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Brands: Update Apparel

Hey ladies! Are you tired of shopping at stores where all the clothes are unreasonably priced? What about those stores that only focus on current trends, rather than creating something new and innovative? If you happen to be that exhausted shopper, then you need something fresh that will keep your bank account happy and your admirers pleased. Perhaps you should take time to consider a clothing line that fulfills your shopping addiction. Well, we have one for you to check out, Update Apparel!A clothing line dedicated to pushing the fashion envelope, Update Apparel offers a variety of  dresses and swimsuits to their customers. Sorry if we sound like an infomercial, but we wanted to provide a proper introduction to today’s featured clothing line.Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with the creator of Update Apparel, Mr. Lestor Dixon, to get a better understanding of his clothing line.

post_brands_091614_03Photo Cred: Tim Steepe

For a father of two teenage daughters, Lestor Dixon had dreams of creating a clothing line that balanced both sophistication and fashion for a reasonable price. He states, “The vision for Update Apparel came in steps. I have two teenage girls, 13 and 14, that I see growing and maturing every day. I see all of the influences they have in media- some motivating and some…disappointing. It seems like my girls were the most impressionable when it comes to fashion. Whatever they see their favorite music or tv personalities wear that’s what they want to wear; it’s what they have to wear. Shopping with a teenage girl and being a single dad was considerably challenging. Shopping with a teenage girl, on a budget,  and making sure my young girls dress elegantly and fashionable while being a single dad was a nightmare. I knew there were other parents, and young women wrestling the same concern. So, I became educated on women’s apparel, fabrics, do’s and don’ts, and put together a stellar team of designers. In the summer of 2014 Update Apparel became “alive” and the brand that you see today.”


“We are a clothing line that offers young girls and women the ability to express themselves and do so gracefully.” -Lestor Dixon

With the motto, “Welcome to Your Updated Closet” Update Apparel aims to distinguish itself from clothing lines by offering custom fit clothing for any size. On the website, the clothing line offers at least six different dresses and three bathing suits for the edgy fashionista. Some of these dresses include skater and body contour dresses.

Only six dresses?! Yes, we said it, only six dresses. Although Update Apparel does currently have a wide selection for this season, their merchandise still one of a kind. According to Lester, “Update Apparel  is a noticeably  different clothing line than others. I believe our biggest asset is that our clothes are custom fit for  women. Clients have the opportunity to see a dress that they love on our website, enter their exact measurements, and have our team sew a tailored dress for them. From the fabric choices to shipping our pieces to our clients, an Update Apparel team member is always involved. I don’t know of any other clothing companies of our size doing that.”


“I look forward to seeing my clothing line making their way onto celebrated  celebrities and runways across the globe.” -Lestor Dixon

Like most clothing lines, Update Apparel looks forward to becoming an international fashion brand. We definitely can see this happening. Granite, we all have to start from somewhere and Update Apparel  has taken big step in the right direction. Think about it, their website is very clear, the quality of their clothing is great, and they have a clear vision. Sounds like a major win for this brand!


Ladies, give Update Apparel a try at We are for certain that you will be pleased!


Men’s Style Mondays

Unfortunately, it’s about that time folks. Summer is almost officially over. So, before the first official day of autumn, I wanted to get over my floral addiction.

This leads us to today’s #MensStyleMondays post. Today, I decided to throw on a pair of floral sneakers from American Eagle. Yes, American Eagle! Check out the full feature below.




Denim Vest: Urban Outfitters | Tank: ASOS | Khakis: ASOS | Sneakers: American Eagle

On one of the last days of summer, I couldn’t resist wearing these floral sneakers, ironically for the first and last time this season. I caught them on sale for just $15 at American Eagle. Now, I rarely shop in that store unless I’m purchasing a pair of khakis for work. However, these shoes caught my attention right away. I was initially nervous about how they would feel on my feet though. Needless to say, they were comfortable and trendy!

Since these sneakers are already making a bold statement, I wanted to tone down my entire outfit with solid colors. For starters, the extreme racer back tank adds a pop of pink to the outfit, while the skinny fit khakis add another base color to my look. Finally, I finished off this look with a denim vest from Urban Outfitters. I purchased this a few years back on sale for $30. It was definitely worth the cheap investment!

What do you think about my outfit? Leave some comments below.



For this week’s FEATURE FRIDAY post, we have the pleasure of reintroducing one of our favorite college students, Cache’. Since the last time we saw this D.C. Native, she was wearing a white midriff, high-waisted denim jeans, and black pumps to her Spring Homecoming last season.

Today, Cache’ is back to show off her latest outfit on campus. Check out her threads below!


Kimono: Forever 21 | Shirt: H&M | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Crowned Vintage | Glasses: ALDO

When you have a pretty face, great body, and nice wardrobe, it’s hard not to draw attention to yourself. For a girl that knows how to dress appropriately, Cache’s has a niche for finding trendy pieces that compliment her physical assets. For example, we love her brightly colored jeans! They are  a perfect fit. In addition, her jeans easily add that extra pop of color against her floral kimono.

We also like how Cache’ decided to tone down her outfit with neutral colors. These neutral colors are shown in her simple white crop top and strappy sandals.

We at the UnregisteredStyle endorse this look! Be sure to follow Cache’ on Instagram @vingtxo.


Kids: Back to School

We are long past the days when children were not confined to wearing school uniforms everyday. Think about it, most modern public, private, and charter schools enforce strict dress codes for each student. If  you walk into one of these schools, you will mot likely see a number of polo shirts, oxford shirts, blouses, and khakis.

Since your child is required to wear a uniform at least five days out of the week, what do you expect them to wear on the weekend? Turns out, every child loves to dress casually on any weekend away from school.

For this post, we caught up with two of our favorite grade schoolers, Noah and Olivia, for this week’s feature. Check out their weekend outfits below!


“I love shorts and skinny jeans!” -Noah

For any child that is looking for a great opportunity to play outside, blow bubbles, or enjoy a snack, wearing a simple t-shirt and jean shorts will do the trick.

Mom or Dad, remember that your child wears a uniform almost everyday. It’s the weekend, so you want your child to feel comfortable. Try to stay away from collared shirts and heavy clothing if possible.


Check out the blue on Noah! By incorporating his favorite color into his outfit, this five year old was able to relax on his day off. Noah is wearing one of his favorite v-neck t-shirt’s from H&M with a pair of cut-off denim shorts and blue boat shoes from Old Navy.


Now, we have Noah’s older sister Olivia! If you remember from an older post, Olivia is a girl that loves to dress. When she steps out the house, she loves all the attention she gets from her fabulous outfits.

When selected this outfit, Olivia wanted to capture the true essence of a nine year diva! The brightly colored blouse and pink capris are the perfect combo for a casual day at the park with Mom.

With just a shirt and pants, an outfit is never complete without an accessory or two. Take Olivia’s flower hair clip for example. Both large and pink, her hair clip is great addition to a near perfect look.


How do you like Noah and Olivia’s weekend outfits? Feel free to leave us some comments below. Thanks for reading!