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Casual: Layering

Have you ever had that day when you looked at the weather outside, opened your closet, and you couldn’t find anything to wear outside?

Typically during this time of the year, the weather is transitioning between seasons, with fall giving way to winter. So, Depending on your geographical location, you may experience normal or unusual weather patterns.

For those of us living in the North East, the weather has been very unpredictable lately. Average temperatures have been fluctuating between 40 and 70 degrees, which puts a damper on anyone that intended on wearing their newly purchased clothes. Honestly, a little inclement weather never hurt anyone, especially if you know how to adjust your wardrobe for the seasonal changes.

For this week’s individual style feature, we have the pleasure of introducing our new friend Darrien. Below, Darrien shows us how to dress for one of those surprising days outside.

post_man1_081414_07Suppose you were in a hurry for work and didn’t take time to look at the weather today. Any other time, the temperature would be in mid 60s and you wouldn’t mind wearing a short sleeved shirt to the car. However, today is not your lucky day. It’s actually 45 degrees outside and the wind is beginning to pick up. Now, not only are you late but you may catch a cold this week. Remember, just because it was warm yesterday and it’s sunny today, doesn’t mean that you can walk around like an invincible soldier.

If you  were ever stuck in a similar situation, always pack a few extra layers. You should never go anywhere without a cardigan, sweater, or jacket, especially during this season. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?If the sun decides to come back out, just take off a layer or two.

post_man1_081414_03“I would wear this outfit on a day when I’m drinking something chill. Not too hot but just enough for the sun and a cool breeze.” -Darrien

For a man that defines his personal style as “Urban Chic,” Darrien has no problem throwing on his favorite thrifted cardigan, white v-neck, and denim jeans.

Thick, navy, and authentic, Darrien’s cardigan is the perfect layering option for those unpredictable weather days. What happens if it gets a little warm outside? Oh, we have a simple solution to that problem. Darrien can take off his cardigan, tie it around his waist, and hit the streets. Remember, the 90s are back too!

Just in case you forgot, cardigans re-emerged back in men’s fashion almost seven years ago and have taken precedence over other sweaters.

post_man1_081414_08Cardigan: Thrifted | Shirt: Duke & Winston | Denim Jeans: Levis |
Shoes: Cole Hann | Sunglasses: Persol

Remember, November will be here next week. So make sure you check the weather before you go outside!

Also, go follow Darrien on Instagram @LamontDnyce.

Men’s Style Mondays

Whether you believe it or not, 2014 was the year of prints! Every magazine, catalog, or website would feature a model wearing a printed sweatshirt, blazer, or loafers. Sometimes, I would take a trip to some of my favorite retail stores and watch people go crazy over all the different prints. Literally, every shopping cart or bag would be full of printed clothes. I couldn’t resist the temptation myself and invested in a few peices.

Now that we are finished discussing my personal issues, let’s switch our gears for a moment to discuss #MensStyleMondays. If you haven’t noticed, I am focusing on prints this week. More specifically, leopard prints are my guilty pleasure. Scroll down below and take a look at today’s outfit.





post_men2_101914_05Sweatshirt: Forever21 | Denim Button-Down: H&M | Skinny Jeans: River Island
Socks: H&M | Tassel Loafers: Hush Puppy

Admittedly, I now have a healthy obsession for animal prints and they have taken over over my bank account.

I personally have a soft spot for leopard prints. If you take a trip to my bedroom, you will find at least six leopard print sweaters or cardigans folded in my dresser. That sounds like a little problem if you ask me.

Okay, let’s get back on track.

I started off this look by layering one of my favorite leopard print sweatshirts over an old denim button-down. Now, if you ever have a hard time trying to figure out what to wear with your printed sweater or sweatshirt, go with a denim option. A long sleeve, denim shirt is a perfect alternative for fall layering, so why not pair it with your favorite printed sweatshirt!

For the pants, I went with black skinny jeans. The skinny jeans helped neutralize the outfit by not taking attention away from my sweatshirt.

My look was completed with a pair navy blue socks and tassel loafers. Originally, I was a little nervous about the navy socks, but they looked great with the entire outfit!

What is your guilty pleasure this season? Leave us some comments below!


Happy Friday everyone!

This has been an amazing week for us! First off, we finally created the”Frequently Asked Questions” or F.A.Q page. This page has been work in progress for quite some time now.

Second, we have been communicating and establishing relationships with other companies to brainstorm ideas for giveaways. So, be on the look out for other updates in the near future.

Okay, so it’s FEATURE FRIDAY today and we have another submission  for your viewing pleasure. This week’s submission comes all the way from Miami, FL.

So without any more delays, we would like to introduce Siliza Valdez to our UnregisteredStyle family! Check out her full feature below.

post_submission1_102414_01Denim Dress: Thrifted | Sneakers: Air Max 90 Infared |
Backpack: Coach | Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators

Unlike those of us living in the North, it;s still very warm in Miami. So, it makes sense why strapless dresses are appropriate this time of the year, especially for Siliza.

Regardless of the season, we don’t have time to sweat out their favorite fall clothes just to look “cool.” It shouldn’t be a problem if our climate does not correspond to the current season. This is why we love fashion ladies and gents!

As mentioned above, Siliza is wearing a thrifted denim dress and we love it! The very light wash denim material is further complimented by a pair of Air Max 90 Infrared sneakers. The sneakers include a variety of subtle pink, black, and gray accent colors, which were worn to add that pop of color to Siliza’s entire outfit.

Siliza finished off her outfit with a pair of Ray Ban aviators and her Coach backpack.

Congratulations Siliza for sharing your outfit with us. Everyone, you should follow Siliza on Instagram @TRIPPYXGYPSY


Street Style: Retro Windbreaker

 There are so many things that can be said about a woman that wears white after labor day, mix matches patterns, and wears double denim of the same wash. While some may look and stare, others may stop point. Whatever the case may be, this woman still manages to capture an audience.

“I hate her but I can’t stop staring.” Sounds to us like you admire her presence and style!

In a world of constant change, a “Rule Bender” of 2014 is less concerned with following a crowd, and more focused on establishing herself as a trend setter.

With that being said, the defining statement above leads us to this week’s individual style post with our new friend Briana! For this feature, Briana defies the rules of fashion with her white, retro 90s windbreaker. Check out her full outfit below!


For Briana, it’s very clear that she knows how break the rules of fashion in an un-traditional way. She states, “I have an open palate for fashion and enjoy blending different looks. I shop wherever, from anthropology to neighborhood yard sales. I wear white after Labor Day and shorts in the winter. One day I could be wearing a bodycon dress with heels and the next a sweatshirt and hat. Fashion has no limits and should be an expression and extension of your feelings, lifestyle, and personality.”

We agree with Brianna 100%. Without a doubt, we should all focus on what we think is fashionable, as opposed to how others define fashion for us.

post_woman3_082014_02“Fall is the season of layering and having fly outerwear. I often like to wear a basic top and bottom with a statement jacket and I love this 90s  windbreaker. Your entire outfit doesn’t always have to be elaborate; let one item be the star.” -Briana

We define Brianna’s look as very retro 90s with a modern twist! Couldn’t you imagine recording artists like MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa, and Queen Latifah wearing this outfit back in the day?

Although this 90s inspired outfit is very reminiscent of the past, we doubt our old school rappers would be caught dead wearing a pair of skinny, high waisted jeans with their windbreaker. Remember, this was the decade where everything was worn baggy in comparison to the form fitted attire we wear in 2014.

Not only did Briana break out her favorite pair of high waisted skinny jeans, she also threw on her favorite, fitted crop top from Urban Outfitters. Purchased for a reasonable price, Brianna’s solid color crop top looks great under her white windbreaker.

post_woman3_082014_03Crop Top: Urban Outfitters |  Easy Jeans: American Apparel |
Jacket: Thrifted | Sneakers: Converse

Overall, we love Briana’s look. She definitely pulls off her white accents after Labor Day! Feel free to show Brianna some love on Instagram @Brenikki.

How would you define your personal style? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below!