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Casual: Cropped Sweatshirt



post_woman1_102614_04Sweatshirt: River Island | Cargos: Alloy Apparel
Shoes: June Ambrose’s HSN Collection
Glasses: FancyKouture

With the NYE ball dropping tomorrow night, we decided to close out 2014 with one of our oldest UnregisteredStyle models, Chelsea Cole. If you haven’t seen Chelsea in a while, take  look at her last feature here.

Recently, Chelsea took her talents to Los Angeles, California. Luckily for us, her family still lives and the area and she came home for the holidays. So, we had the opportunity to link up with Ms. Cole before she jet sailed back to California.

Chelsea decided to keep it casual in today’s featured look. She states, “It’s a very casual type of outfit that can be dressed all the way down and even up.”

Yes, Chelsea! This is a very casual outfit. With the cropped sweatshirt, cargo pants, and saddle shoes, you could wear this outfit to either the mall or happy hour with friends.

Before we continue, let’s take a further look at the most appealing item from this outfit, the cropped sweatshirt. With the printed logo, “BLACK COFFEE,” Chelsea decided to keep it simple by pairing her sweatshirt with a burgundy infinity scarf. We love this combo Chelsea!

She further styled her outfit with a pair of green cargo pants and saddle shoes. Chelsea says, “I absolutely love the shoes because they give me that tomboy chic type of vibe.” A girl of elegance and style can’t go wrong with an androgynous touch.

Well, that’s all we have folks. We hope you had a great year. We will see you back next week for another round of updates!

Men’s Style Mondays





post_bryce3_112714_05Boots: DSW | Jacket: H&M | Vest: H&M
Button-Down: H&M | Necktie: ASOS |
Jeans: ASOS

For the longest, I have been looking for a nice pair of chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots?

Yes, chelsea boots! I finally found a pair from DSW over a month ago, and I have been in love ever since.

What’s so spectacular about this shoe?

That’s a great question, especially since I have multiple answers. Number one, chelsea boots are universal. Throw them on with a pair of jeans or slacks, and you’re ready to hit the streets. Even if you feel a little adventurous, pair your chelsea boots with a suit.

For myself, I went for an “After 5” inspired look. So, I decided to pair my chelsea boots with a rusty colored jacket, vest, and denim button-down from H&M. The camo necktie and skinny jeans were purchased from ASOS.

Number two, chelsea boots are very comfortable. They simply slide on and off like a glove. Think about it, there are no shoe laces!

Third, chelsea boots are made in different styles and colors. So, don’t get comfortable with just one purchase. You may end up buying another pair before the next season. Make sure that credit card is paid off before you start swiping again.

If you find a pair of chelsea boots that fit comfortably, pleasure consider the purchase. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading and see you in 2015!

Casual: Over-Sized Sweater




post_women2_100314_04Sweater: H&M

There’s nothing like wearing a clunky sweater on a chilly day, especially an over-sized one. Traditionally worn as a fashion statement, over-sized sweaters can create the best winter looks. Simply grab an old sweater from your boyfriend’s closet, slouch it off your shoulder, and your outfit is complete.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, if you are a fashionista like our friend, Julia,  you shouldn’t have a problem incorporating this item into your wardrobe.

Come to think about it, Julia loves over-sized sweaters because she hates wearing fitted clothing. She states, “I no longer buy clothes by size. Instead I look at the way it fits. Majority of the clothes in my closet are “too big” for me but I like them because of the way they look.”

We admire Julia for her over-sized clothing obsession. More specifically, we admire any woman that knows how to turn an over-sized sweater into an entire outfit. Well, not exactly an entire outfit, but a sweater that covers her torso and thigh area.

Now that most of your body is covered, your legs and feet are the next priority. For example, Julia decided to wear stockings and combat boots with her sweater. Think about it! You can never go wrong with a pair of combat boots.  Wear them on the weekends with a clunky sweater and pants for a great winter look.

How would you style an over-sized sweater this season? Feel free to leave us some comments below.

Also, when you get a chance, drop by Julia’s Instagram @Ijulia_.

Thanks for reading!

Men’s Style Mondays





post_bryce4_112714_05Turtle Neck: Kohls | Tweed Sport Coat: Thrifted
Jeans: Hot Topic | Double Monk Strap Shoes: Stacy Adams

It’s the second official day of winter and Christmas Break is finally here! Despite my original plan to catch up on a few hours of missed sleep, I decided to spend my first two mornings rummaging through my closet.


Number one, it was a little junky. Two, I wanted to find and donate some of my clothes to the Salvation Army.

After spending a hour searching, there were at least fifteen items that I haven’t worn since 2007. Luckily, there was one item in particular that I was able to still fit. Of course it was the navy turtleneck my mom purchased that I never wore in college. Yikes, who would wear a turtleneck sweater during the “Snap N Roll” era? Those were days of flared jeans, pop collars, and Air Force Ones. I would never be caught dead wearing a turtle neck sweater, until now.

I thought this turtle neck would look great with a sport coat and jeans. So, I went through my closet again and found a tweed jacket from the thrift store. This jacket was purchased over a year ago for $5. Since the sleeves were a little short, I took it to my favorite tailor and had the sleeves lengthened for $7.  Next, I threw on a pair of Hot Topic skinny jeans. Although these jeans may look a little tight, they are very comfortable in the crotch area. Sorry if that was a little graphic, but those are one of the many misconceptions about skinny jeans.

I decided to finish off this look with a pair of double monk strap dress shoes. The double monk strap shoe is perfect with a pair of denim jeans, which help dress up the entire outfit.

Have you ever found an old shirt, sweater, or pair of pants that you can still wear today? Tell us about your experiences below.

Thanks for reading!