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post_bryce3_122614_01post_bryce3_122614_05post_bryce3_122614_03post_bryce3_122614_04post_bryce3_122614_02Flannel Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Denim Shirt: H&M
Jeans: River Island | Chelsea Boots: DSW Shoe Warehouse

Apparently, red and double denim are the hottest trends for men this spring. Who would have guessed? Either way, I don’t mind keeping out all my late winter clothes. It’s actually very chilly outside, and I just recovered from a mile case of strep throat.

Today, I decided to stay bundled up in my old denim shirt from H&M, Ralph Lauren flannel button-up, River Island skinny jeans, and suede chelsea boots from DSW Shoe Warehouse.

Typically, I wear most of my flannel and denim shirts with darker wash jeans. More specifically, black skinny jeans, Why? Darker jeans in general look great when paired with flannel materials. Remember, no matter the color, the shirt will always stand out with the right jeans.

Also, if you are having problems deciding a shoe, you can always go with a leather boot. Yes, I am quite aware that sneakers and skinny jeans have become best friends in 2015, but I am not a “Sneaker Head” at all. I actually prefer my favorite pair of brown or black boots instead.

If you are still looking for a stylish transitional look, don’t forget to keep around your red and flannel pieces!

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I know this sounds very cliche, but networking is such a valuable resource.Last month, I was kicking it with my homegirl, Rashida from, and she had a great idea for UnregisteredStyle. Recently, Rashida had the opportunity to reconnect with an old basketball friend, James.

Basketball friend? Yes, you know how everyone has those recreational friends they hoop with on a regular basis? Well, that’s James and Rashida.

After spending a few hours on the court, they had a chance to sit down and catch up on their latest entrepreneur endeavors. While Rashida discussed her latest blog ventures with TheMovePhilly, James mentioned his clothing line, “ONLY WITH KINGS.”

As an avid reader of our blog, Rashida thought it would be a great opportunity to link James and I together. Recently, I met up with James and his business partner, Koba Khit, to discuss ONLY WITH KINGS. Check out the full interview below!


 Let’s discuss the history of your brand. When and why were you created?
“We’re actually really new in terms of clothing, about three months in, but the ideals behind Only With Kings has been existent for over three years.  I started off as an indie hip-hop musician(still my first love) putting together events throughout the city of Philadelphia. I went by James Owk my real name and I still do. The clothing line just grew over time organically. I needed a logo to represent myself out at shows so I connected with this cat Emanuel “Manny” Sofolawe, an excellent graphic artist who helped me bring my vision to life. Shoutout to the G.

Shortly after, I found myself messing around in Adobe AI and Photoshop. I became extremely curious so I linked up with someone who has become like a mentor to me. Justin Porro, Another incredibly skilled graphic artist. Big Up to Justin that’s my dude. I kept playing around with ideas all the while recording music in my closet until a close friend of mine, Koba said “Yo,I wanna see that shit up on a shirt G! Stop sleeping on your shit.”  So I made some phone calls and took a risk.

“Always in GOOD Company” is our motto. Keeping people around us who push us to be accountable, responsible, and challenge us to be better people, better creatives, better leaders so that we can better develop strategies to monetize those skill sets is paramount. I think so especially as a person of color.”


 What is the objective of your brand?
“I’m a visionary. The objective is to re-define leadership in the modern world using technology as a means to build people instead of break people. I want people to feel like anything is possible, because I for one believe that it is. That challenge begins with the youth. It’s a constant. My parents and siblings came to the United States as refugees from Cambodia in spring 1982. That summer I was born. I’m forever grateful for being able to be raised in the United States. The exposure has done wonders for me. I’ve lost but gained also. The birth of this brand is part of my gratitude that I will continue to show in my personal and professional life.”


 What does your brand offer to your consumers and customers?
“The brand offers a space to grow one’s lifestyle with confidence. It’s simple but clean. I don’t think the designs are too overzealous. The panda functions as a gateway into my world as a creative person. I like the ability to move hand to hand. There’s nothing more gratifying then meeting someone who wants to support and break bread with him/her about his/her life and how it intersects with mine.

It’s real. This is just the beginning. I want people to get ready to step out into the world, put on our brand and say to themselves, “Yeah, I look clean as fuck. I’m ready now.”


What are your long term goals for your brand?
“To become more than just symbol. Something iconic that inspires generations to come that want to change the world for the better. Leave a legacy. That takes work. It’s not easy. I don’t want it to be either. That wouldn’t make sense to me. But working towards the ideal is what fuels me. The process is just as important as the product if not more in certain moments.

Like I said earlier, re-define leadership. Then learn to monetize that leadership and pass it on to the next. I don’t know what’s in store, but I’m having a fucking good time. My team and friends believe in me, which is something that is new to me. So what do I do? Believe in my self. Shoutout to Mike and Dan. Those guys are some amazing ninjas.”


I have to admit, James and Koba made sure that this was one of the best interviews! We definitely kicked back, listened to music, laughed, had a few drinks, and go a lot of business done. That’s what this all about, meeting great people and having a good time!

If you haven’t done so already, check out their website: to purchase products from their online store.

To follow their journey, you can also find ONLY WITH KINGS on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @onlywithkings
Youtube: theowkqualife
SoundCloud: owkjames

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Casual: Suede Jacket

post_ismail1_030115_01post_ismail1_030115_02post_ismail1_030115_04post_ismail1_030115_06post_ismail1_030115_03Jacket: Thrifted | Sweater: GAP |
Pants: UNIQLO | Shoes: Florsheim |
Belt: GAP

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your outerwear. Remember, the temperature is ranging anywhere from 35° to about 60° on a daily basis. So, your best option is to keep all your lightweight winter coats out for a few more weeks.

If you weather conscious like our friend Ismail, you will have no problem keeping warm and stylish this season. Here, Ismail shows us how to incorporate a suede, leather jacket into your spring wardrobe.

Now, the great thing about leather is that it an be worn and styled in different ways. You can either dress it up with a nice button-up and slacks, or dress it down with a graphic tee and jeans. The possibilities are endless!

For Ismail, he went an authentic, suede jacket. Originally purchased from a thrift store in London last year, Ismail dressed down his jacket with a sweater, denim jeans, boots, scarf, and two necklaces. Oh yes, about those necklaces. Ismail purchased the beaded one from a friend that sells jewelry, and the other was created combining two necklaces together.

So, where would you wear this particular outfit? Ismail states, “I would wear this outfit anywhere because it’s comfortable and I think it’s very interesting. It represents me well. It says “I’m stylish and adventurous.” We definitely agree! This look is perfect for a casual day in the city.

In the next few weeks, the weather is about to turn. for the best, hopefully. Make sure to keep some winter coats hanging in your closet just in case.

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Giveaways: March 2015

contest_032015Happy Friday folks!To celerbate the first day of spring, we are dropping our first giveaway of the season.

Unlike our previous contest, there will be two winners announced on April 1st! The top male and female contestants will win a $25 gift card to Urban Outfitters. The giveaway offer ends on Tuesday, March 31st.  Remember, one entry per person. Good luck!

To Enter:

1. You must follow us on Instagram @unregisteredstyle
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3. Use #unregisteredstyle on Instagram (Hashtag your most stylish outfit).
4. Navigate to and comment on a previous post
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Good luck!