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Happy Monday Folks!

We decided to kicoff this week with another #MensStyleMondays post for your viewing pleasure. Today, I am embracing my inner emo with this New York inspired look. For more information, check out the full post below!





post_bryce1_110714_05Blazer: Forever21 | Turtleneck: Kohls |
Jeans: River Island | Wingtip Oxford Boots: Studio Ink

With this look, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone by wearing an all black outfit consisting of a blazer, turtleneck, skinny jeans, and boots. Originally, I had no intentions of wearing the blazer. However, after checking myself out in the mirror, I felt like my outfit was missing something important. More specifically, the turtle neck by itself wasn’t enough to hold the look together.

At first, I tried my leather jacket. Although the jacket looked great with the turtleneck, I still wasn’t satisfied. Then, it hit me! My black blazer would look perfect with this turtle neck. Already tailored, this blazer was an easier transition than the leather jacket. I simply rolled up the sleeves and was ready to head outside.

To be perfectly honest, black is not my go-to color and I rarely chose to wear it outside the house. However, after exploring the color even further, I now understand why people love wearing the color. For starters, black is one of those slimming colors that both men and women love to throw on. If worn correctly, an all black outfit will hide all those unflattering  shadows that may appear when you wear another color. Second, black can be worn with almost anything. For example, suppose you combined a simple black shirt with a blazer, jeans, or pair of shoes, you will look like a million bucks! Last but not least, black retains heat. If you happen to walk outside on a sunny day, you will be warmer if you wear black. That’s why the color is traditionally worn during the cooler months.

What do you think about this all black look? Leave some comments below and tell us what you think.


T.G.I.F everyone!

We can’t believe it’s the end of October already. Hopefully, all of you homecoming tailgaters are done with partying. Just kidding! You still have at least two weeks to travel to another school before it gets too cold.

Anyway, for this week’s FEATURE FRIDAY post, we have another look from one of our favorite college students, Cache’.

Last time we checked in with this DC native, she was showing off her latest welcome back week outfit. Today , Cache’ steps out in one of her evening homecoming looks. Check out her full feature below!

post_submission1_103114_01Fur: Nordstrom | Top: Forever21 | Pants: H&M

If you have ever  attended a Historically Black College or University (HBCU), you know how the homecoming experience normally goes down. Expect to call out of work on Friday, check in your hotel, reconnect with all your old college buddies, drink a number of unhealthy concoctions, and party until the sun comes up. Now, in order for you to appreciate the full HBCU homecoming experience, you have to dress the part. Lets face it, no one goes to homecoming  with intentions of looking a hot mess. Trust us, you will appreciate looking good and you will enjoy how others will appreciate looking at you as well.

For our girl Cache’, she stepped out wearing a fur coat from Nordstrom, a halter top from Forever21, and a pair of plaid pants from H&M. We have to admit, those pants are fire! It looks Cache’ definitely turned a few heads when she walked in the party. In addition to her pants, Cache’ took her outfit to the next level with her fur coat and matching clutch. Now, we know she definitely stayed warm that night.

Congrats Cache’ for landing this week’s FEATURE FRIDAY post. We hope you had great time at homecoming this year!

After 5: Polka Dot Jumper

In a world of constant change, the detail-oriented fashionista is still being persecuted by those that judge and form narrow minded opinions based on their own insecurities. Take for example the following questions and comments:

“What is heck is she wearing?”
“I would never be caught dead wearing that out the house?”
“This trick thinks she’s so cute with her pleather pants, whore.”

Although these questions and comments are a little extreme, this is reality for most fashion driven individuals.

As a result, a discussion of individuality and personal style  leads us to this week’s style feature with Brittany K. If you remember last time, Brittany K. made her debut on the first post this season with her autumn inspired look. Today, Brittany is back for a second go-round with a polka dot jumper, crop top, and floral heels. Check out her full feature below!

post_woman2_080514_02“Prototypes are the trendsetters, trailblazers, and innovators of this era. These people march to the beat of their own drum simply because they’re creators with a vision which they live to bring alive.  You can always tell a Prototype by their confidence in their unconventional style—they’ll wear whatever is expressive of their art at that moment without seeking approval from others.” -Brittany

For a style blogger that focuses on  fashion and eccentricity, our friend Brittany knows a thing or two about personal style. She states, “I say be who you are, because that is when you’re the most beautiful version of yourself. Nobody can say anything to you if you’re confident in your own character. And if they do, who cares? Their option doesn’t matter—only our Maker’s does. He gave you your life, your soul, your mind, your heart. These things shouldn’t be altered or modified by anyone except him.”

Let’s use this scenario as an example. Suppose you decided to walk to the super market wearing Brittany’s outfit, a polka dot jumper, crop top, and floral heels. Rather than people appreciating your creative vision, people may stop, stare, and take pictures of your “bogus” outfit to exploit you on a social network. You would think in a millennium of technology, high fashion, and social networks, people would be more inclined to appreciate your creative style, as opposed to forming an opinion based on the clothes you wear.

post_woman2_080514_01“I really built this look around the jumper, it’s definitely the statement. I love mixing prints so the floral pumps were a no-brainer. And I just saw the crop top a good fit. Turquoise goes well with monochrome, it’s the right amount of pop. I love this look because it has a lot going on but still comes together in a subtle sense. ” 

Now, our first impressions of Brittany’s outfit were twofold. First, we loved that extra pop of color pulled from her shirt. Since the polka dot jumper was already loud, Brittany decided to add a little more flavor by wearing a brightly colored crop top. Even though the temperature continues to drop, Brittany was more inclined to setting herself apart from the crowd, rather than covering herself up with an oversized coat.

Second, what made her want to combine a polka dot jumper with a pair of strappy, floral heels? Well, Brittany loves mix and matching prints. Since she already had a solid color top, she wanted to add another element to her outfit without over doing it. If the floral heels are little too risky for you, try a leather or suede pair of booties. You can grab those from Forever21 for a cheap price.

post_woman2_080514_05Jumper: ASOS | Croptop: Unknown | Heels: Lulu’s

With all that being said, we are in love with Brittany’s outfit. When you get a chance, check out her blog entitled, “Prtotyp.” Also, you can catch her styling on Instagram @brima_donna.

What do you think about her outfit? Feel free to drop some comments below!

Outfits: November 2014






As mentinoed in a previous post, I am a volunteer stylist for a talk show in Philadelphia entitled, “The Hype TV Show.” Every month, we meet for tapings and I help create looks for each host.

Our next taping is this weekend and luckily for us, there is only one segment. For this taping, I wanted to brighten the girls up with a pop of color. My vision included a combination of winter and preppy themed pieces, which included knee high skirts and socks, blazers, while using yellow as a pop of color.

What do you think about these looks? Which one is your favorite?