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Street Style: Floral Print Blazer

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” -Henry James

As we imagine the warmest season of the year, the thought of bright colors, sunshine, and flowers usually come to mind. For this reason, the true essence of Summer has been the key to many fashion trends for us to explore.

One specific trend that has remained consistent throughout time are floral prints. A fashion trend that originally bloomed from the Spring and Summer seasons, floral prints have caught the attention of many women that wish to enhance their wardrobe. With over a thousand plant species to select from, floral prints have maintained its position in the fashion industry for a long time.

From tulips to roses, floral prints can be easily combined with any outfit. Here, Jamillia Kamara shows us how to dress down a rose print blazer in this week’s “Street Style” feature.


A trend that was originally created many years ago, floral prints have been revamped into the new fashion statement for our generation. As an example, floral prints have taken over retail stores with skirts, shirts, swimsuits, purses, scarves, and pumps.  Even better, let’s not forget about those floral print blazers! These jackets are fun and can be easily incorporated with any look.

In this particular case, Jamillia has worn her floral print blazer with a black t-shirt, red pants, and snake skin boots.

We have never seen snake skin boots look so good, especially a pair worn with a fire engine red pants. Jamillia states, “I love my snake skin boots! I mean, look at them! They are outrageously shaped and far too exquisite to miss. I took a chance pairing them with my rose covered blazer, but the black and nude color palate makes them work.” -Jamillia


As mentioned above, Jamillia paired her floral print blazer with a t-shirt. Now, this is not just any shirt, but a “Smart is Cool” t-shirt that represents empowerment within the urban community.

What exactly does Smart is Cool mean? Smart is Cool or Smart=Cool Smart = Cool is a social organization that was founded by Jamillia for her native city, Philadelphia. According to their website, “Our mission is to redefine the culture of achievement in under served communities by providing high value educational experiences to a city near you. Our vision is for an entire generation to grow up embracing their strengths and cultivating them into proactive, purpose driven lives. Hence, our slogan: Smart Is Cool. Embrace It. Cultivate It.”


“That rose covered blazer is a personal favorite. I spotted it at a local Salvation Army and actually creepily stalked the lady who initially grabbed it. When she changed her mind and placed it back on the rack, I tip toed over there and nonchalantly placed it in my cart before smoothly rolling away. I was cracking up in my head!” -Jamillia

We love how Jamillia was able to look stylish and chic for an inexpensive price! The blazer and boots were great finds at the Salvation army, while the pants were purchased from H&M.

Show Jamillia some love and follow her on Instagram @_SmartisCool. If you are interested in a shirt, head over to

Brands: IDRIS

There’s nothing like pursuing your dreams, especially within the world of fashion. For the millions of starting entrepreneurs out there, the fashion industry has potential to take your brand in many ways. For example, you could start from selling shirts from the trunk of a car, to owning a number of stores that sell your merchandise.For one college student from the New Jersey area, the word “success” is not far from his future. Today, we would like to introduce Khalil Idris, the creative mind behind IDRIS. Created in 2013, IDRIS offers customized neck wear and accessories to any consumer.

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. Idris to discuss the inspiration behind his brand. Check out the feature below!


Most successful businesses have a strong team behind them. This is no different for the IDRIS Collection. Other than Khalil, IDRIS consists of Justin Sueing, Russell Laguerre, and Byron Johnson. Their goal is to provide clothing and accessories that make you feel good. They state, “Our objective is to make a person feel good when they get dressed. We want people to look forward to putting on our clothes and to getting dressed in the morning or whenever. Also, we want to break barriers in the fashion industry; in other words, we need more Black designers and models of all shapes and sizes.”


 “My brand offers men’s accessories. For starters, we started with men’s bow ties and after we’re the most prominent bow tie makers, we will offer women’s dresses, jackets, sweaters, shirts, shoes etc. they’ll all be handcrafted with limited pieces.” -Khalil Idris

The IDRISCollection offers both accessories and clothing. More specifically, they offer men’s bow ties. Their high street wear brand offers shirts and sweatshirts, which are all hand designed.


 “We’re able to distinguish our brand from others just because we focus on exclusivity, because we don’t want everyone looking the same. We aim for our consumers to remain individuals but still be a part of the movement.” -Khalil Idris


The IDRIS Collection has a big plans in the near future. Khalil states, “In a few years, we shall open up our flagship store in New Jersey. Then, after the success of one store we will open stores across the US and in select countries. We will gain partnerships with Children foundations as well as start our own foundation. Our goal is to benefit under privileged children and children with disabilities.”

We respect and appreciate individuals that give back to the community!


We at the UnregisteredStyle endorse IDRIS!

For any inquiries or orders, please email Also, follow them on Instagram @theidriscollection.

Men’s Style Mondays

It’s the first Monday of August and summer is officially winding down.

Since Autumn is right around the corner, we have a lot of clothes to try on before the leaves start falling.

Nevertheless, we are still dressing for summer and it’s the second day of the week. If you are an avid reader of, you know that it’s time for another #MensStyleMondays feature!

Below, Bryce Lennon delivers us another great look from his closet.




 Tropical Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Denim Jeans: Hot Topic | Sandals: Sunsteps

“Summer is all about bright colors and abstract prints. I think my shirt covers all aspects of this season. The red, tropical shirt was a cheap $10 purchase from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago. It was purchased during the winter, which is the best time to buy summer clothes. They are out of season, and they are dirt cheap!” -Bryce Lennon

We agree with Bryce. An inexpensive find can complete an entire look. For instance, the tropical shirt is very stimulating to the eye. Just examine the blue, white, yellow, and black color scheme within the shirt.

Overall, we at the UnregisteredStyle endorse Bryce’s casual look. He looks very comfortable and relaxed in his tropical shirt, skinny jeans, and sandals.

How do you feel about his outfit? Leave your comments below.


For this week’s FEATURE FRIDAY submission, we would like to introduce a very stylish individual, Voltaires!

With a loyal following on Instagram, Voltaires has a very strong fan base within the online community. If you don’t believe us, just check out some of the looks on his page @V2DAMAX.

Before you head over to Instagram, check out his outfit below!


Shoes : ALDO | Bag:  ZARA MAN | Harem Pant: ZARA MAN | Floral Tank:  F21 MAN | Blazer: H&M | Hat: Vintage STRAW hat

Everything about Voltaires’ outfit is truly “Unregistered!” From the floral tank to the red leather loafers, Voltaires takes edgy to the next level with his summer look. Hues of red, yellow, and green are pulled directly from the floral tank, which are dispersed to the blazer and leather loafers. The colors are toned down by the gray harem pants.

We at the UnregisteredStyle approve this look! What do you think?