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When it comes to customized apparel, we know exactly who to call, CANILIVE (Recently changed to LETMELIVE)! From hats to sweatshirts, LETMELIVE/CANILIVE offers a variety of apparel to both men and women. Most of this apparel can be customized to accommodate every customer. 

Last month, we had the opportunity to meet up with the CEO and founder of LETMELIVE/CANILIVE, Farath Raphael. This graduating senior attending California University of Pennsylvania decided to create LETMELIVE/CANILIVE in 2012 as a way to extend and offer her personal style to the general public.

“The purpose of the brand name LETMELIVE/CANILIVE was more of a personal style for myself, such as a build board standing for freedom of ones originality  and diversity through fashion. LETMELIVE/CANILIVE is not a question it is a statement that is rhetorical. I thought it would be cool to have a statement saying LETMELIVE/CANILIVE through clothing and with style. It’s simple and straight foreword logically speaking, “Can I live my life in peace.” -Farath

Take a look below at more pictures and information from our LETMELIVE/CANILIVE team.


Outfits: September 2013

Outfits: September 2013

J.lindeberg Mens Navy Hopper Camo Flannel Blazer: $375
Gucci Pale Blue Fine Oxford Cotton Slim Fit Shirt: $320
Zara 5 Pocket Skinny Trousers: $50
Vasari Cashmere Pocket Square; $73
ASOS Bracelet Pack With Mixed Wooden Beads: $17
Paul Smith Accessories Mens Chocolate Slim Vintage Multi Stripe Leather Belt: $135
John Lobb William Leather Monk-Strap Shoes: $1,175