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After 5: Floral Blazer

post_myasia3_122114_01post_myasia3_122114_05post_myasia3_122114_04post_myasia3_122114_02post_myasia3_122114_06Blazer: Thrifted | Shorts: Target |
Shoes: MakemeChic

With the first day of spring just two days away, we have another individual style feature with our girl MyAsia. Here, this graphic designer shows us how to bring winter and spring together for an after five look.

Traditionally, floral prints are worn during the spring and summer respectfully. Not this time though! Today, MyAsia pulled out her favorite floral print blazer just in time for a quick weather change.

Now, the blazer itself is very dark, with an assortment of pink, green, yellow and floral prints. This combo also looks great when worn with a solid color shirt or blouse.

For MyAsia, she paired her blazer with a simple t-shirt, fishnets, and heels. If you look even further, each item takes a specific color from the blazer. This helps add some balance to the entire outfit. MyAsia states, “I hate matching but I’m all about color coordination. The green and Gray evens and brings out the color variation  in the jacket.”

Let’s not forget about the shorts. Shorts? Yes, shorts! According to MyAsia, “Who says you can’t wear shorts and look good in them?’

We agree 100%! A solid color pair of shorts look great worn over the right pair of stockings.

Overall, we love MyAsia’s look. She did an excellent job transitioning between seasons. How do you feel about this look? Leave us some comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Men’s Style Mondays

post_bryce1_031115_01post_bryce1_031115_04post_bryce1_031115_03post_bryce1_031115_02post_bryce1_031115_05Denim Jeans: ASOS | Oxford Shirt: GAP
Suit Jacket: Forever21 | Shoes: Thrifted

Although it may seem taboo, there’s nothing like a good pair of white jeans in the winter. White jeans in the winter? Yes, people are wearing white year round now. It’s actually become more common than you think. Most of your favorite celebrities have been wearing white since  early September.

In fact, I prefer to wear white during the colder seasons anyway. Why? Well, white looks great with darker colors. I really like wearing white with both warm and cool colors like burgundy, mustard, navy, violet, and brown.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the above outfit. Paired with an oxford button-up and burgundy suit jacket, these white denim jeans will definitely help me stand out in a crowd.

For just $35, you too can bend the rules of fashion with white denim jeans. I purchased mine from ASOS about a year ago during an “off” season. I typically buy clothes out of season since they are usually cheaper.

Have you ever incorporated white into your winter wardrobe? Tell us your story in the comments section below!

Happy Monday!


post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_05post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_01post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_04post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_03post_submission1_031315_singprayshop_02Photo Credit: SingPrayShop

Last month, I had an opportunity to attend a blogging networking event organized by These events are a great opportunity for other bloggers in the Philadelphia area to come together, have a drink, and establish relationships.

During the event, I had an opportunity to meet and chat with a new blogger, Kira Keys.
Straight out of Philadelphia, Kira is the creator of “Sing Pray Shop,” a blog dedicated to her favorite leisure activities.

On a weekly basis, Kira updates her blog with new fashion finds, some in which are from her personal wardrobe. I personally love when Kira shows off some of her favorite statement pieces. For example, her big flappy hats, turban, or flashy jewelry.

So, when you get a chance, stop by Sing Pray Shop for some fashion inspiration!

Congrats Kira! Keep up the great work!

After 5: Camo Pants

post_byron1_020815_01post_byron1_020815_03post_byron1_020815_04post_byron1_020815_05post_byron1_020815_07Pants: Nordstrom Rack | Shirt: Levis
Vest: Zara | Deset Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Gloves: ZARA

With a season full of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, everyone is anxiously waiting for the first day of spring to arrive. Luckily, we had the chance to catch up with our friend Byron before winter officially ends.

While transitioning between seasons, Byron likes to think cautiously about his attire. So, he decided to wear his newly purchased camouflage pants outside the house. If you didn’t know, there are different ways to style camo pants. You should consider solid color sweatshirts, button-ups, and sweaters for the perfect combination. These all look great with camo.

For Byron, he dressed up his pants with a denim shirt, bubble vest, and leather gloves. Worn casually, this is the perfect outfit for a night out on the town, especially after work. Byron agrees, “You could wear this for your winter nights out in the city. It’s good to have layering options.”

Overall, Byron put together a great outfit! It’s very casual, yet stylish at the same time.

What do you like about this outfit? Leave us some comments below.