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Casual: Paisley Print Baseball Cap

It’s that time of the year again, back to school! In a couple of weeks, those big yellow school buses will be up and running, school supplies will be out of stock, and the freshman class of 2018 will will arrive on campus.

Even with all those great experiences, we are still experiencing summer. Before we put away our shorts and sandals, lets take a look at an outfit put together by a college senior.  If you are an avid reader of, then you are no stranger to our friend Byron!

Today, Byron is back again with a new casual look. This time, Byron shows us how he incorporates his favorite accessory with a denim shirt and pair of khaki shorts.

In fact, this is just not any accessory, but a five panel hat with paisley detailing. Check out his full outfit below.


If you have a great sense of style, baseball caps can be worn to complete any look. In the last two years, baseball caps have become the key accessory trend for both men and women. Traditionally, you wouldn’t  expect to see a baseball cap being worn during New York Fashion Week. However, baseball caps have breached mainstream fashion and have gained popularity with the most elite retail stores.

Let’s take it a step further. This season, we saw the emergence of floral prints. As discussed in previous posts, floral prints have taken over many accessories, including baseball caps.

In Byron’s case, he is wearing a paisley print baseball cap from Urban Outfitters. This trendy accessory adds a variation of color to Byron’s overall look. He states, “I like the denim button up and the paisley hat together. It’s kind of a vintage look and color scheme mix well together.”


” The summer layering always gives a nice blend of style. I did that with a tank top and denim button up.” -Byron

As mentioned above, Byron went for a very casual look to be comfortable and cool for the day. For starters, he paired his striped tank top with a light weight, denim shirt. The denim shirt is perfect for summer layering. Remember, if it gets too hot outside, Byron can always take of the denim shirt and just wear the tank top. Suppose it get s a little chilly later, Byron can put the denim shirt back on to stay warm.

Byron finishes off his look with a crisp pair of khaki shorts and leather loafers. Originally, Byron was going to wear sneakers but wanted to show a little ankle.


 Hat: Urban Outfitters | Denim Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Tank Top: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Gap | Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Be sure to show Byron some love before he starts school in a couple of weeks. Check him out on Instagram @Kommissioner_6.

Brands: Vintage Junkie

What does the word “vintage” mean? Your brain may be asking the following questions, “Does the word represent old, dirty clothing? Wait, we thought it had something to do with wine, is that true?”All these questions are true, well kind of…As mentioned above, the word “vintage” refers to a number of  definitions within the English dictionary. For example, the word “vintage” is used in the fashion world to represent a specific type of clothing. More specifically, uses the following definition to describe the word: “The term vintage is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old which is clearly representative of the era in which it was produced. Vintage clothing can be used, new (from dead stock), manufactured, and handmade.”

Thanks for that great definition provided by! Lets use it to describe this week’s brand feature. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Ms. Ashley P. Rivers, the creator of “Vintage Junkie.” Check out some items from her collection and the full feature below!


So what is the purpose of “Vintage Junkie?” Ashley states, “The objective of our brand is to teach women to indulge in fashions of all eras and create a look that speaks to how you feel. So many women have to dress the part for their many roles as mom, lawyer, chef, or police officers that they lose their individual style. At Vintage Junkie are logo states : “Wear Your Timeline” this mean re-explore clothing from different eras that reflect memories and feeling that you then recreate. Fashion is about fun so we want the customer to be open, bold, colorful, different, and individual.”


Created back in April of this year, Vintage Junkie started as an idea, and later became a business as Ashley searched through my closet for an authentic outfit. At that time, she didn’t own anything out of the ordinary. Then, it hit her! Ashley begin thinking of ways to help others that wanted to wear great, original items, that wear once worn before.

Shes states, “I started the business because for year both women and men have questioned my sense of style and where I purchased my garments. I grew up in a family of six with scare funding for apparel so I gradually acquire to taste for my grandmothers blouses and clip-on earrings. From there my love for vintage spiraled into a love for thrift and now I have Vintage Junkie.So the history dates way back to April of this year when Vintage Junkie the brand was fashioned. It started as an idea a quickly became a business while scrummaging through my closet for great vintage finds I wanted to offer to someone new. I started the business because for year both women and men have questioned my sense of style and where I purchased my garments. I grew up in a family of six with scare funding for apparel so I gradually acquire to taste for my grandmothers blouses and clip-on earrings. From there my love for vintage spiraled into a love for thrift and now I have Vintage Junkie.”


 “This brand is important because it focuses on building your lifestyle around your wardrobe not the other way around .Vintage Junkie is a Women’s Vintage Boutique specializing in one of a kind risk-taking garments. We want to dress the women on Wall Street to the musicians, and nannies. Our clothing includes sophistication, edge, chicness, and grunge.  We offered quality garment made with lasting fabrics of the 60;s 70’s and 80’s. Some items are pieces of the new millennium with a vintage flare or fit.” -Ashley

By offering a variety of clothing including to dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, shorts, two-piece sets, hats, purses, glasses, and jackets, Vintage Junkie specializes in personal style, fashion, and merchandising.


Vintage Junkie distinguishes their brand by being unique! Ashley states, “What distinguishes this brand from others is not only do well sale women vintage apparel, but we provide other services. These services include, personal shopping for daily wardrobes, events or special occasion. Also providing a service to the elderly to clean and sort their closet free of charge for exchange of quality merchandise. And lastly, this brand will be providing male and children clothing in the near future.”


“Vintage Junkie’s long-term goal is to open a store in the Philadelphia area selling women, men, and children clothing. Also to be styling some great fashion risk takers in the music and fashion industry.” -Ashley


We at the UnregisteredStyle endorse Vintage Junkie!

For any inquiries or orders, please email Also, follow them on Instagram @vintagejunkie_.

Men’s Style Mondays

We have a very special #MensStyleMondays post on Today, is Bryce Lennon’s Birthday, the creator of UnregistreredStyle.

For this week’s feature, Bryce he decided to throw on his favorite tuxedo jacket. Check out the full outfit below.




Tuxedo Jacket: ASOS | Button-Down: Ralph Lauren | Skinny Jeans: Gap | Loafers: Steve Madden

 “Yes, I know this may look like a prom outfit but it’s my Birthday. I wanted to dress up a little bit before a weekend of fun! Now, I rarely wear black in general, especially during the summer. So, I wanted to try something a little different.” -Bryce Lennon

Not much more to say here people. It’s Bryce’s Birthday and he gets to wear whatever he wants!

If you want to show Bryce some Birthday love, head over to his Instagram page @Karmike.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. UnregisteredStyle!


For this week’s FEATURE FRIDAY post, we have a photo submission from Brittany, aka Brima_Donna!

Everyday, Brittany offers her services as a photographer, model, and personal stylist to her clients. From this perspective, we can comfortably say that Ms. Brima_donna knows a thing or two about fashion.

If you are curios about her personal style, Check out Brittany’s outfit below!


Sports Bra: Adidas | Skirt: Thrift Store | Shoes: New Balances

For this look, comfort is the key. Brittany is wearing one of her favorite layered skirts with a pair of New Balances. Skirts and sneakers have been very popular for the trendy fashionista for quite some time and we love how Brittany pulled of this look. She states, “This look is the epitome of my entire style! I love mixing the soft with the rugged for a simple yet versatile look. Tomboy chic allows me to feel a sense of freedom and empowerment while still feeling sexy and feminine.”

We at the UnregisteredStyle agree with you Brittany! While looking “Tomboy Chic,”  she has no problem showing a little skin. With a heat index around 100 degrees, Brittany shows off her best assets while looking stylish at the same time.

Please show Brittany so love and follow her on Instagram @brima_donna, thanks!