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Outfits: October 2013

Outfits: October 2013

POLO RALPH LAUREN slim fit oxford: $98
TOPMAN Khaki Skinny Chinos: $55
TOPMAN Camel Plain Suit Waistcoat: $57
Zara Desert Boot: $100
99 Problems Pin | Hot Topic: $1.99
Eyebobs Mr. Digler Readers: $75
Capello Laird Herringbone Tweed Newsboy Cap – Green Herringbone: $32
ASOS Textured Stripe Tie: $17
ASOS Skinny Plait Leather Belt: $20
J.Crew Italian wool pocket square in navy medallion print: $55

Casual: Weekend Wear

Separating your life outside of the office can be a difficult task for the everyday worker. One way to separate your life outside of work is through your weekend wardrobe.

To be honest, everyone that has a 9 to 5 has professional attire in their closet. Whether you wear a suit and tie to work, or a pair of khakis and dress shirt, these clothes define our wardrobe. So, what happens on the weekend when you are off? You don’t want to be known as the guy or girl that heads out the bar or lounge with your friends and everyone is asking, “Did you just get off from work?”

This post is dedicated to the individuals that struggle to separate their weekend casual attire from their Monday through Friday business attire. We thought it would be appropriate to feature an individual that fits the criterion of this post: 1) An individual that actually has a corporate job. 2) An individual with an appreciation for his or her personal style. 3) An individual that has a high level of self-confidence that is comfortable in almost every outfit he or she picks out.

After some thought, we thought it would be a great opportunity to feature our local friend Rashida Mark. Below, Rashida gives us a further look at her weekend attire during these unusual, warm autumn afternoons.


Outfits: October 2013

Outfits: October 2013
147 Fashion Monochrome Aztec Panel Peplum Top: $17
Zara Denim Jacket: $60
Only Black Leather-Look Skinny Pants: $57
Black-microfibre niam platform shoe boot: $80
Victoria’s Secret Turnlock Leather Clutch: $68
ASOS Gold Plated Sterling Silver Triangle Necklace: $51
River Island Gold and silver tone stacked bangle pack: $6.50
NARS Brow Perfector: $22
Serge Lutens Faux-Semblant Nail Lacquer Nude: $65

The Advice: Trust Issues: Not Just a Drake Song

I’m a runner. I’ve been running since middle school, various distances. I remember my Pops timing my mile run on gravel tracks behind my middle school every weekend. I remember 3- mile runs after school, weaving in and out of neighborhoods near my house. The familiarity of the paths, the sound of my Pops yelling at me to go faster, the air filling my lungs, and the fleeting thought that I won’t finish. But I always did.

Recently I started running again. When I’m out of shape, the same issues resurface. Damn how long has it been? I don’t know if I can run 3 miles today. Do I have my inhaler? I’m tired.

All of these thoughts, as if my legs won’t carry to the end like they always have. All of these doubts as if I don’t trust my body. As if I don’t trust myself.