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Strictly Business: Business Casual

When we hear or think of the phrase “Business Casual,” many of us draw a blank. Within your mind, a number of questions arise. What is business casual? Do I wear a blazer? Can I wear jeans? Do I even wear a tie?

Well look no further. As part of the Strictly Business category, we are featuring individuals that combine their personal style choices with business attire. You can check out our previous posts featuring our friends, Ryan and Malcolm. For this particular post, we are focusing on the casual aspect of business attire.

Below, we wanted to  feature an individual that typical wears business casual attire to work everyday. We would like to introduce everyone to Byron, a twenty-two year old college student and shoe sales associate from Camden New Jersey. Fortunate enough for us, we had the opportunity to link up with Byron before he was needed back on the sales floor.



Outfits: February 2014

Outfits: February 2014
H&M Tuxedo jacket: $42
Petite Black Peplum Shell Top: $15
Aztec Harem Pants: $20
Turquoise Patent Pointed Court Shoes: $30
ASOS Floral Laser Cut Clutch Bag: $37


Street Style: Aztec Prints

 In the past two to three years, the fashion world has been heavily influenced by a variety of prints for both men and women. Ranging in size and color, these prints have taken over our everyday wardrobe options including  shirts, sweaters, jerseys, jackets, cardigan, leggings, and scarves (This list could continue forever)!

With that being said, lets discuss one print in particular, Aztec prints. Known for its eccentric color combinations, bold prints, and fun shapes, Aztec prints are becoming more common every day.

Although this ethnic look can be combined and worn in a variety of ways,  there is a lot of room for failure when the execution and delivery of these prints are worn incorrectly. Hence,  we admire individuals that wear Aztec prints on a regular basis!

Furthermore, the discussion of Aztec prints leads us to today’s post. We had the opportunity to meet up with our neighborhood model Rashida. Below, she demonstrates how to wear a winter jacket with Aztec inspired prints.


Strangers: February 2014

During one of our older photoshoots last season, one of our models brought her best friend. Now, this girl is very trendy as well. So, we thought her outfit was fun enough to land the Stranger Feature this month. 

This young woman goes by the name Jaz and we didn’t have enough photos or information to dedicate an entire post for this outfit. However, we still admire her creative personal style.

We love the thrifted apparel! The wide brim fedora, leather jacket, and platform sneakers are a win. Jaz is giving us a pure 90s grunge look from head to toe.

If you have her contact info, let us know!