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Casual: Tribal Prints

In the past four years, there has been a rise in ethnically inspired garments, specifically in women’s fashion. Most of these garments are often combinations of tribal patterns and prints that were replicated from indigenous societal and native cultures. In addition, these modern garments were influenced by the creations of Aztec, Mexican, Navajo, and other South American civilizations.

This fall season, there has been a large request for shirts and pants in tribal prints. However, these tribal prints are uneasy to wear. For this post, we are showing how to pull off a tribal patterned shirt with Janaia.


Outfits: November 2013

Outfits: November 2013

TOPMAN Black Velvet Blazer: $140
Benetton Slim Shirts: $60
Benetton Jeans Skinny: $90
Church’s Sovereign Embroidered Velvet Slippers: $360
Personalized Stainless Steel Flask J One Size: $38
Aeropostale Gorilla iPhone® 5 Case: $5.80
Dockers Leather Belt: $35
Forzieri Black Solid Silk Self-tie Bowtie: $72