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After 5: Colored Chino

For this feature, we would like to introduce another new face to UnregisteredStyle, Trell Thomas. Mr. Thomas is a twenty-seven year old public relations professional, living in the big apple.

Within the public relations field, Trell is required to interact with coworkers, clients, and other business personal beyond the parameters of his office. As a result, Trell’s personal style plays a very influential role in his career.

Both inside and outside of the workplace, Trell makes the following statement to describe his personal style, “I would define my style as “preppy cool” I like mixing trends and eras of clothing. I love the idea of bringing something new age and pairing it with something old.”

Below, Trell shows us how to wear a After 5 outfit that can be worn on one of those dress down days to work.

post_male_040514_05The typical New Yorker works forty to eighty hours per week in an office building. Like Trell, some of those hard working professionals generally do not leave the office until the early evening hours, just in time to attend the first round of events for the night.

We at the UnregisteredStyle suggest wearing clothing that can be worn to and from work. That means, if you want to wear a nice pair of khakis to work, expect to wear them out as well. We doubt you will have enough time to go home an get changed.


” The red pants stand out the most to me. They are a bolder piece of the outfit. ” -Trell

Monday through Thursday, employees are expected to wear a button-down, tie, and slacks. However, most businesses have “Dress Down Fridays,” where you can get away with wearing more casual outfits to work. For Trell,  his outfit would make a perfect impression in the office.

For starters, the most eye catching garment within Trell’s outfit are his red pants. When worn correctly, red pants are very visually appealing to the eye. Since the color is so bold, you will catch anyone’s attention in the office.

Second, Trell took business casual to the next level by pairing his t-shirt with a tailored blazer. Remember, you can dress up any outfit with a blazer. Blazers are perfect for covering up those minor imperfections we notice within our own upper bodies and still add a level of professionalism to any outfit.


Overall, we love Trell’s outfit! Combining the navy and white striped shirt, navy blazer, red pants, and blue boat shoes are giving us an entire nautical theme. Trell looks ready to leave New York, hop on a boat, and sail away in the ocean.

For more looks and inspirational quotes from Mr. Thomas, head over to his Instagram @TrellWorld .

Outfits: May 2014

HYPETV: Outfit: Blush
OASIS Seamed Ponte Jacket: $67
Sundry Button Up Shirt: $93
Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans – Calvind wash: $70
Christian Louboutin The Pigalle 100 patent-leather: $60
Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Owned: navy leather ‘Vara’ top handle bag: $200

After 5: Pleated Midi Skirt

“Living in a small town in NC means living “casual cute”. We don’t get too dressed up on a daily basis. However, I decided to provide a casual chic look with just the right amount of fashion to demonstrate some UnregisteredStyle.” -Davina

Can you believe we are already in the month of May and yet,  there are so many fashion trends we haven’t discussed yet.Lets use this as an opportunity to discuss a very popular item this season, the pleated midi skirt. Ladies, if  you are a classy gal with expensive taste. this post is for you.

Recently, we traveled below the Mason Dixon line to feature our social network blogger, model, and fashion expert, Davina! We caught her on the way to a day party and she couldn’t resist taking photos on such a beautiful day. Check out her chic outfit below.

post_woman4_041114_01“My favorite part of my outfit is my skirt. I am 5’9 ½ and it is difficult to find skirts that are long enough. Being that I wanted to wear a crop top, I knew I needed to pair it with a longer skirt to demonstrate the classy look that I was going for.” -Davina

Pleating has been around forever and up until recently, its process was revived by our fashion designers and merchandisers. So, what is pleating? Pleating is the process in which double folded fabric is secured in place by pressing. The pleating process can be applied to various articles of clothing, including skirts and dresses.

If you are still having difficulty visualizing this garment, lets take a step down memory lane. Have you heard of the iconic model and actress Marilyn Monroe? In the 1955 cult-classic film, “The Seven Year Itch,” Marilyn wore her iconic white, pleated dress. You know…the scene where Marilyn is standing above a subway grating with her dress blowing in the wind.


“When my fashion stylist found this piece for my photo shoot, I instantly fell in love with the skirt. This skirt is so versatile and can be worn to many events/occasions. I also love the pink and champagne gold clutch to add a bright fun feel.” -Davina

Pleated, midi Skirts are generally seen as conservative, chic, and sophisticated. More recently, these skirts have taken our modern retail racks by storm in such stores as H&M, Zara, Macys, and Forever 21.

Davina purchased her skirt from H&M. She styled her skirt with a pastel, printed crop-top from Forever 21, nude pumps from Nine West, and a matching clutch.


We at the UnregisteredStyle approve Davina’s overall look. Just imagine “Breakfast at Tiffany’s, meets “Sex and the City.” Davina deserves a round of applause for successfully combining her classy garment with modern apparel.

For more looks from Davina, follow her model journey on Instagram @belovedalise25.

Casual: Floral Prints

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so, they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it whether they want to or not.” -Georgia O’Keeffe

When we think about spring, our thoughts turn to light, gauzy, floral prints. As flowers begin to bloom it’s only natural that flowers begin to invade our closets in whimsical blouses, wispy dresses, and floral accessories. As we try to bring spring into our lives, it only makes sense that we would introduce floral prints into our wardrobe. Nothing speaks to the season more than the idea of a woman wearing a long, floral print dress.

For this feature, we had the opportunity to catch up with our neighborhood New Yorker, Rashida! You can check out some of her other looks on Instagram @Lovejonesmark.

Today, she is showing off her whimsical dress, denim vest, and knee high leather boots.

post_female3_122113_01This time of year, we surround ourselves with floral designs in an effort to finish the winter blues. Flowers remind us not only of spring, but of rebirth, renewal, and a chance to start a new.

We try to finish up our lives with fresh cut flowers, household linens, and floral prints in a frenzy to rid ourselves of winters chill.


“I like the dress because it can it can be dressed up or down.” -Rashida

Floral prints can also be introduced in a more casual, subtle way. For example, a peak of a floral lining on an up-turned cuff of a jacket gives the hint of an unexpected detail. A pocket square in floral print gives a tease of whimsy, a floral print button-down beneath a blazer has a relaxed air.

Our friend Rashida has done a great job of softening the edge of the denim vest with a floral print dress. The dress has a flirty air as the hemline hits mid-thigh. The tights and boots add warmth to the outfit when the temperatures may still be a little chilly.


“The soft dress with the trucker vest gives it an added edge.” -Rashida

Remember, floral gives us a chance to soften the hard lives of our winter wardrobe while expressing a lighter, more part of ourselves. How will you wear the print this season?