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Outfits: June 2014

HYPETV: Outfit: Kourtney
UNIQLO Silk Print Long Sleeve Blouse: $25
TOPSHOP Crepe Cigarette Trousers; $55
Nine West Boomer Almond Toe Wedges: $30
Sole Society Nina Tribal Medium Tote: $60

Street Style: Sheer Button-Down

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” -CoCo Chanel

This week, we had the chance to chat with our advice blogger, Mora Adeyi, about her take on this year’s spring style.

Social worker by day, advice blogger by night, Mora has her own thoughts about spring wear.


“I believe that the focal point of my outfit is the sheer pink button down. Right now we are in a space where it’s warm during the day, but cool at night. Since I’m going to a day party, I may not be able to change for the night. The top says ‘hey spring is coming, here’s a sneak peak.’ The denim makes it casual for day events and is also my signature for the season. The black jeans are dressier if I decide to discard the jacket. The brown suede heels are dressy but comfortable, completing my look.” -Mora

We totally dig this look. It’s just the right color pattern of lights and darks to fit a day and night event.

Pastels are totally springtime and one can never go wrong with a denim piece.


We asked Mora what she considers her own personal style, and she had this to say about what style means to her, “I consider it to be eclectic elegance. I dress the way I feel at the moment, but there’s always a piece that’s a surprise. Could be a multicolored skirt, strappy heels, or loud jewelry. Of course, I always try to keep it classy no matter where I’m going.”

We totally endorse this look!


Mora purchased her pieces from a variety of places: 1) Jacket: Gap 2) Sheer Top: H&M; 3) Jean: Uniqlo 4) Heels: Ross. For more inspiring looks and advice from Mora, head over to her personal website AnOpenSecret and Instagram @Always_MLove.

Brands: Melissa Chanel

“Where Fashion Meets Natural Hair” is her tagline.We had the opportunity to meet with a veteran natural hair blogger, Melissa Chanel. If you are interested in fashion, big hair, and hair products, MelissaChanel.com is the place for you.Standing at just 5’2, Melissa left her career in family behind below the Mason Dixon line, in hopes of taking over the Big Apple.She has done a tremendous job at following her dreams of becoming a great role model and success story for every aspiring blogger out there.Check out her site and some pictures below!post_melissa2_051014_06

“Hi! My name is Melissa. Born and raised in SC, but recently packed up a few suitcases and moved to Harlem, NY to peruse my dream. I started MelissaChanel.com in the summer of 2011, after receiving tons of emails and Facebook messages about all things natural hair and fashion.”  -Melissa





My mission is to inspire young girls and women to follow their dreams by sharing how hard I work to achieve mine. I cannot live without my iPhone (I work in social media), music, Sex and the City re-runs, a pair of Jordan’s, and a good leave-in conditioner.  -Melissa

Show Melissa some love and head over to her blog at www.melissachanel.com


After 5: Modern Men’s Wear

“Being in the beauty industry is much better than corporate America. Seeing the impact that I have on people’s life, especial women, is the ultimate reward. Having the knowledge and ability to educate  others about healthy Skin care is the amazing. Makeup should only be used as a beauty enhancement not as life support. Flawless skin should be your ultimate goal not flawless makeup.” -Shayvona

This week, we caught up with our southern sweetheart, Shayvona Carter. Ms. Carter, a personal makeup artist, shared with us her take on personal style, putting a feminine twist on modern men’s wear.


Blazers are unequivocally a must have for the summer season. Easy pieces to pair with a variety of looks, the classic blazer makes any look the picture of sophistication. Clearly Shayvona is on the same page as us here at Unregistered!

“This blazer is by far one of my favorite pieces. The best thing about a black blazer is the versatility. It can be dressy or casual.” -Shayvona

Shayvona is dressed in a black blazer, shorts, and fluorescent heels, channeling her inner Janelle Monae. Shayvona makes men’s wear sexier by wow-ing us with orange heels. I don’t know about you, but we at Unregistered Style love fluorescent colors!


“My shoes are the biggest focal point. I chose this style shoe because of its classic look. I decided to wear the orange shoes since everything else was so monotone. The orange heel added just enough color. Besides, “orange” is the new black.” -Shayvona

We couldn’t agree with you more Shayvona. When asked about where she gets her style savvy from, Shayvona has this to share:

“My personal style is simplistically chic and fun! I prefer to purchase timeless pieces rather trendy pieces. Although I research and stay current with trends I rarely incorporate them into my own style. One particular quote always sticks out to me,”trendy is the last stage before tacky” (Karl Lagerfeld). Trends don’t always work for everyone. I am one of those people.” -Shayvona


Indeed, Shayvona shows us that she has a good head on her shoulders for both makeup and fashion. This particular look is perfect for a day at the mall or a nice evening dinner.

For more looks from Shay, follow her on Instagram @esencibeauty