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Brands: The Phil Taitt Show

Here at the UnregisteredStyle, we emphasize the importance of creativity and  individuality through the world of fashion. More specifically, we are a blog dedicated to featuring models, designers, photographers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to our readers.

Although most of our “Brands” features relate to fashion, we have no problem introducing our readers to other individuals that strive to empower the online community as well. For example, check out the feature we did on CSB here.

So, without further ado, we would like to present Phil Taitt to the UnregisteredStyle family. Mr. Taitt is the host of his very own web based talk show entitled “The Phil Taitt Show.”

For this post, we had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the history and motivation behind Mr. Taitt’s successful talk show.


Photo Cred: Rannell Lloyd Photography

Founded in 2014,”The Phil Taitt Show” consists of a very small crew including Kareem Cooper, Darren Harper, Marciano P. , and of course, Mr. Phil Taitt himself.


The show itself originated from a discussion between Phil and Kareem. Phil had this to say about the origins of his talk show, “Long ago, Kareem Cooper and I were working on another project of mine and while working I had asked Kareem if he would be interested  in working on a project, long term that would be ongoing. Kareem  and I quickly started brainstorming and had come up with the idea  of a talk show where I interviewed individuals that started from humble beginnings and truly made extraordinary strides within their careers such as art, entertainment, media, politics and socially as well. Kareem and I quickly started talking and asked two other individuals, Darren and Marciano to help with the project. Since then, we have worked collectively as a team, creating good material with good content that is impacting people to truly run after their dreams no matter the cost.”


With the motto, “Inspiring Everyone Everywhere,” “The Phil Taitt Show” aims to uplift the community and the next generation through powerful, inspirational interviews through online media. Like, “The Phil Taitt Show” features a variety of individuals from the that aim to help shed light upon upcoming and already established artists.


We see a bright road head for Phil and his team. If you are interested in “The Phil Taitt Show,” head over to their Youtube Channel here. You can also follow Phil on Instagram @Philtaitt .


Men’s Style Mondays

Sorry for the lack of updates last week folks. Lets just say, I had a great opportunity to travel outside the country for the first time, and I couldn’t pass up on such a great opportunity. Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience.”Now back to our scheduled programming!”

Today, we are kicking off the second full week of September with a new #MensStyleMondays post. Check out my outfit below!




Shirt: H&M | Customized Shorts: American Eagle | Boots: Clarks | Fedora: H&M

“But why are you wearing desert boots and shorts?” Okay, I have to admit, I  jumped bandwagon this summer. Yes, the boots and shorts fad could be considered on one of those “forgettable” summer trends, but everyone knows how much I love boots in general! Especially boots that feel and look great on my feet.

Unfortunately, my boots always seem to collect dust in the winter. So, why not bring them out during one of the hottest days of September!? Sounds a little backwards right? Well, that’s the thing with desert boots. Even on the most humid days, they keep your feet cool. How does that work? Well for once, I don’t have an answer for that. You should take that up with the manufacturers themselves.

In regards to my outfit, I think these boots went perfect with my custom made denim shorts and Hawaiian print t-shirt.  It’s like farewell summer up top, hello fall at the bottom. Especially with the not so tropical floral colors in the shirt. The other tropical printed shirts I own are very loud with an array of colors, but not this one. This shirt has primarily gray with touches of yellow, purple, and green.

What do you think about this outfit?


Outfits: September 2014

Outfits: September 2014
Tribal Waterfall Cardigan: $21
Aerie For American Eagle Vintage Lace Bandeau: $9.99
H&M Boyfriend Low Jeans: $49
Eastside Combat Boot: $68
Forever21 Faux Suede Fringed Tote: $28

Men’s Style Mondays

If you let the “Fashion Police” tell it, there is only one more day to wear white sneakers this season!

What’s a better day to close out some of our favorite summer trends than #MensStyleMondays. For this post, I put together a very patriotic inspired look with a pair of my favorite white sneakers.




T-Shirt: H&M | Denim Jacket: Levis | Pants: H&M | Belt: Old Navy : Canvas Sneakers: Urban Outfitters

For this look I decided to take a simple to the next level. If you follow UnregisteredStyle regularly, you know we love pops of color on the site. We are also often finding ways to take simple looks to the next level which is what really makes them “Unregistered.”

For this particular post, I paired a basic striped white tee with a light wash denim jacket and added a cool neutral tone belt to my chinos take the look to the next level and creating the perfect transitional outfit. I was searching through my closet for the right shoe and that’s when I realized the white rule was quickly approaching. So, I used this opportunity to wear my favorite white , canvas sneakers.

What do you think about this look? Leave your comments below!