays coming up, I wanted to plan something that could bring people together. I decided on a Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a gathering where friends come together with seasonal dishes, food, and drinks and PARTY! I pictured great vibes and a positive atmosphere filled with great people, libations and most importantly, food.

Planning for the Friendsgiving took time, however with the help of some friends, the event was a great success. Each attendee bought a different dish or some type of alcohol (I reached out to people before to make sure dishes weren’t duplicated). Friends donated tables and chairs too since over twenty-five people attended. Over forty dishes were brought that varied from main courses, to sides, and to desserts. The food was an assortment of cuisines (Jamaican, Soul Food, Italian and more). Great drinks accompanied the food, and a house-made gin punch was sipped the entire night. Artists like Drake and Future, Kendrick, The Weeknd, and other soulful sounds were heard throughout the party. Friendsgiving was truly a great experience with great vibes. Friendsgiving was LIT! I definitely can say that it should be something to look forward to next year.

Casual: College Apparel

post_collin2_110615_01post_collin2_110615_02post_collin2_110615_03post_collin2_110615_04post_collin2_110615_05Sweatshirt: UPenn | Jeans: Zara |
Sneakers: Jordans | Bag: Ralph Lauren

Remember back in the day when all the cool kids represented their respective colleges and universities through collegiate apparel? Well recently, there has been an influx popularity with collegiate sweatshirts and hoodies for the younger generation.

For this week’s individual style feature, our boy Collin decided to stop by UnregisteredStyle to show of his collegiate inspired look.

As a former student of the University of Pennsylvania, Collin represents his red and blue school colors proud. Today, he decided to wear his UPENN sweatshirt with his favorite distressed denim jeans.

From head to toe, Collin has put together a very classic look. The sweatshirt and jean pairing is giving us an old school frat boy feel, but with a modern twist. Remember, you can always update your look with fresh sneakers, especially a pair of Jordans.

With a matching duffle bag to go, Collin is ready to meet up with the boys for an early drink.

So, how do you feel about this look? Feel free to share with us below.

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Lifestyle: Niveau Smart Energy

post_bryce4_103115_01post_bryce4_103115_02post_bryce4_103115_03post_bryce4_103115_04post_bryce4_103115_05Recently, my friend Mora decided to come down from New York, and hang out for the weekend.

Our weekends usually consists of watching movies, cracking jokes, and of course, social drinking.

This time, we did a lot of eating and partying. Needless to say, we were both mentally and physically exhausted by Sunday, especially Mora. It didn’t help that she had an hour train ride back to the city. Since she was in need of a slight energy boast, I suggested her to try some of my Smart Energy drink.

Smart Energy? Oh, you haven’t heard of it? Well, you should definitely check them out.

Known as a healthy alternative for healthy living, Niveau Smart Energy drink can be consumed straight out the bottle, or mixed with another beverage. According to their website, “The mission of Niveau Brands is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by providing high quality products. Niveau Smart Energy is a healthy, natural, and great tasting drink that can be consumed on its own or added to the beverage of your choice. We subscribe to the fact that each of us gets but one body and we need to practice moderation, without sacrificing fun, in order to take care of it. Visit our recipe page for some fun ideas!”

Since we were turning down from the weekend, Mora decided to drink it straight out the bottle. Not a bad idea, especially since she was trying to stay awake the entire trip.

If you are interested in purchasing any Smart Energy products, head over to

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