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The Advice: Do I Really Need You?

“And maybe that was love. Being so vulnerable and allowing someone else in so far they could hurt you, but they also give you everything.” ― Christine Feehan, Water Bound

I think on some level, our idea of falling in love is still this fairy tale bullshit we grew up seeing on Disney movies and rom-coms. We imagine that once we acknowledge our feelings, that everything is simple now. It all makes sense, it all is out on the table, we’re going to be together and live happily ever after. For some, this is true. But I think that when single people see happy couples, they assume that it just happened that simply. Like either parties involved didn’t go through some sort of emotional turmoil or heartache before they finally met ‘the one.’ I think that’s a mistake. All of us have cried over the one we’re not supposed to have, whether it was the girl that sat across from you in chem class, or the childhood best friend that you always felt a spark with.


Sometimes the one you want is not necessarily the one you’re meant for. We waste a lot of time pining over the wrong one, which is natural and human. We all want to be loved, experience love, and fall in love. But falling in love is not rainbows and candy. It kinda feels like….getting the wind knocked out of you. You kinda feel..like you can’t breathe, and there may be some tears. the world looks different, and all of a sudden you’re in this miniature snowglobe and it’s just you and that other person. Suddenly nothing else matters.Your mind is clouded by images of this person. Their smile, their laugh, the way they smell. Everything reminds you of them, even stupid things like a song or sign in a window. It is strange, to be so overcome with such feeling. Like, how could anyone feel that much, and not spontaneously combust? It is a lot of things…painful, exciting, miserable….amazing. At least that’s how I look at it. However, I feel like everyone has different feelings about falling in love or being in love.

I say all of this because, when you’ve been solo for a long period of time, you assume that all of the ‘happy’ couples around you found love so easily. As if the act of falling in love in itself….is easy. In reality, it’s not. It takes a certain amount of vulnerability, a certain amount of bravery…to let yourself fall. Allowing your emotions to be completely unhindered, and uncontrollable. That is hard for most people. It was hard for me..the first time I fell in love, it was like a slap in the mouth. It knocked me out, and was so completely unexpected and uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to deal, and was not ready to deal. As much as you may want to be with someone, you have to be able to let yourself be that exposed. It’s easy to meet someone new, it’s a whole different story when it comes to letting someone in…on the off chance that they touch your heart. Before you ask for that special someone, make sure you’re ready for everything love entails…the good, the bad, the ugly.

You never know what love can do….’til it happens to you.’

Just my thoughts….



Casual: Distressed Jeans

“Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always 20 times better.” – Margaret Oliphant

Sometimes the best things come in the simplest packages, and our most recent feature, Chelsea, is no exception.

Today, we met up with our aspiring model, Chelsea, to discuss one of her favorite casual looks.


Here on UnregisteredStyle.com, we always mention “The Essential Wardrobe.” If you are reading this and forgot, the essential wardrobe consists of the most important items that make up your wardrobe. For instance, a woman that is assembling garments for her essential wardrobe should own a nice pair of denim jeans.

Lets take “The Essential Wardrobe” a step further. Perhaps, “The Essential Wardrobe” seeker should own a pair of distressed jeans. What are distressed jeans? From the root word alone, we can imagine that these jeans appear to have survived World War II. No seriously, distressed jeans were designed to look like they have gone through some wear and tear.

Regardless of the style, wash, and age of the denim jeans, these pants were initially created for comfort and durability. So, when a woman throws on her a favorite pair of heels, is she still comfortable?


“I liked the jacket because it is the piece of the outfit that adds maturity and a different of element of style.” -Chelsea

Well, lets discuss Chelsea’s outfit. For starters, our model is wearing a tan jacket, pink button down, and distressed jeans. Chelsea’s jacket gives the overall look a touch of sophistication. It also has sentimental value, being that it was from her very first fashion show.

During this season, these jeans could be paired with flats or boots. However, Chelsea wanted to dress up her jeans further by combining them with a pair of strappy, multicolored heels. Heels on a tall girl! Yes, Chelsea has no problem adding another two inches to her figure. She actually finds her heels very comfortable and we love it!


We thank Chelsea for sharing her favorite springtime look with us. Show Chelsea some love and follow her on Instagram @Cpretty2 .


Brands: Tatersaks

With the integration of modern technology and fashion, the retail world has advanced dramatically over the past two decades. The everyday consumer no longer needs to leave the comfort of their home to make purchases. For example, a consumer can utilize the world wide web to purchase clothing, accessories, and shoes with the click of a button.Additionally, the internet gave birth to a new online market for websites like Etsy, AntFire, and ArtFlock. On these websites, users can showcase, sell, profit from their homemade goods.This leads us to today’s featured brand. We had the opportunity to catch up with Julia, with the creator of Tatersaks, Julia M. This recent college graduate has finally ventured out into the world of fashion through her customized handbags and clutches. She uses Etsy to sell various items from her collection.


What is Tatersaks? Tatersaks is a brand that embodies creative and edgy ideas for women. This brand caters to unique styles everywhere with efforts to be different yet fashionable.

Too often people follow trends. Tatersaks are one of a kind accessories that are original and can’t be found in your everyday department store. The possessor is able to know that no one else has the distinctive item that they have purchased because only one of every print is made.Each owner of a Tatersaks item has the certainty of sole ownership and will soon be able to feel the love and joy of giving.

We at the UnregisteredStyle love the idea behind Tatersaks! Below, Julia explains how she came up with her vision.

“My vision of Tatersaks started out as a simple hobby that I used to fill my passion for art and design. I loved making unique accessories for myself as well as friends and family. Outside of that, my dream wasn’t much bigger formy craft. I just enjoyed the excitement and thrill of surprising my friends with original items that they could wear in confidence and know that what they had was exclusive and one of a kind. As I continued to create items for friends & family, they showered me with positive compliments and encouraging words which ended up being the assurance and push I needed to take a leap and showcase my art for all to appreciate, which is a scary idea for any prideful designer.” -Julia


“After 4 years of college I finally had the time I need to cater to my craft. As of June 1st 2014 I was able to officially open my etsy shop with orders already being made in the first week of business. Although I am new to this I have full faith in myself and my shop to grow and blossom into the special brand I know it can be. I created this brand to provide one of a kind, reasonably priced and stylish bags for all to enjoy so I’m glad it is finally available for all to access as they please.” -Julia


 Tatersaks are an incomparable collection of bags and clutches that I have found to be an essential accessory for every woman to have in their fashion repertoire. They are fun, bright and bring character to any outfit for any occasion.  I have not found a brand that brings anything similar to Tatersaks and feel that the fashion market needed an earthy original twist that adds flavor to style. Additionally, Tatersaks are custom designed items and reasonably priced which was one important goal when bringing my brand to life.”-Julia


“Right now the Tatersaks collection offers a variety of different prints on several everyday accessories that include: Burlap clutches ( small & Large size), Messenger bags, as well as cross body bags to wear with any outfit this summer season. Shop is updated weekly with items being added as they are completed. Inventory and prints are one time sells and duplicates are available for single orders upon request.” -Julia


Head over to Julia’s Etsy account if you are interested in purchasing a handbag or clutch: etsy.com/shop/tatersaks . Also, follow her on Instagram @IJULIA_

Street Style: Double Denim

From sampled music to rebooted movie franchises, our generation is known for reinventing the wheel. You may stop to ask yourself, “Reinventing the wheel, how is our generation known for reinventing the wheel? We live in a world of modern technology, high-fashion, and strong medicine.”Yes, we live in a more advanced society. However, most of our ideas are not authentic blueprints. Think about it! We live in a world where most of the new, innovative ideas we create are conceptualized by older resources. Most of the items we think are original have been introduced one, two, or decades ago.

From a fashion perspective, our most popular trends were derived from previous decades. Once known as essential staples, these older trends are reinvented and reintroduced into mainstream fashion as must have, trendy, statement pieces.

Here, the creator of UnregisteredStyle shows us to reinvent the wheel through fashion. Bryce Lennon incorporates a popular trend from an older decade with modern apparel.


One of the most forgotten trends dates back to the early days when Levi’s jeans were first introduced to the world. Lets get to the point, we are talking about double denim. We at the UnregisteredStyle define double denim as the combination of a denim shirt or jacket with denim pants or shorts.

“Double denim! I haven’t paired denim together since the third grade!” As disgusting as it sounds, double denim is back and has been gaining popularity since late 2009. Once known as a style crime, double denim can turn an average Joe into James Dean. Celebrities like Chris Brown, Kanye West, Ryan Gosling, and David Beckham have all pulled off a double denim look successfully.


Like most things in fashion, there are rules to double denim. First, you want to pair different washes together. Light, medium, or dark washes work well together. Look at Bryce, he paired his short sleeved, light washed denim shirt with a dark washed pair of skinny jeans.

Stay away from combining the same washes. For example, avoid combining the dark denim jacket with a dark pair of jeans. It looks rather boring and unflattering.

Next, you want to try adding some color to your outfit. Whether its a t-shirt, tank, accessories, or shoes, try to add another shade to your look. You could stick with neutral or primary colors. Bryce is wearing a white tank under his shirt and beige socks under his boots.

Finally, footwear is always important. You want to wear shoes or boots that go with your overall theme. If you are going for a grungy look, combat boots or sneakers will pull your appearance together. Bryce was going for a less conservative look and grabbed his brown, leather, oxford boots from under his bed for this outfit. He states, “Anyone that knows me understands my appreciation and love for leather boots! The great thing about them is that they go with most denim outfits.”


We at the UnregisteredStyle endorse Bryce’s effort.

If you were wondering where you can find these pieces, head over to GAP, H&M, Hot Topic, and DSW for some of these items.

For more looks from Bryce, head over to his Instagram @Karmike.