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Casual: Bomber Jacket

When stepping outside on a hot or cold day, outerwear is worn to protect us from the various elements of Mother Nature. Outwear pieces like jackets and coats are worn as protection against the potential downfalls of rain and snow, heat, and wind.

Each season offers subtle differences between these jackets and coats. For example, thinner jackets and coats are worn in the fall. In contrast, thicker coats created from heavier materials provide warmth and heat during the winter. Jackets created from thinner materials are worn during the spring. In addition, spring jackets act as water resistant agents against heavy rainfalls and storms. During the summer, less is better. Jackets are only worn during evening hours or in rain showers.

Below, Rashida shows us how she incorporates a bomber jacket with a casual look


Outfits: December 2013

Outfits: December 2013

TOPSHOP MOTO Vintage Oversize Jacket: $90
Knit Dolman Crop Top: $29
Samya Rose print harem trousers: $46
Zara Suede Leather High Heel Court Shoe With A Pointed Toe: $80
Joanna Laura Constantine Station Fringe Multi-Chain Necklace: $64

Casual: Over-sized Sweater

We live in a society where a woman’s attractiveness is determined by a variety of factors. For example, an individual is able to determine whether or not a woman is attractive by her woman attractive by how she presents herself both mentally and physically. Mentally represents her personality and the amount of self-confidence she exudes. The physical aspect relates to her outward appearance. More specifically, the way she looks and how she dresses.

Let’s take a look at the day and life of the “Attractive Woman.” Her look is very striking and knows how to dress. From the information provided above, we conclude that the Attractive Woman’s wardrobe is defined her overall presence (Unless we are talking about sex appeal where clothing is the last option available). In addition, the Attractive Woman who desires the attention she deserves is expected to wear clothing that defines her look, figure, and curves appropriately. These clothes compliment her body shape. They can either be form or slim fitting depending on her body type.

Traditionally, society wants the Attractive Woman to stay away from baggier clothing. Wearing baggy clothes?! Who wants their body to look like an old sack of potatoes? Well if society and the Attractive Woman are still oblivious, she could find a way to look good in any type of clothing. The Attractive Woman could even look great in baggier clothes.

This leads us this post. We have our fall veteran model, Tatiana, and she is demonstrating how to wear an oversized sweater.


Outfits: December 2013

Outfits: December 2013
ASOS Selected Skinny Fit Blazer: $57
UNIQLO Men Soft-Touch Turtle Neck Long Sleeve T Shirt: $13
Ksubi Odd Future Van Winkle Skinny Jean: $240
Zara Military-Style Boot: $159
Forever21 Mens Fresh Tribal Print Scarf: $9.80
Scala ‘Classico’ Wool Felt Fedora:$46
UNIQLO Men Printed Fleece Gloves: $9.90