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Outfits: January 2014

Outfits: January 2014

Jack Wills Belgrave Tweed Blazer: $139
1901 Trim Fit Dress Shirt: $50
John W. Nordstrom® Knit Silk Tie: $40
TOPMAN Mustard Stretch Skinny Chinos: $46
Cole Haan Pinch Tassel: $158
JACK & JONES Tim Scarf: $34


Casual: Corduroy Shorts

 As mentioned in previous posts this year, we live in a world where the weather is so unpredictable. Some days it may feel like fall and spring temperature wise, but yet we are in the winter season. What do I wear?!

In order to maintain your outdoor appearance to the general, one must enhance the level of versatility within his or her wardrobe. What that means is that you should invest in clothing that can be worn under any circumstance.

This leads us to today’s featured post. Recently, we had the opportunity to meet up with one of our new personal style models this season, Kennisha. Our recent Temple graduate shows us how to combine winter garments with not so cold temperatures.


Update: Team Page

The UnregisteredStyle team page has finally been updated! Take a look at the page here!

Pictured from Top-Left: Mora, Bryce, Davina | Bottom-Left: Shay, Kevin, Acira

Street Style: Flannel Shirts

 Imagine this scenario: You are currently living in the Northeast and today is one of the mildest days of the season. You turn on the television to Weather Channel. The weather man is anticipating another heavy snowstorm in a few weeks. In reality, you could care less about the future snow storm. You are more concerned with going out and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. To take full advantage of the day, you thought it would be a great opportunity to hit the mall and tackle some of these mid-winter sales.

Before going anywhere, let’s take a look at your personal style. You are the individual that enjoys the compliments and attention from your flashy wardrobe pieces. You are subtle, yet striking at the same time.
This brings us back to our shopping plans. Even if you may only purchase one or two items, you still want to look presentable. So, you open up your closet and you are confused. You are thinking, “I have all these clothes and nothing reflects how I feel or the look I am going for. What should I wear?!”

This question arises when seasons, feelings, and personal style choices are mixed in one equation. Therefore, this post is dedicated to an alternative clothing option that can be worn and layered with almost any clothing option, checked flannel shirts.

Below, Luis shows us how to add dimension and simplicity to an outfit by incorporating and layering a flannel shirt.