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Kids: Leopard Dress

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” -James Baldwin

Have you ever heard the expression that children are like sponges? They have a tendency of soaking everything you say or do around them. When a sponge can’t hold any more water, it has to release itself. For children, once they have observed everything around them, they start forming their own opinions.

In regards to fashion, we want our children to learn how to dress from us. Then, we expect them to grow older and start developing their own personal style.

From the discussion mentioned above, we thought today would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new section to our website. For the first time ever, UnregisteredStyle.com will feature children. Yes, we said children!

For this post, we had the opportunity of meeting a very talented little girl named Olivia! This nine year old loves fashion and wanted to show off her favorite, leopard print dress.


“I like to dress up because it shows who you are, your personality!” -Olivia

Since school is finally out, children are no longer restricted to wearing school uniforms everyday. So, why not let your child express themselves through fashion at least one season out of the year?

In Olivia’s case, she gave up the polo shirt and khaki skirt for a leopard print dress, black belt, and sandals.

We at the UnregisteredStyle love Olivia’s dress choice. Animal prints are in this season and little girls love wearing them. Throw on a right pair of shoes, and this girl is ready to perform a favorite dance routine to an audience.


Olivia loves to dance, especially in her printed dresses. She states, “I love the leopard dress. I love leopard print.”

In the future, Olivia plans on becoming a professional dancer. Since her future dance career requires at least 95% physical activity, Olivia should start practicing in comfortable clothing. Dresses help Olivia to perform her favorite dance routines with ease. There is no restriction when she lifts her leg in the air.


Thank you for supporting Olivia. Be on the look out for future features from this future star!

Brands: WTF is CSB

Lets take a walk down memory lane. Remember that group friends that had every party on lock, every event packed, and were notoriously known around for being “Cool Kids?” If you attended any major college or university, we bet you encountered them at one party or another. We have finally graduated and these friends are still together.

The scenario mentioned above is very reminiscent of how CSB came together. Today, we had the opportunity to link up with a representative from CSB to discuss their brand.

So, “WHAT THE FUXK IS CSB?!”   post_csb_061014_01

A friendship that was sparked in Pittsburgh, PA, CSB has since evolved into a social movement that promotes music, artists, and events throughout the country. Rather than taking over college campuses, CSB is utilizing their resource to make a name for themselves in the world.

“We started CSB in the original Hustle House, aka 3228 Dawson St, in Pittsburgh. We marketed Nick Pratt’s music through The College Boy Movement, then we realized we had to grow as our fan base did. We tossed around ideas and came up with the CSB name. It was very intriguing to people and that is how the whole “WTF is CSB” thing came about. People wanted to know and be a part of this thing of yours. From there we operated as a family with our base.” -CSB post_csb_061014_03

“We started as a way to promote and push music and that is still our primary function. Now it is more building a team of artists to simultaneously push. We have Nick Pratt who raps and has worked with major artists and performed through out the country. There is Cassius G, who produces and raps. Also James Hill who is a singer from Texas. On top of that, we have done events such as happy hours, parties, and shows. Being in LA now we are working on doing comedy shows and things of the sort. Just trying to provide places for people like u to gather.” -CSB

With just a six person roster, CSB aims to help the “Edu-Ratchets.” Now, what the “fuxk” are the “Edu-Ratchets?” CSB uses the following definition to describe their target audience, “We are all educated individuals who have that side and then the “ratchet side.” We are trying to represent the yin and yang of the young professional.”


CSB has a big plans in the near future. For starters, they plan on building a multi faceted entertainment company. According to Barry B, a member of the group, “I grew up seeing that you can do anything you want as long as the people are behind you. I just want to have a team of artists who the world recognizes for their art and then use that to branch into other aspects of the game. First thing is I just want people to hear the great music we work on.”

We at the UnregisteredStyle look forward to everything CSB related!

Please support CSB by following their journey on Instagram @WtfisCSB.


Strictly Business: White Pants?!

“Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all’s right with the world.” -Ada Louise Huxtable

Summer is the season of relaxation. We utilize summer the months for leisure activities. Think about every concert, festival, and vacation you have planned for the next three months.

Although our summers are spent attending concerts, festivals, and amusement parks, some of us never get to experience what the season has to offer.  For the general population that works year round, summer is just like any other season. While everyone else is outside enjoying the beautiful weather, some of us are trapped in the office.

If you want to learn how to beat the heat from within the workplace, look no further. For this feature, Bryce Lennon is back with a different take on business attire. Check out his look below.


“As an educator, I can relax during the summer. School is over and its just me, the sun, and the pool. However, most of my friends work year round and they tell me their summer stories. It can be very stressful you spend an hour getting ready for work every morning for you to come home drenched a puddle of sweat” -Bryce Lennon 

If you are that individual who plans on working behind the desk all summer, you might as well express your personality through your wardrobe. Many corporate offices implement strict dress codes that are not meant to be broken.

As a result, we have to find a healthy medium between business attire and summer comfort.


“I like to try different things. So, the white pants were a win for me. I love the way the look with my blazer and button-down shirt.” -Bryce Lennon

For Bryce, he is embracing the true essence of summer through his white pants.

White pants in the office?! This sounds really taboo.

Well, if you are daring fellow like Mr. UnregisteredStyle himself, you shouldn’t have a problem getting away with this look in the office. In general, lighter colors absorb less heat. So, white pants are an alternative choice if you plan to beat the heat.


Bryce is fully aware that his pants are not the traditional norm in the work place. However, he still manages to look professional by combining his white pants with a gray suit jacket, striped button-down, navy necktie, and thrifted leather shoes.

He purchased each item from a number of stores ASOS, Macys, and Nordstrom.

If you would like more looks from Bryce Lennon, follow him on Instagram @Karmike.

After 5: or is It?

As the first day of summer approaches, we wanted to close out this season with  a feature dedicated to transitional attire. This feature deserved an individual with a distinct take on fashion and personal style.If you remember our previous post on colored chinos, then you should recognize Trell Thomas as one of our featured models.

Trell is a very refined professional that plans on pursuing his dreams through the public relations field. He states, “You know that you are getting closer and closer to your purpose when work doesn’t feel like work. Doing your job is no longer a “duty”, it’s a pleasure.”With pleasure and success, comes a great deal of sacrifice. In regards to Mr. Thomas, most of his weeknights and weekends are spent attending events and meetings.

As a result, Trell’s professional wardrobe is a combination of business casual and after 5 attire.This leads us to the question, “How can we actually get away with after 5 attire in the workplace?” Concerning this, Trell has put together one of his work/evening outfits.post_male_040514_07a

After work, we find ourselves racing around the next clock to our next destination. Under Trell’s circumstances, he is always rushing to the next event without any time to change.

We at the UnregisteredStyle love helping our readers. As a result, we came up with a series of steps that will help you pack for a long work day:

1) Start with the basics: Start with simple pieces (Button-down, slacks, loafers). This step is very important. You want to make sure your base attire looks good with extra layers. 

Trell started off his look with an easy iron Ralph Lauren button-down, khakis from Uniqlo, and shoes from H&M.

2) Add for the office: Throw on a blazer or a relaxed cardigan to make your outfit office appropriate. Don’t forget your fun accessories for that fancy event after work.

Just in case he had another event to attend, Mr. Thomas can easily take off his Brook’s Brothers cardigan and untie his floral printed necktie.

3) Pack for later: Bring a back up pair of shoes, jacket, or fedora. You would rather have more options than none.

Trell never goes anywhere without his hat. Especially one that was purchased off the streets of New York!

4) Clock out and swap out: When its time to hit the street, make sure you change in the bathroom!


“I always like to have at least one statement piece this time the tie was it. I’m always nervous to wear pieces that standout like that but then I finally get up the courage and usually it’s a hit ” -Trell

For such a well put together professional, Mr. Thomas loves adding one or two statement pieces to his outfit. Seriously, check out the details in his floral neck tie. You can never go wrong with anything printed, especially an accessory that represents the true essence of spring.

We imagine that floral prints will remain very popular throughout the summer as well. As the old infomercials would proclaim, “Get yours while supplies last!”


Thank you Mr. Thomas for being a major contribution to UnregisteredStyle this season.

Everyone, go support and follow Trell on Instagram @TrellWorld !